The 1996-97 Faculty Senate minutes and other information are available on the web at http://www.eiu.edu/~FacSen/


Present: J. Best, G. Foster, F. Fraker, N. Furmo, B. Kirk, J Ozier, H. Nordin, G. Richard, J. Tidwell, L. Walker, A. Zahlan. Excused: P. Lenihan, J. Schmidt, J. Simpson. Absent: D. Wolf. Guests: P. Andrews, B. Anderson, T. McDade, N. Nbhijima, H. Otake, M. Hamaguchi, M. Maeda, R. Hisanaga, Y. Ohara, Y. Okubo, M. Shionoya, K. Oyama, S. Kashima, M.C. Villarreal, J.C. Garcia, M. Havey, A. Shelton, A. Blidy, M. Erickson, J. Bates, M.K. Guetersloh, G. Mason, G. Canivez, J. Ryan, C. Waldrep, D. Woodley, C. Smith, J. Allison, N. Isaison, V. Woodard, B. Hubschmitt, B. Fallows, A. Grivetti, S.K. Dey, H. Nelson, G. Robinson, K. Bridges, P.Coulton, C. Evans.


A motion (Foster, Ozier) to approve the minutes of June 24, 1997.

Yes: Best, Foster, Furumo, Kirk, Ozier, Nordin, Richard, Tidwell, Zahlan. Abstain: Fraker, Walker.


A. Council on Academic Affairs Minutes from 6/19/97

B. Staff Senate Minutes from 6/12/97

C. President's Council Minutes from 7/2/97

D. Letter from John Best requesting leave of absence from Faculty Senate

E. Letter from Lynda Kayser re: inability to serve on Library Advisory Board

F. E-mail from Sally Dolson re: elected representative to COTE

G. Faculty Senate response to Strategic Positioning Objectives, Draft #2

H. Memo from Glenn Robinson re: position statement from Arts & Humanities Technology Committee on Technology Infrastructure at EIU

I. Letter to Faculty Senate from International Students of ELC re: concerns with program

J. Letter from F. Heinrich re: liability issues for Faculty Senate in discussion of non-reappointment

K. E-mail from Dean Tom Gladsky requesting a detailed record of the Faculty Senate discussions of the English Language Center. G. Richard responded that the Senate provides only the official approved minutes of Senate meetings.

L. Letter from John Allison re: off-campus continuing education and international programs.


A. Agenda for Board of Trustees Meeting on July 21, 1997 was distributed.

B. Committee Report re: Faculty Appointments--Zahlan reported that the Nominations Committee will report to the Senate in the fall with an updated list of all appointments. She made a motion (second by Walker) to make the following appointments:

*Council for Faculty Research (Humanities term ending 8/2000)--Christopher Waldrep, History

*Environmental Health and Safety Committee--Marilyn Lisowski, Education; Mori Toosi, Manufacturing

*Judicial Board (terms ending in 1999)--Anette Samuels, Journalism; Freeddie Banks Jr., Ed. Adm.

*Library Advisory Board (Education and Professional Studies term ending in 2000)--Brian Pritschet, PE; 1997-98 alternate--John Weber, Leisure Studies.

Yes: Foster, Fraker, Furumo, Kirk, Ozier, Nordin, Richard, Tidwell, Walker , Zahlan.

C. Issues relating to restructuring of Academic Computing

1. Senators Kirk, Fraker, Tidwell and Zahlan expressed concern about the letter from the board attorney warning Senate members about possible personal liability for discussing personnel matters. They all said in looked like an attempt to intimidate the Senate.

2. Senator Tidwell asked if the President and Provost had responded to the Senate's written recommendations regarding academic computing which were approved April 22, 1997. Chair Richard said she has received no response.

3. Senator Walker said the Provost and responded in writing to the Council of Deans. He then read Provost Weidner's memo to the deans. In the memo Weidner reported that he was opposed to moving Academic Computing to Academic Affairs for budgetary and administrative reasons.

