(vol.xxvi, no.l8)


I. Called to order by Gail Richard at 2:00 p.m.

Present: J. Best, G. Foster, F. Fraker, N. Furumo, B. Kirk, P. Lenihan, G. Lockart, G. Richard, J. Schmidt, J. Simpson, J. Tidwell, L. Walker, D. Wolf, A. Zahlan. Excused: H. Nordin. Visitors:J. Allison, M. Haines, J. McGrath, T. Weidner

II. Approval of the Minutes:

A motion (Walker/Lockart) to approve the minutes of January 2l, l997.

Yes-Best, Foster, Kirk, Lenihan, Lockart, Richard, Schmidt, Simpson, Tidwell, Walker, Wolf, Zahlan Abstain-Fraker, Furumo

III. Communications

A. Academic Calendars for l998-99, l999-2000, and 2000-200l from Lou Hencken, Vice President for Student Affairs (l/l7/97)

B. Request from Terry Weidner, Interim Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs for names of individuals for the Screening Committee/ Associate Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs(l/22/97)

C. Copy of memo to Hal Nordin from Terry Weidner regarding the commencement ceremony (l/22/97)

D. E-mail from Bob Whittenbarger regarding the student-generated bond revenue projects (l/23/97)

E. Thank you to Jason Anselment regarding Senate presentation on l/2l/97

F. Board of Trustees Agenda - l/27/97 and Faculty Senate Chair comments

G. CAA Minutes - l/23/97

H. An Open Letter To The Faculty Senate from John Allison (l/25/97) regarding "the use of the Illinois Open Meetings Act to close meetings".

IV. Old Business

A. Discussion of faculty participation in commencement - Mark Haines

M. Haines distributed a written response to comments by J. Best, A. Zahlan, H. Nordin and B. Kirk recorded in the l/2l/97 Faculty Senate minutes. M. Haines reported that about 50 - 65 faculty participate in the commencement ceremonies and that there is sufficient space to seat all faculty who wish to participate. The seating space for faculty would not diminish the number of seats available for the family/guests of the students graduating.

Additional comments and questions:

l. B. Kirk - Are there any initiatives to involve emeritus faculty? M. Haines reported that some serve as hosts and others participate in the ceremony.

2. G. Richard felt it was important to have people who are actively teaching to get involved.

3. J. Best - Some faculty seem to get something out of their participation in the ceremonies. What is it that isn't happening for those who do not attend? Eastern seems to have faculty who get involved in the activities of their students. Why don't some take the next step at graduation?

4. A. Zahlan- Participation in graduation ceremonies is not in the culture at Eastern. There is not the sense that faculty have a role in the ceremony.

5. L. Walker - Is there a procedure for the line? M. Haines responded that faculty can select where they are in the line.

6. G. Foster felt that faculty may have a misconception about the availability of seating when students request additional tickets from them. M. Haines emphasized that seating is not an issue.

7. G. Foster suggested that recipients of the Faculty Excellence Awards might be encouraged to attend and that they be recognized at the ceremony.

8. F. Fraker suggested that the impetus to attend the ceremonies needs to start at the department level.

RESOLUTION (Lenihan/Walker) The Faculty Senate encourage active participation by all academic departments in commencement ceremonies. Yes-Best, Foster, Fraker, Furumo, Kirk, Lenihan, Lockart, Richard, Schmidt, Simpson, Tidwell, Walker, Wolf, Zahlan

B. Motion (Tidwell/Foster) to hold a Faculty Senate Forum on University Technology Policy and Planning on Thursday, February 20, l997, from 2:00 - 4:00 p.m. in the Charleston-Mattoon Room of the MLK Union. Vote- Yes-l3 Abstain- l

Pres. Jorns, V.P. Olson, V.P. Weidner, Dave Henard and Harry Nelsen will be present to answer questions and address issues raised.

The forum will include topics such as:

l. The role of faculty in strategic technology decisions(i.e.-purchase of computer hardware and software and other equipment, availability of computers and other technology for academic purposes

2. The role of faculty in decisions involving technology infrastructure that impact the academic mission of the institution.

3. The decision-making role played by the Academic Technology Advisory Committee.

The above topics are not all inclusive. Faculty should send other questions to James Tidwell, e-mail cfjat. Questions will also be taken from the floor at the Forum.

