FOR FEBRUARY 25, l997 (vol. xxvi,no.22)

I. Called to order by Gail Richard at 2:04 p.m.

Present: J. Best, G. Foster, F. Fraker, N. Furumo, B. Kirk, G. Lockart, H. Nordin, G. Richard, J. Schmidt, J. Simpson, J. Tidwell, L. Walker, D. Wolf, A. Zahlan

Excused - P. Lenihan. Guests: G. Aylesworth, S. Bordenkircher, C. Gallagher, J. McGrath, M. Monippallil, R. Wandling

II. Approval of Minutes of 2/l8/97.

A motion (Walker/Furumo) to approve the minutes of February l8, l997. A correction to the Faculty Senate l997 Elections - the Admissions Review Committee was omitted from the list of committees.

Yes-Best, Foster, Fraker, Furumo, Kirk, Lockart, Nordin, Richard, Schmidt, Tidwell, Walker, Zahlan. Abstain - Simpson, Wolf

III. Communications

A. President's Council Minutes from August 7, l996, to February l2, l997

B. Student Senate Minutes from February l2, l997

C. Request from Charles Evans for a Faculty Senate Representative to the Screening Committee for the Director of the University Counseling Center

D. Memo from Kim Furumo and Jill Nilsen with the agenda for the 2/28/97 CUPB Mtg.

E. E-mail from Judy Gorrell confirming the State of the University Address for Tuesday, March ll, l997, at 3:30 p.m. in Lumpkin Hall, Room l22.

F. E-mail from Mark Haines regarding the Annual Retirement Dinner

G. Minutes - Council on Academic Affairs -2/20/97

H. Minutes - Council on Graduate Studies - 2/l8/97

I. E-mail from Thomas MacMullen regarding the use of e-mail by faculty for sending class notes, review sheets, quizzes, etc. to students in residence halls

J. Copy of the Distinguished Faculty Award Nomination Form

IV. Old Business

A. A motion (Kirk/Schmidt) to approve the Strategic Positioning Objectives report of the Faculty Senate. Yes - Best, Foster, Fraker, Furumo, Kirk, Lockart, Nordin, Richard, Schmidt, Simpson, Tidwell, Wolf, Zahlan. Abstain-Walker

B. Faculty Senate Nominees for Committees

l. Associate Dean, Graduate School & International Programs - N. Furumo

2. Director of the University Counseling Center Screening Committee- L. Walker

3. Achievement & Contribution Awards Selection Committee - G. Lockart & J. Schmidt

C. Committee Reports

l. Motion (Walker/Zahlan) to move the Executive Committee's report on Constitution changes from the table.

Discussion of Article XIII continued:

Richard - The intent for the changes in Article XIII was to clarify the process, not change the intent of the article.

Zahlan - Any attempt to change the article seems to give the appearance of restricting discussion. This seems to restrict freedom of speech. Changing the constitution seems to be an extreme step to take to try to work out differences of opinion.

Walker - This would be the second change in this article. Many of the problems that have occurred were as a result of the actions taken by the Faculty Senate.

Zahlan - This seems to be an attempt to intimidate people and to stave off initiatives from the faculty. Faculty Senate needs to encourage faculty to bring issues to the senate for discussion.

Best - Are the four statements exclusive? Do faculty have to cite a reason for petitioning for a referendum? The new wording does not prevent the problem we had in the fall with the referendum.

Fraker - It does not appear that we gain anything with the changes.There appears to be a perception that there is a lack of communication or trust between the Faculty Senate and the faculty. Possibly we need to work on that rather than change the article.

Furumo - The attempt to clarify seems to complicate even more. The Senate needs to enforce what appears in the original article. Senate needs to keep the Constitution as simple as possible.

G. Aylesworth - Does the Constitution state that a referendum is a terminal point? It could be part of the deliberatory process. The eventual result of the democratic process is better than making things cut and dried.

Monippallil - The right of the faculty to petition is being restricted with the proposed change. The Faculty Senate is placing themselves above the faculty. It is not possible to introduce lack of clarity to any statement. Every statement is open for interpretation. Richard clarified that when an issue is petitioned then it is out of the Faculty Senate's hands. The process to follow is to debate the issue, develop a position paper and then provide the consensus of the Faculty Senate in writing to the appropriate person/area.

The Faculty Senate agreed to split the question and vote on each recommendation of the Executive Committee's Report on the Constitution.

Article III. Section 3 -Except in emergency situations, at least a ninety-day consultation period shall be allowed from the time a major academic or administrative planning proposal is provided to the Faculty Senate and concerned parties. The ninety-day period is intended to allow adequate time for discussion of and response to the proposal before it is implemented.

Yes - Best, Foster, Fraker, Furumo, Kirk, Lockart, Nordin, Richard, Schmidt, Simpson, Tidwell, Walker, Wolf, Zahlan.

Article XIII - Revision

Yes - Lockart, Nordin, Simpson, Tidwell, Wolf. No-Best, Fraker, Furumo, Kirk, Walker, Zahlan Abstain - Foster, Richard, Schmidt. FAILED

The report on the Bylaw revisions will be delayed until 3/4/97.

2. Nominations - Anne Zahlan reported on minor changes on the Distinguished Faculty Award Nomination Form - attached

3. Elections - James Tidwell has received 4 petitions. Faculty are encouraged to identify individuals for all the available committees/councils. Faculty Senate elections will be March 26 and 27.

4. Faculty-Staff Relations - A reception will be held after the State of the University Address on March ll, l997.

5. Other Committees - The Taskforce on Integration of Undergraduate Student Services has met and a final report will be sent to T. Weidner this week. (Foster) Senate's mark and those of other committees and councils were on the final draft. Walker - Who was the student rep on the taskforce? There was not a student rep during the final deliberations.

V. New Business

Over l00 people attended the Faculty Forum on Technology. Best & Foster commended Tidwell for a job well done. Tidwell will provide a report on 3/4/97.

Agenda items for March 4 - Faculty Forum, Distinguished Faculty Award, Retirement plaques, Taskforce on Counseling Center, Faculty Senate Bylaws

Adjourned at 4:04 p.m. (Walker)

Respectfully submitted

Joan K. Schmidt, Recorder