FOR JULY 22, 1997 (VOL. XXVI, NO. 32)

The 1996-97 Faculty Senate minutes and other information are available on the web at http://www.eiu.edu/~FacSen/


Present: J. Best, G. Foster, F. Fraker, N. Furmo, B. Kirk, J Ozier, H. Nordin, G. Richard, J. Tidwell, L. Walker, D. Wolf, A. Zahlan. Excused: P. Lenihan, J. Schmidt, J. Simpson. Guests: J. Nilsen, M.A. Henner, WICD-TV reporter, B. Bolter, C. Evans, K. Woodward, C. Smith, M. Lake, M. Kelm, J. Allison, G. Aylesworth, D. Renfro, J. Simpson, N. Nbhijima, H. Otake, M. Hamaguchi, M. Maeda, R. Hisanaga, Y. Ohara, Y. Okubo, M. Shionoya, K. Oyama, S. Kashima, H. Park, H.J. Yoo, J. Luna, M.C. Villarreal, J.C. Garcia, J.M. Johnson, J. Bates, M.K. Guetersloh, M. Okitsu, E. Anderson, B. Lair, K. Ford, B. Chen, D. Radavich, N. Marlow, S. Flock, V. Woodard, H. Gomez, R. Palmer.


A motion (Foster, Ozier) to approve the minutes of July 15, 1997. Corrections: IV.B.--ANNETTE Samuels and FREDDIE Banks names misspelled; IV. C. 1.--...They all said IT looked like an attempt to intimidate the Senate.; IV. C. &.--Eliminate the third sentence: She said she had to sign... Change the fourth sentence to: Robinson said he had to sign an agreement...; IV. C. 9.--Senator Kirk said he was amazed at the fury of faculty members who have expressed concerns about I.T.S., BUT FINDS IT UNDERSTANDABLE. Yes: Best, Fraker, Foster, Furumo, Kirk, Ozier, Nordin, Richard, Tidwell, Walker, Zahlan. Abstain: Wolf.


A. Chair Richard reported she had sent a letter to President Jorns and Provost Weidner asking that they attend the Aug. 26, 1997, Senate meeting and respond to the Senate's recommendations on technology.

B. Chair Richard reported that she had sent a letter to President Jorns, Provost Weidner, Assistant VPAA Evans, Foreign Language Chair Breidenbach, and ELC Director Holmes asking that they attend the July 22 Senate meeting and respond to the 10 concerns about the ELC which developed out of the July 15 meeting. Weidner sent a letter to the Senate saying he was out of town. He said he had asked Evans to gather information and report to the Senate.


A. General Announcements/Updates

1. Vice Chair Tidwell reported the following summary of the discussion that took place in the Committee of the Whole July 15:

(a) There were a couple of disagreements between Juan Carlos Garcia and Dr. Evans. Juan Carlos said he didn't have a teacher this summer; Dr. Evans said he did. Juan Carlos said he wanted his money refunded, Evans said Juan Carlos hadn't paid his tuition.

(b) Dr. Evans said he hoped Rita Holmes was misunderstood concerning revoking visas.

(c) Japanese students said there was a problem about requirements for getting admitted to EIU. They said Holmes told them they needed a 500 TOFEL score and a recommendation. Students said their jr. college in Japan told them there was no recommendation requirement. Evans said the contract with the jr. college says nothing about a recommendation, so no recommendation will be required. Evans said the contract calls for the jr. college to select students to come to Eastern from among those who make at least 450 on the international TOFEL. "We give the students intensive study and if they make at least 500 on the institutional TOFEL, they will be admitted."

(d). Evans said Dr. Breidenbach will look at all the problems and make a report. (Report has been completed)

(e) Japanese students said they have not been allowed to see the contract with Japanese jr. college. Evans said that since they now have a legal opinion that the contract is a public record, he will be happy to share the contract with anyone.

(f) Evans said EIU has agreed to bring in a special external consulting team to evaluate the program. Representatives from Western Illinois University and University of Illinois at Chicago will be here Wednesday, July 23.

(g) Gail Mason: This is a public relations fiasco. EIU will get a bad reputation with the home colleges of all these students.

(h) Cal Smith: I approached Terry Weidner about the students' complaints, but did nothing. "The university is taking these students for a ride."

(i) Evans said ELC has been moved completely under the supervision of the Foreign Language Department.

