Faculty Senate Minutes, October 8, 1996

I. Called to order by Chair Gail Richard at 2:00 p.m.

Present: J. Best, G. Foster, N. Furumo, B. Kirk, P. Lenihan, H. Nordin, J. Ozier, G. Richard, J. Schmidt, J. Simpson, J. Tidwell, L. Walker, D. Wolf, A. Zahlan

Visitors: J. Anselment, C. Burke, C. Evans, D. Jorns, J. McGrath, J. Nilsen

II. A motion (Schmidt/Walker) to approve the Minutes of October 1 as corrected passed (14-0-0).

Yes: Best, Foster, Furumo, Kirk, Lenihan, Nordin, Ozier, Richard, Schmidt, Simpson, Tidwell, Walker, Wolf, Zahlan

Corrections: IV.A.22. Senator Walker repeated that the Counseling Center is in Academic Affairs and Student Records is in Student Affairs. If one pursues this matter, why not shift these units to different organizational areas? IV.B.6.c. Chair Richard reported that EIU has invited some 60 legislators/staff on campus . . ..Omitted from the Minutes was Senator Zahlan's request to notify faculty through the Senate Minutes that: Copies of the organizational flow chart of the proposed University College are available from the office of Asst. VPAA Charles Evans.

III. Communications

A. Student Senate Minutes from 10/2/96

B. CAA Minutes from 9/26/96

C. Intercollegiate Athletic Board Minutes from 9/5/96

D. E-mail message from Allen Davis re: University College

E. E-mail message from Vice President Olsen re: presentation to Faculty Senate on October 29.

F. E-mail message from Chris Merrifield re: presentation to Faculty Senate November 5.

G. Communication with Dr. Frank Clark and Dr. Robert Augustine re: Council of Chairs feedback to Faculty Senate October 15.

H. E-mail from Jill Nilsen re: the meeting of the BOT November 4 in the Union Ball Room.

I. Staff Senate Minutes from 9/12/96

IV. Old Business

A. Report from Counseling Center Taskforce -- Members of the taskforce are Jackie McGrath, French Fraker, Bill Kirk, Bob Saltmarsh, Laurent Gosselin, Charles Evans, and Karola Alford. A first meeting is tentatively scheduled Friday, October 11.

B. University College

1. Chair Richard said that on campus there is some sentiment of, "If it isn't broken, don't fix it." She commented that her old typewriter was not broken when she changed to computer driven word processing. "In education . . . we have to ask if there are better ways to do things." She sees University College as such an attempt.

2. Senators Lenihan and Zahlan spoke for publication of flow charts defining reporting lines before and after changes in the Counseling Center.

3. Senator Foster, a member of the original taskforce, said that reporting lines were not a major concern of the Taskforce; time lines delineating hurdles for students were a major concern.

4. In answer to a series of questions and concerns posed by Senators, Dr. Evans offered these clarifications: University College would control no faculty, schedule no classes, award no degrees. Re: the Reading, Writing, and Math Centers: Coordinators remain in home departments of the Centers; home departments would continue to designate directors, oversee and evaluate the Centers, place graduate students in the Centers, and supervise the work and training of these graduate students. Assignment of CU's to directors would remain in home departments. Dr. Evans stressed that the purpose of University College is to expand services provided students. For the student undecided on a major, early intervention and guidance

should lead to an appropriate major and increase both the student's chance for success and the rate of retention of first and second year students enjoyed by EIU. Students in such difficult positions need to be identified early. All students will have to spend their first 30 course hours in University College. There will be no choice in this matter. Students who have not at this point of 30 hours decided on a major will remain in University College. When students decide upon a major, students will move into their major departments. Students could be assigned "pre codes" to enable them to explore the appropriateness of specific majors and have access to advisors in specific academic departments. Dr. Evans stressed that there would be no mechanical changes in student advisement. The purpose of the Taskforce was not to develop a complete, concrete model or package but to tailor the model throughout a process of consultation.

5. Senator Best observed that most faculty seem to understand the general contours of the proposal, but that details seem to reveal themselves progressively. The later this revelation of detail occurs, the less willing he is to endorse the proposal.

6. Senator Tidwell asserted that the proposal occasions no real change from the old structure of Academic Development. He said that we return to questions which have been answered before.

7. Reminder: Documents specifying various points re: the University College proposal were distributed at the Fall Faculty Forum. Any faculty member can obtain copies of these documents from Dr. Evans' office or from any Faculty Senator.

8. Chair Richard recognized President Jorns. Speaking of his daughter who is a first year student at another institution, he related that she is swamped by the details and challenges of college life, like all such students. Re: the University College proposal, for the good of the University, we wanted to maximize first and second year retention. Early iterations of the concept placed Admissions, Advisement, and Registration "under one roof." University College answers our need to protect students facing second step admission into majors. He concluded that he hopes that University College can help Eastern increase retention rates and can help students avoid wasting time.

9. Chair Richard said that the Faculty Senate can be either reactive or proactive. If we are to formulate faculty input, we need to delineate what we like. Answering several questions and comments re: methodology, she charged Senators to consult our constituency and formulate specific, focused questions for consideration next week as an agenda item. These questions are to be sent either by e-mail or hard copy and are due in her office in CDS no later than 4:30 p.m., Friday, October 11. She will gather them, reduce redundancy, organize, and present them to the Senate October 15 as an announced agenda item. Again, these items are to be specific, formal concerns, essentially addressing what we want to recommend re: the University College proposal. We will deal with these formal questions one at a time. She reminded the Senate that we will treat the matter of the Counseling Center as a separate agenda item and that the Senate Taskforce on the Counseling Center is at work on this matter now.

C. Committee Reports

1. Nominations -- no report

2. Elections -- no report

3. Faculty-Staff Relations -- Senator Pat Lenihan joins Senators Wolf and Schmidt on this committee.

4. Faculty-Student Relations -- no report

5. Executive Committee -- no report

6. Other Committee Reports

a. The Parking Committee meets each Tuesday from 11:00 to 12:00 and is considering fees, fines, and space.

b. Calendar Committee -- Senator Walker reminded all faculty to send their concerns re: the Academic Calendar to him.

c. Reporting for the Athletic Director Search Committee, Chair Richard reported that the committee has set an October 15 date to review applications.

D. Other Old Business -- There was none.

V. New Business

A. Agenda Items

1. Senator Kirk asked that the matter of graduate tuition waivers for the progeny of faculty and staff be an agenda item.

2. Other items on the agenda for October 15 include: University College, reports from the Deans' Council and Council of Chairs, report from the Senate Taskforce on the Counseling Center, and the Faculty Senate Report on University College.

B. Other -- Jill Nilsen announced that Eastern is one of the universities and colleges in Illinois offering collegiate license plates, part of the fees for which goes to the State University Trust Fund for student scholarship money. Details and a brochure are available from the office of Steve Rich or from the office of the Secretary of State, George H. Ryan.

VI. Adjournment -- The Senate adjourned at 3:12.

Respectfully submitted,

John Simpson, Secretary