C. Committee Reports

Nominations - A motion (Zahlan/Foster) to recommend Dr. Nancy Marlow for appointment to the Council for Faculty Research to represent the Business/Economics area. N. Marlow is replacing Dr. Minh Q. Dao and this is for Spring l997. Schmidt, Simpson, Tidwell, Walker, Wolf, Zahlan

There were no reports from Faculty-Student Relations & Elections.

Faculty-Staff Relations - D. Wolf asked if the Senate wanted her to work with J. Flynn to look into arranging a reception at the President's House for Student Senate, Faculty Senate and Staff Senate. Senate was in agreement for her to pursue this.

Search Committee For Director of Athletics - Faculty involvement in the interviews has not been good during the l:00 p.m. time slot. Interviews are as follows: Ted Aceto - Feb. 4 and Richard McDuffie-Feb. 6 at l:00 p.m.

Executive Committee - No dates have been set for the meetings.

Library Advisory Board - L. Walker reported that a letter was sent to President Jorns from the Board requesting an increase in funding for the library subject to availability of funds for FY97. The Board supported a l5% increase in the book and periodicals budget with funds allocated uniformly among all the departments in each of the academic colleges. (ll/20/96). T. Weidner responded to the letter indicating that the President and the President's Council view budget increases for the Library to be a priority. He also indicated that support ought to be encouraged from the CUPB as well. The FY98 budget should reflect increased funding. (l2/4/96)

Council on University Planning and Budget - James Tidwell distributed a copy of the Appropriated Funds Operating Budget Status for FY97 and a draft (ll/l5/96) of the Strategic Positioning For Eastern Illinois University Through The Year 2000. The goals and objectives will be placed on the agenda for further discussion.

Board of Trustees Meeting- The BOT approved the $50.00 per semester fee increase and the issuance of bonds for campus improvements. Chair Hollowell requested a report on the number of votes by class and noted that 5% of those voting were graduate students and 20% seniors so 75% of those voting could benefit from the fee.

Taskforce on the Integration of Undergraduate Services - G. Foster reported that the taskforce is looking at the responses and recommendations from several campus constituencies regarding the "University College". The taskforce will send a report to Dr. Terry Weidner. Senator Foster said that he will support and endorse the Faculty Senate's concerns. Senator Foster said that it was the consensus of the taskforce to not have the meetings open. He felt that this was consistent with what has been done with other taskforce meetings which he has attended.


B. Kirk - Have other taskforce meetings been officially closed? A. Zahlan - Is a taskforce the way to get around an open meeting?

L. Walker - Will the Faculty Senate have input on the taskforce's recommendations?

G. Foster reported that when the taskforce finishes their deliberations and examination of the final draft then it goes directly to Dr. Weidner.

G. Richard - The Faculty Senate has had a chance for input. There will be no further discussion of the report unless there are enough changes made to perceive it as a new plan.

F. Fraker - Is the 90 day consultation in effect if a new plan?

A. Zahlan - If the taskforce report does not incorporate the Senate's recommendation, will Faculty Senate get a chance to discuss?

G. Richard - If the information is new then Faculty Senate will have a chance to respond. If it is the same information but Faculty Senate does not like the decision, it does not appear that it would be discussed again.

T. Weidner - If substantial changes are made, he will listen to what people have to say. Weidner will share the report. The taskforce clearly cannot include every recommendation. At some point a decision will have to be made.

A. Zahlan - At this point nothing substantive has been reported.

G. Foster - No preliminary report has been written.

B. Kirk - Is there a timeline for the report?

G. Foster - The next meeting has not been set.

J. Tidwell - It appears that there is no university policy on open meetings for taskforce meetings and other committee meetings.This might be an issue which should be discussed.

V. New Business

Appointment to Screening Committee for Assoc. VPAA - B. Kirk, G. Mason and L. Walker's names will be forwarded to Dr. Weidner. A. Zahlan felt that members of Faculty Senate should take precedent over non-senate members if the request is for Faculty Senate representation. G. Richard will forward the names of Kirk, Mason and Walker to Dr. Weidner indicating that Kirk and Walker are members of the Faculty Senate.

L. Walker asked if there was a search committee for the Associate Dean of the Graduate School?

VI. Motion to Adjourn (Walker) at 4:02 p.m.

Agenda Items for February 4, l997

l. Taskforce on Administrative Evaluation - pending

2. Taskforce on Counseling Center Report - pending

3. University Goals and Objectives - info from CUPB Meeting (l/24/97)

4. The Open Meeting Policy

Respectfully submitted,

Joan K. Schmidt, Recorder