Faculty Senate Minutes

November 5, 1996

I. Called to order by Chair Gail Richard at 2:00 p.m.

Present: J. Best, G. Foster, F. Fraker, N. Furumo, B. Kirk, P. Lenihan, H. Nordin, J. Ozier. G. Richard, J. Simpson, J. Tidwell, L. Walker, A. Zahlan.

Visitors: J. Baker, J. McGrath, C. Evans, J. Nilsen, D. Jorns, C. Merrified, J. Flynn.

II. A motion (Walker/Schmidt) to approve the Minutes of October 29 passed (12-0-1).

Yes: Best, Foster, Fraker, Kirk, Lenihan, Nordin, Ozier, Richard, Schmidt, Simpson, Tidwell, Walker, Zahlan

Abstain: Wolf.


A. II A motion ...to approve the Minutes of Oct. 29 passed (13-0-1).

B. Addition of III. E.--Senator Simpson submitted his resignation as Senate Recorder, effective immediately. He will remain on the Senate.

C. IV. A.--The name of Morgon Olsen was misspelled several times.

D. IV. B. 1. c. The petition was turned over to the elections committee.


A. Council on Academic Affairs Minutes- 10/24/96 and 10/31/96

B. COEPS Curriculum Committee Minutes- 10/21/96

C. COS Curriculum Committee Minutes- 10/17/96

D. Council on Teacher Education Minutes- 10/22/96

E. BOT Meeting Packet

F. Memo from Senator Schmidt explaining she would be absent from the Nov. 5 meeting because she will be on university business.

G. Memo from state AAUP announcing a meeting at Illinois State to discuss faculty governance issues.

H. Student Senate Minutes-10/31/96

I. Student Senate Resolution of Oct. 23, 1996, approving by a 24-0-0 vote, Recommendations 1 and 3 of the TaskForce on Lower Division Student Academic Services (creating University College and making Academic Records and Registration the responsibility of the Office of Academic Affairs.


IV.Old Business

A. Election of Faculty Senate Recorder--A motion was made (Zahlan/Walker) to appoint Senator Best as Senate Recorder. Senator Best declined the offer. After no one else volunteered, Chair Richard said the Senate will revisit this issue again next week. She also said she was exploring with VPAA Weidner the possibility of hiring an outside person to do minutes.

B. Presentation by Chris Merrifield, EIU lobbyist in Springfield

1. She said if Democrats regain control of the House in the General Assembly, the university will have to rethink its lobbying efforts.

2. She said three members of the General Assembly visited campus Oct. 3 and that the Senate Appropriations Committee met with university presidents and trustees chairs on Oct. 15. She said the main message the university is pushing with legislators is our underfunding. Eastern would need an additional $9.1 million to match the next lowest funded university in the state. She said the question being asked is "How do we get out of this mess?"

3. She said the university officially presented its budget request to the Board of Higher Education Oct. 30. "President Jorns once again made the case that we are underfunded." She also said that she, along with President Jorns and Jill Nielsen talked with two members of the governor's staff after the meeting about the underfunding problem. In response to a senator's question about the impact of the recent death of Art Quern, chair of the IBHE, Ms. Merrifield said that it was too early to tell. She said the governor will appoint a new member and also a new chair, probably before the fall veto session.

4. She said an increase in the state's capitol bonding authority will once again be discussed during the veto session (Nov. 19-21, Dec. 3-5). Because of political considerations she said the state has had no capital money for three years. Eastern has requested approximately $900.000 in emergency capital money for tuck pointing of campus buildings.

5. She said the Pensions Law Commission is still discussing early retirement possibilities. She said the optional retirement program that was signed into law several years ago is still not operational because of a technical flaw that has not been taken care of.

6. She aid the Student Action Team will visit the Capitol Nov. 20 and an Eastern Day will be scheduled at the Capitol in the spring.

C. University College

1.Faculty Petition

A. The Elections Committee report: A petition with 148 names was submitted for verification. Of the 148 names, 139 were found on this semester's unit A roster and roster of chairs which contains 485 names. hence, the petition was signed by 29 percent of all eligible faculty. The constitution's requirement that a petition be signed by 20 percent of eligible faculty has been met.

B. Discussion continued to center around whether the Senate can continue to discuss University College or whether the petition will take the matter out of the Senate's hands. Consensus was finally reached that this question will not have to be answered until the referendum is held.

C. A motion was made by Senator Lenihan and seconded by Senator Kirk that the Senate take a position on the petition. The motion passed 7-2-3.

Yes: Best, Fraker, Furumo, Kirk, Lenihan, Simpson, Tidwell.

No: Nordin, Walker.

Abstain: Foster, Richard, Zahlan

Senators Wolf and Ozier had left the meeting by this time.

A position statement will be discussed Nov. 12.

D. The Senate agreed that the tentative dates for the referendum election will be Tuesday, Nov. 19, and Wednesday, Nov. 20. Exact times and voting location will be decided Nov. 12 after the Elections Committee makes arrangements.

E. Wording of the ballot as dictated by the petition:

I am in favor of the creation of a University College

I am not in favor of the creation of a University College

2. Counseling Center Taskforce Update--Senators Kirk and Fraker said meetings are still being held and hopes they can bring a report to the Senate Nov. 12.

D.Graduate Tuition Waiver for Employee Children--Senator Kirk said he has received no comments from faculty and asked that the issue be removed from the agenda.

E.Committee Reports

1. Nominations--None

2. Faculty-Staff Relations-None

3. Faculty-Student Relations-None

4. BOT Meeting--Chair Richard said three the board heard three major presentations:

A. Jim Hannah, executive director of development, discussed plans for a major capital fund-raising campaign.

B. Bill Schnackel, director of housing and dining, discussed the scope of the university's housing and dining program.

C. Laurent Gosselin, UPI chapter president, discussed the tenure process. "Laurent did a nice job" of explaining tenure requirements to the board.

5. Other Committee Reports-None

F.Other Old Business-None

V. New Business

A. Agenda Items for 11/12/95

1. Gateway Program

2. University College

B. Other

VI.The Senate adjourned at 4:05 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

James Tidwell, acting recorder