Faculty Senate Minutes

October 29, 1996

I. Called to order by Chair Gail Richard at 2:00 p.m.

Present: J. Best, G. Foster, F. Fraker, N. Furumo, B. Kirk, P. Lenihan, H. Nordin, J. Ozier. G. Richard, J. Schmidt, J. Simpson, J. Tidwell, L. Walker, A. Zahlan.

Visitors: J. Baker, J. McGrath, B. Anderson, C. Evans, T. Weidner, M.A. Hanner, J. Allison, D. Carpenter.

II. A motion (Walker/Schmidt) to approve the Minutes of September 17 passed (13-0-1).

Yes: Best, Foster, Fraker, Kirk, Lenihan, Nordin, Ozier, Richard, Schmidt, Simpson, Tidwell, Walker, Zahlan

Abstain: Furumo.


A. III. M. Voice communication from Senator Walker that a departmental colleague Tom Moncada had called...

B. IV. A. 1. c. Senator Walker asked for clarification, stating that the present process...

C. IV. A. 5 a. ...Senator Walker said that it is "hard to tell from the report whether we ...

III. Communications

A. Student Senate Minutes from 10/16/96, 10/23/96

B. Council on Graduate Studies Minutes from 10/15.96

C. Faculty Senate Recommendations to VPAA re: University College Proposal

D. J. Allison and D. Carpenter presented the Senate a petition asking for a faculty referendum on the creation of a University College. Allison said the number of faculty signing the petition exceeded the 20 percent required by Article XIII of the Senate Constitution. Discussion of the petition will proceed under Old Business.

IV. Old Business

A. Presentation by Morgan Olsen, vice president for business affairs. In introducing Vice President Olsen, Chair Richard said she asked him to repeat for the Senate the presentation he gave recently to the Board of Trustees involving the university's financial situation.

1. VP Olsen said EIU's tuition and fees for fiscal year 1997 fall in the middle of Illinois public universities. Five institutions are slightly below that rate and five are above. He said if the textbook rental charges were taken out of the fee figure, EIU would have the lowest fees of any traditional residential campus in Illinois. He said that if there was no textbook rental system, EIU students would typically pay an additional $600 to $800 to purchase textbooks. He said that with room and board included, EIU has the lowest cost of any residential campus in Illinois.

2. VP Olsen said EIU's tuition and fees rates were above the national average of public institutions in 1991, but by 1996 had dropped below the national average. He said between 1985 and 1997 EIU's tuition and fees have increased by 118 percent, the fourth lowest percentage among public institutions in Illinois.

3. VP Olsen said EIU's appropriated budget from the state had increased 109 percent from 1980-96, while its income fund budget (moneys from tuition and fees) had increased 284 percent. He said tuition and fees and increased so much because of declining support from the state through appropriations. He said in 1980, appropriated money from the state accounted for 77 percent of EIU's budget. In 1997, 65 percent of EIU's budget comes from general appropriations.

4. VP Olsen said EIU's state appropriations per full time equivalent student is the lowest in the state among comparable institutions (Carnegie Category IIA Universities--Comprehensive Institutions). In 1996 fiscal year EIU's appropriation was $5,615. The next lowest in Illinois is Chicago State at $6,555. Olson also made these observations: To equal Chicago State's appropriation, EIU would have to receive a funding increase of $9.1 million; to reach the state average EIU would have to receive a $17 million increase; and to reach the highest funding level, EIU would have to receive a $43 million increase.

5. VP Olsen said EIU's average faculty salary is the lowest among comparable institutions in Illinois, and salaries for non-negotiated civil service employees are 7.25 percent below the state average.

6. VP Olsen mentioned several factors which are having an impact on the university's budget, including costs associated with compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, costs associated with the handling of hazardous wastes, and costs associated with the increase in the minimum wage.

7. VP Olsen also stated that EIU's deferred maintenance now amounts to 40 percent of the replacement value of appropriated facilities on campus ($105 million in deferred maintenance for facilities with a replacement cost of $253 million) He said national standards say that when deferred maintenance reaches 50 percent of replacement costs, "It's time to fire up the bulldozers."

8. When Senator Walker asked if EIU is better off in any categories, Olsen said that EIU's instructional budget is the highest proportionally among state institutions. He also said EIU ranks very high in retention, graduate rates and placement rates. "We look pretty good in comparison to other institutions."

9. When Senator Foster asked about the BOT's response to the presentation, Olsen said board members are ready to be advocates as well as stewards. "We are all going to work together to get additional resources."

10. In response to Senator Kirk's question about whether students are ready to "kick up a fuss" about lack of funding, Student Trustee Brian Anderson said that a group of students is getting involved in making EIU's case to educational and political leaders. He said students will be going to Springfield on Nov. 20 to lobby. He said the students will be asking for help from faculty.

11. Several senators expressed concerns about continuing to increase tuition and fees in response to lack of support from the state. Senator Best said, "Students and their families are not an inexhaustible source of revenue. We can't solve all our problems on the backs of students."

12. Senator Zahlan noted that interest-based negotiations have helped to begin addressing the problem of salary compression among faculty.

13. When Senator Nordin asked how administrative salaries compare to other institutions, VP Olsen said there are no direct comparisons available. But he did say that most administrative salaries are below comparable institutions.

B. University College

1. Faculty Petition--By consensus of the Senate the petition asking for a referendum on University College was deemed to have been "received" by the body on Oct. 29. The petition was turned over to the Election Committee for signature verification. The committee will report its findings next week. The Senate agreed that if the petition is found to be valid, the constitution requires a referendum election within four weeks of Oct. 29.

Discussion then centered around the implications of the petition. Chair Richard said that under Robert's Rules of Order, the petition means that the Senate can no longer discuss the issue of University College. She said a referendum is a "closure process" and that it takes the issue out of the hands of the Senate.

Senator Walker said he did not accept the chair's interpretation of the implications of a referendum. Other senators also expressed concerns about the implications. Senator Ozier said the petition "sabotages" what the Senate has done. Discussion will continue next week.

2. Counseling Center Taskforce Update--Senator Fraker reported that the Senate Taskforce on the Counseling Center is continuing to gather information. He said the Taskforce will have additional information to report next week.

C. Graduate Tuition Waiver for Employee Children--Discussed was postponed until next week. Anyone who has information or inquires about this issue should contact Senator Kirk.

D. Committee Reports

1. Nominations--A motion (Zahlan/Schmidt) to approve the appointment of Gary Canivez of Psychology to the Parking Appeals Committee passed (13-0-1).

Yes: Best, Foster, Fraker, Lenihan, Nordin, Ozier, Schmidt, Simpson, Tidwell, Walker, Zahlan; Abstain: Richard.

Senator Lenihan agreed to be the Senate's representative on the search committee for the director of human resources.

2. Elections--No report.

3. Faculty-Staff Relations--No report.

4. Faculty-Student Relations--No report.

5. Executive Committee-No report.

6. Other Committee Reports--None

E. Other Old Business--None

V. New Business

A. Agenda items for 11/5/ 96

1. C. Merrifield re: Legislative Issues

2. Faculty Petition regarding University College

3. BOT Meeting 11/4/96

B. Other-None

VI. The Senate adjourned at 4 p.m.