4. Senator Tidwell said it was strange that Weidner had responded to the Deans, but not the Senate.

5. B. Hubschmitt said that in looking at the future of computing, there will always be conflicts between academic computing and administrative computing because of the different philosophies that run them.

6. H. Nelson, former director of academic computing, said his primary concern was effectively representing the faculty's interests in technological areas and that faculty need to get free and open opinions from the people in Academic Computing. He said that has not always happened. He said while working for ITS it was not always possible to express his opinion because certain subjects were taboo. "To some extent, I didn't talk, and that's a source of shame." He said a threat of dismissal was used to shape the advice he gave. He said he was terminated after he refused to write a report that everything was fine and that Academic Computing didn't need to be separated from ITS. He said decisions on technology that impact teaching and research must be made by the faculty. That can be done effectively only if Academic Computing is moved to Academic Affairs, he said.

7. G. Robinson (Journalism) and D. Woodley (Technology) expressed frustrations about ITS policies which make it cost prohibitive to gain network access for some platforms. Woodley noted that in setting up a new Mac lab she could effectively link the computers to the internet with a router for about $2500 but the "EIU way" was going to cost $6400. She said she had to sign a statement agreeing not to hook up her computers to the university network unless it was done the "EIU way." Robinson said he had to sign the same agreement several years ago. He said ITS knew how to solve the problem, but refused. "That's not acceptable," he said. Both Robinson and Woodley said these policies have a negative impact on instruction.

8. P Coulton said he had less and less confidence in the administration for making technology decisions. He said Weidner's letter to the Deans is just passing the buck. He said the Senate should "keep (the administration's) feet to the fire."

9. Senator Kirk said he was amazed at the fury of faculty members who have expressed concerns about ITS. He said the Senate needs to continue discussions on this issue.

10. Chair Richard said she will resubmit the Senate recommendations on academic computing and ask Weidner and/or Jorns to make a verbal response at the first meeting of the fall.


A. Issues raised by International Students in the English Learning Center--Chair Richard circulated a three-page letter to the Senate from international students dated July 11, 1997. The letter claimed many problems with the ELC. Student Juan Carlos Garcia addressed the Senate for several minutes, summarizing the problems detailed in the letter. He said the brochure that describes the program is not true. Chair Richard summarized the concerns and the students in attendance agreed the summary was accurate. Chair Richard identified the following concerns:

1. Non-qualified teachers (i.e--not proficient in English)

2. No full-time program

3. No levels of instruction as specified in brochure (i.e.--no basic course, only intermediate and advanced)

4. Students not evaluated properly for their level of competence

5. Costs of materials

6. Lack of appropriate instructional materials

7. Fees paid to ELC director, not to the cashier's office

8. Lack of response from administration

9. ELC director's alleged threats to students

10. Has contract with students been honored?

Motion (Walker, Foster) to hold a special Senate meeting Tuesday, July 22, 1997, at 1:30 p.m. to continue discussion of this issue. Yes: Foster, Fraker, Furumo, Kirk, Ozier, Nordin, Richard, Tidwell, Walker , Zahlan.

Motion (Fraker, Walker) to discuss the issues as summarized by Chair Richard.

Yes: Foster, Fraker, Furumo, Kirk, Ozier, Nordin, Richard, Tidwell, Walker , Zahlan.

At 3:10 p.m. Chair Richard and Senator Fraker left and the Senate lost its quorum. At that point the Senate went into the committee of the whole chaired by Senator Tidwell, vice-chair of the Senate. Discussion continued for 20 more minutes. Senator Tidwell will report to the Senate at its next meeting on the discussion that took place in the committee of the whole.

The next meeting of the Senate will be at 1:30 p.m., Tuesday, July 22, 1997, in the Booth Library Conference Room

Respectively submitted

James Tidwell, Acting Recorder