Faculty Senate Minutes

for November 19, 1996

I. Chair Gail Richard called the Senate to order at 2:00 p.m. Present: J. Best, G. Foster, F. Fraker, N. Furumo, B. Kirk, P. Lenihan, H. Nordin, J. Ozier, G. Richard, J. Schmidt, , J. Tidwell, , D. Wolf, A. Zahlan. Absent: J. Simpson, L. Walker. Guests: Brian Anderson, Dayna Church, Jackie McGrath, William Weber, & James Hanna

II. November 12, 1996, minutes were approved with the following changes/corrections: add "Zahlan/Tidwell" moved to accept Ozier as acting recorder; delete "Zahlan/Walker moved to split the motion" and "After discussion of the overruled motion, Zahlan reframed the motion"; move "Chair Richard overruled the motion based on the structure of the motion" to follow "Zahlan moved to divide the motion...and the University"; add "A member of the" Faculty-Staff Relations...will"attend the Staff Senate" meet"ing". Kirk/Lenihan moved to approve minutes with changes. Approved: 11-0-2

Yes: Best, Foster, Fraker, Furumo, Kirk, Lenihan, Nordin, Schmidt, Tidwell, Wolf, Zahlan. Abstain: Ozier, Richard.

III. Communications

A. Staff Senate Minutes from 10/10/96

B. Council on Graduate Studies Minutes from 11/5/96 C. Council on Academic Affairs Minutes from 11/17/96 D. Memo: K. Furumo & J. Nilsen regarding cancellation of November CUPB meeting

E. Memo: G. Reed regarding Energy Awareness Training workshop on 11/21/96 from 9:00-11:00 a.m. in 1895 Room F. E-mail: A. Allison & D. Carpenter regarding Faculty Senate interpretation of University College referendum G. Memo: J. Hanna regarding University Capital Campaign

IV. Old Business

A. J. Hanna presentation on "Toward an Eastern Illinois University Capital Campaign." Paper will be on the web. A central organized unit will raise funds for all units. Hanna emphasized the procedure: develop & cultivate a prospect list; develop the agenda; prepare the campaign; & form the nucleus phase followed by the public phase. The annual departmental telefunds will count toward the campaign. Always think about the donor and what the donor wants. All University units will dream (& establish amounts) beyond appropriated expectations. Judgment of the dreams will be determined by the donors, not the university. An external consultant will be hired to identify & interview prospects. Q & A: Hanna does not expect competition among units; the intent of the Campaign is to meet University-wide needs. He does not anticipate a conflict between the Foundation & Development. The outside consultant will facilitate the relationship between the two entities. Development will enhance the Foundation. Hanna invites questions and concerns about the Campaign. He wants everyone to understand what & how the Campaign is working. He wants to alleviate any misconceptions.

B. Task Force on Counseling Center. Fraker & Kirk scheduled a meeting with Laurent Gosselin to discuss potential union problems regarding Counseling Center staff positions. A written report will be submitted 12/10.

C. Election of Faculty Senate Recorder. Ozier/Kirk nominated Senator Schmidt for spring semester Recorder. By acclamation, Schmidt will be Faculty Senate Recorder.

D. Committee Reports

1. Elections. Foster/Kirk moved that in adherence with normal operating procedure, ballots will be held in D. Bower's office safe and tabulated during the morning of Monday, December 2 with results presented at the Faculty Senate meeting on Tuesday, December 3. Motion passed: 11-1-1. Yes: Best, Foster, Fraker, Furumo, Kirk, Lenihan, Nordin, Ozier, Schmidt, Tidwell, Wolf. No: Zahlan. Abstain: Richard

2. Faculty-Staff Relations. Lenihan reported the Staff Senate wants to pursue graduate tuition waiver for children on an internal basis. Senate discussed the need for faculty and staff to explore the benefit through unions. Also, Lenihan reported the Staff Senate's interest in a Staff, Student, & Faculty social at the University House.

3. Parking Committee. Nordin distributed 3 Parking Survey Questionnaires to each Senator for data collection by December 2. If more faculty want surveys, request them from Suzanne Ashmore, Business Affairs Office. Recommendations from the Committee will be based on the returns. Nordin wants, "whoever made the decision", to rescind the 6 recently installed 15-minute parking meter spaces. The spaces are needed for faculty/staff parking. The new meters were never discussed with the Parking Committee.

E. The Allison/Carpenter e-mail message expressed objection to the Senate's position on interpretation of the referendum results. Chair Richard clarified that the interpretation does not conflict with the Senate's procedures.

Agenda items for 12/3/96: Gateway Program, Johnetta Jones; Faculty Referendum Results; Task Force on Counseling Center.

Wolf moved to adjourn the meeting at 3:25.

Faculty Senate will meet Tuesday, December 10, at 2:45-4:45.

S. Jayne Ozier, Acting Recorder