2. Assistant VPAA Evans reported to the Senate that Rita Holmes declined to attend the meeting, saying it was not the proper forum.

B. Chair Richard asked Evans to respond to the issues raised in the July 15 Senate meeting concerning the English Language Center:

1. Non-qualified teachers

(a) Evans said spring and intersession classes were taught by Holmes and two English graduate students. The two grad students were employed by the Graduate Office without any check and any other faculty body. Evans said in the present summer session Holmes is teaching a beginning class and intermediate and advance classes are being taught by an English graduate student and a person who just received is MBA from Eastern.

(b) Michael Lake, the English grad student teaching intermediate, was in the audience. Senator Nordin asked him about is qualifications. Lake said he has three years experience teaching English as a second language at private schools, but has no formal education in the area. Chair Richard asked about teacher evaluations, and the time Holmes spent in teaching. Evans replied that a new policy has been implemented requiring that all teachers in the ELC be reviewed by Dr. Breidenbach, a faculty committee and his (Evans') office.

2. No full-time course load

(a) Evans said for the present summer term 16 to 20 hours per week of class time is being offered, plus five hours of lab work per week and tutorials. He said students were required to keep a log of their lab activities. He said the federal government requires that persons with student visas attend class 18 hours per week. He said that requirement is being met.

(b) Evans said the program does not parallel regular EIU semesters but offers courses in eight-week modules

(c) Several students in the audience claimed they during the spring semester they were in class only 10 hours per week, there were no tutorial services and they had to do a great deal of studying on their own.

(d) Evans said these issues require careful consideration; that is why experts are coming to evaluate the program. Evans said he was just providing information. "I'm don't want to be seen as defending or criticizing the program."

(e) Lake said until objections were raised in recent weeks, he had never been told to require logs for labs nor had he ever been required to maintain lesson plans.

(At 3:10 p.m., Chair Richard left to teach a class; Vice Chair Tidwell began presiding)

3. No basic course, only intermediate and advanced--Evans said there needs to be better differentiation between basic and intermediate levels of instruction.

4. Lack of appropriate instructional materials--Students said there was one cassette and tape in the library and four in the lab. Lake said the quality of the tapes is a big problem.

5. Costs of materials and fees paid to ELC director Rita Holmes, not to the cashier's office

(a) Evans said there has been very poor communication involving fees and there has been a problem of defining the fees. In response to student complaints that they have paid for services that haven't been delivered (such as being picked up at the airport), Evans said costs have to be recovered, but they have been poorly described to the students.

(b) Evans said Holmes is the fiscal agent for the program and the account is now being audited. He said new procedures have been established. He said a program coordinator shouldn't be doing accounting. He said the ELC students are not in the university's computer system because they are not regular students; therefore, Holmes has collected the fees from the students and deposited the money into the ELC account. If students paid the fees directly to the cashier, the money might not be credited to the correct account. Senator Tidwell said he is the fiscal agent for a local account and often collects money and then deposits it with the cashier, so the procedure used by ELC is not unusual.

6. Evans said the administration has responded immediately to both individual and widespread complains about the ELC. He said students will not have to pay tuition until the quality issues are resolved. He also said the ELC brochure has been taken out of circulation because it should accurately describe the program. Senator Foster noted that the program described in the brochure is a good one, and the university should make sure the program reflects the brochure.

7. Evans said he will provide the Senate with a copy of Breidenbach's report as well as the report of the evaluation team, but wants to make sure everything is read in context. He also said he would make sure Chair Richard has an opportunity to talk with the two evaluators when they are on campus tomorrow (July 23).

8. Asked about the evaluators schedule, Evans said they will meet with all interested parties, and two hours are set aside for students who want to talk to them. He said students need only to sign up with him to talk with the evaluators. He said approximately 30 students have done so.

9. Senator Kirk said there is great concern that students aren't getting their money's worth. He offered the following motion (second by Walker): Recognizing the problems with the English Language Center documented over the past two weeks, the Faculty Senate recommends that students currently enrolled in the program be compensated for services promised but not received. Yes: Best, Foster, Fraker, Furumo, Kirk, Ozier, Nordin, Tidwell, Walker , Zahlan.

V. The Senate lost its quorum at 4 p.m. and adjourned.

Next Senate meeting: Tuesday, August 26, 1997, 2 p.m., Booth Library Conference Room

Respectively submitted

James Tidwell, Acting Recorder