I. Called to order by Gail Richard at 2:04 p.m.

Present: J. Best, G. Foster, F. Fraker, N. Furumo, B. Kirk, P. Lenihan, G. Lockart, H. Nordin, G. Richard, J. Schmidt, J. Tidwell, L. Walker, D. Wolf, A. Zahlan. Excused: J. Simpson. Guests: B. Anderson, S. Bordenkircher, E. Eardley, C. Gallagher, D. Jorns, J. McGrath, J. Nilsen

II. Approval of the Minutes of 2/ll/97.

A motion(Furumo/Tidwell) to approve the minutes of February ll, l997.

Yes - Best, Fraker, Furumo, Lockart, Nordin, Richard, Schmidt, Tidwell. Abstain - Foster, Walker, Zahlan

III. Communications

A. Memo from Terry Weidner regarding Naming Committee Request

B. Student Senate Minutes from February 5, l997

C. Memo from Jeanne Simpson regarding Achievement and Contribution Awards

D. Memo from Tom Gladsky regarding a nomination for the Screening Committee for the search for the Associate Dean, Graduate School and International Programs.

E. Message from Judy Gorrell regarding the President's State of the University Address tentatively scheduled for March ll at 3:00 or 3:30 p.m.

F. Message from Judy Gorrell regarding the Retirement Dinner to be held on April 25, l997.

G. Minutes- College of Sciences Curriculum Committee-2/5/97

H. Minutes-Council of Academic Affairs - 2/l3/97

I. Memo from Jason Anselment regarding the academic calendars & Joint Senate Resolution 96-97-01

IV. Old Business

A. Strategic Positioning Objectives for EIU--One written response was sent to Gail Richard. Objectives discussed were: Educational Quality - Objectives 4 and 8

Objective 4 - Ensure that the opportunity to study abroad is available to all students and required of all honors students. Discussion - Is this concept being rethought/reconsidered?

Foster - Will students who are not honor students be supported in the same way as honor students?

Best - This is not a good direction for the university to move.

Kirk - There are places other than study abroad which could benefit students. Requiring this is not the way to go.

Walker - In addition to the study abroad there is a requirement for "real-world off campus activities".

Lockart - The university chooses to subsidize talented students in other areas so we should honor our brightest and best by also subsidizing them.

SUGGESTED REVISION - Ensure that the opportunity to study abroad is available to all students and strongly encouraged of all honor students.

Objective 8 - Maintain a limited number of graduate programs that complement and augment undergraduate offerings. Discussion -

Kirk - He was concerned with maintaining limited programs and thought we should maintain the quality of the graduate programs.

Zahlan - Why tie graduate programs to the undergraduate program? The graduate programs serve a need other than complementing or augmenting undergraduate programs.

Nordin - This objective makes graduate programs secondary and there is a need for students to obtain more advanced education to function in today's society. Are we not sending the wrong message?

SUGGESTED REVISION - Maintain and financially support quality graduate programs that complement undergraduate offerings and meet demands of society.

Personnel - Objective #5 - Provide "real world" professional development activities for all faculty and staff through extended, off-campus residential training and internship experiences.

Zahlan - This would be an incredible financial burden if it involved all faculty and staff. Will this affect sabbatical and research leaves?

Foster - "Real world" is a term that bothers him. What does this mean?

SUGGESTED REVISION - Increase and financially support ongoing professional development activities for faculty and staff, e.g. such as, but not limited to off-campus residential training and internship experiences.

General comment - Zahlan - What is the audience? Who sees and approves the objectives? It would seem important to rank or prioritize the objectives in each area.


B. Committee Reports

l. Executive Committee - Motion (Tidwell/Wolf) to accept the report of the Executive Committee. Suggested revisions of the Constitution and Bylaws were distributed to all members of the Faculty Senate. The revisions were made to clarify and not to change the intent of the articles. Article III, Section 3 and Article XIII of the Constitution were the articles addressed.

Article III, Section 3 Revision - Except in emergency situations at least a ninety-day consultation period shall be allowed from the time a major academic or administrative planning proposal is provided to the Faculty Senate and concerned parties. The ninety-day period is intended to allow adequate time for discussion of and response to the proposal before it is implemented.

There was discussion on Article XIII. A motion (Lenihan/Kirk) to call the question. Yes - Furumo, Kirk, Lenihan, Wolf No-Best, Foster, Fraker, Walker, Zahlan. Abstain - Nordin, Richard, Schmidt, Tidwell. Motion failed.

Motion (Walker/Nordin) to table.

2. Elections - James Tidwell distributed information about the l997 Faculty Senate elections. Motion (Tidwell/Foster) to set aside the Bylaws so that elections can be held March 26 and 27.

Yes- Best, Foster, Fraker, Kirk, Lenihan, Lockart, Nordin, Richard,Schmidt Tidwell, Wolf, Zahlan Abstain - Walker

The meeting was adjourned before the agenda was completed so that members of Faculty Senate could attend the Council of Graduate Studies Forum. Meeting adjourned at 3:40 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Joan K. Schmidt, Recorder