For April 7, 1998
(Vol. xxvii, No. 25)


Present: J. Allison, C. Eberly, G. Foster, N. Furumo, R. Gholson, B. Irwin, G. Lockart, H. Nordin, G. Richard, J. Simpson, J. Tidwell, L. Walker. Excused: N. Marlow, , J. Schmidt, A. Zahlan. Guests: D. Ochwat, B. Weber.


A MOTION (Allison, Lockart) to approve the minutes of March 24, 1998. Yes - Allison, Foster, Furumo, Gholson, Irwin, Lockart, Marlow, Nordin, Richard, Schmidt, Simpson, Tidwell. Abstain -Walker.

III. Communications

A. Memo to D. Bower in appreciation for assistance with Faculty Elections

B. E-mail from S. Kaufman re: EIU's lack of a Disaster Plan

C. E-mail from W. Chandler re: CD/disk with textbooks

D. Staff Senate Minutes--3/11/98

E. Council on Academic Affairs Minutes--3/26/98

F. Council on Graduate Studies Minutes--3/31/98

G. President's Council Minutes--4/1/98

H. College of Sciences Curriculum Committee Minutes--3/26/98

IV. Old Business

A. Self-Assessment/Retreat Procedures - As facilitator B. Weber proposed the following agenda:

1. Good Outcomes--Brainstorming session on what Senate wants from the retreat. What do senators want to happen for the retreat to be valuable use of time?

2. Ground Rules-how will communications be handled?

3. Four Quadrant Problem Solver:

a. Define Current Situation: What works? What doesn't work?. Then Define Preferred Situation: What would members like the Senate to evolve into? What do members want the Senate to do which it isn't doing now?

b. Diagnostics: Brainstorm on why Senate isn't in preferred situation and then prioritize the list.

c. General Approaches to get to Preferred Situation

d. Specific Recommendations from General Approaches: Brainstorm on specific action plan.

Questions to Weber from Senators:

·Are these sessions worthwhile? It depends on recommendations generated and whether Senate follows through. It is a good way to deal with complex problems. Sometimes there are tensions; there can be baggage from old events. It may not be smooth sailing.

·Is one quadrant more important then others? Most difficult to get through it all. It is a lengthier process then it looks. There will be repetition and overlap.

·Is part of your role to force closure? Yes.

·What sort of groups use this process? Is it appropriate for a deliberative body like the Senate? Weber said he has used this process with many groups on campus. Conflict Management Inc. of Cambridge, Mass, the developer of the process, has used it with school boards. Weber said he was an observer at a session with a school board and it was very effective.

·With a group like the Senate, is it a good idea to smooth away conflict? Is conflict necessarily bad? This process makes conflict clear, it doesn't smooth it over. It can bring unmentionables to light. It provides better insight into others' points of view. People leave with a much better idea of why other people are saying what there saying. It frees members to think and debate. It organizes various ideas. It makes others viewpoints clearer to the participants.

G. Richard will bring back specifics on dates and sites next week. First week of June looks like the best time.

B. Presidential Search Nominees Selection

A Motion (Lockart, Nordin)--to send the top six vote-getters forward to the BOT.


·Since original announced said Senate would send nine names to the BOT, it would be unfair to do otherwise.

·We're here to help BOT with selection. We're not doing our job if we send nine.

·Since there are only 10 applicants, Senate wouldn't be doing much screening if we forwarded nine.

Yes: Eberly, Foster,. Furumo,. Gholson, , Lockart, Nordin, Simpson. No: Allison, Walker. Abstain: Irwin, Richard, Tidwell.

Results of Balloting: Senate will send forward the following names for possible selection to the Presidential Search Committee--Gary Aylesworth, Marietta Deming, Bonnie Irwin, Susan Kaufman, Loretta Prater, James Tidwell.

C. "Committee on Committees" Report

Motion (Simpson, Gholson) to approve the report. Friendly amendment was accepted to add "taskforces" to second bullet. Yes: Allison, Eberly, Foster, Furumo, Gholson, Irwin, Lockart, Nordin, Richard, Simpson, Tidwell, Walker

To view Committee on Committees report click here

D. Committee Reports

1. Nominations Committee & Liaison Coordinator--No Report

2. Elections Committee-- No Report

3. Faculty-Staff Relations Committee-- No Report

4. Faculty-Student Relations Committee-- No Report

5. Executive Committee--G. Richard reported that Charles Evans is listed as "acting dean" on the EIU Fact Sheet because the designation was used only to indicate who was in charge of the programs within University Studies. Evans does not have the title "acting dean." Evans does participate in Deans Council and votes when it is appropriate. No deans have had trouble with the situation. Evans participates in the Dean's Council because the VPAA wants him to.

6. Distinguished Faculty Award--recommendations due to the Senate by April 21. See announcement at end of minutes.

7. Other Committee Reports--G. Foster reported that the Tuition and Fees Committee has asked the Student Senate to consider for fy2000 a 2.5 percent tuition increase. It is also asking the Student Senate to approve an additional per credit hour charge with the 17th hour taken rather than the present 19th hour.

V. New Business

A. Additional Items

1. Campus Disaster Plan--After S. Kaufman sent a communication to the Senate expressing concerns about campus emergency plans, G. Richard made some inquiries. She reported that Housing has a system dependent on communication they receive from University Police. University Police notifies each dorm and each dorm has its own plan. The morning the Mattoon tornado hit, university police only called one dorm. It was the only dorm which implemented its plan. There apparently are no plans in place for academic buildings. Safety and Environment Committee seems to be the proper group to develop plans.

2. CD/disk with textbooks--W. Chandler communicated with the Senate that he has been told that Textbook Library won't take responsibility for software which comes with textbooks. It is up to the professor to distribute and collect such disks and CDs. Senate will invite W. Klingenberg, director of Textbook Library to discuss issue.

B. Agenda Items

1. Distinguished Faculty Award - 4/21/98

2. Faculty Appointments - 4/21/98

3. Faculty Senate Retirement Reception - 4/21/98

4. Faculty Senate Election of Officers - 4/28/98

5. Summer Meeting Dates - 4/28/98

6. Graduate School Update - unspecified

VI. Adjourn 4:20 p.m.

Respectively Submitted,

James Tidwell
Acting Recorder

Faculty members interested in serving on university boards and councils for 1998-99 should indicate their interest in writing via campus mail to Anne Zahlan, English Department, or by e-mail at cfarz@eiu.edu. deadline is noon, April 14.

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Nominations for the Distinguished Faculty Award are due by noon, April 17. All material must be sent to Lankford Walker, School of Business.