(Vol. xxvii, No. 29

I.CALL TO ORDER BY GAIL RICHARD AT 11:30 A.M. (Conference Room, Booth Library)

Present: J. Allison, C. Eberly, G. Foster, N. Furumo, R. Gholson, B. Irwin, G. Lockart, N. Marlow, H. Nordin, G. Richard, J. Schmidt, J. Simpson, J. Tidwell, L. Walker, A. Zahlan. Visitors: T. Abebe, C. Evans, F. McCormick, A. Samuels, B. Witsman


MOTION (Tidwell/Gholson) to approve the minutes of April 28, 1998.

Correction: D. Galletino should be Galletano. IV.C - Date of Fall Convocation is August 20 not August 23. Yes - Foster, Gholson, Irwin, Lockart, Marlow, Nordin, Richard, Schmidt, Tidwell. Abstain - Allison, Simpson, Walker, Zahlan


A. Memo to R. Bates re: Request for Department Updates on Disaster Plan

B. Memo to T. Weidner re: Action on Graduate School Review

C. Response from T. Weidner re: Graduate School Review Memo

D. Memo to R. Augustine re: Presentation to Faculty Senate

E. Minutes - Council on Academic Affairs - 4/23/98, 4/30/98, 6/18/98

F. Minutes - College of Science Curriculum Committee - 4/23/98. 4/30/98

G. Minutes - College of Education & Professional Studies Curriculum Committee Meeting - 4/27/98

H. Minutes - Council on Graduate Studies - 4/21/98

I. Minutes - Council on Teacher Education - 4/28/98

J. Minutes - Staff Senate - 5/13/98

K. Minutes - President's Council - 4/29/98

L. Memo from T. Weidner re: Faculty Senate Committee of Committees Report

M. Memo from F. Hohengarten re: Enrollment Management Committee Representative

N. Memo from F. Hohengarten re: Textbook Rental Advisory Committee Representative

O. The Planning Universe Newsletter - May 1998

P. E-mail from S. Kaufman re: Presidential Search Committee

Q. E-mail from J. Quivey and R. Dow re: Faculty Senate Retirement Reception

R. E-mail from R. Pheifer re: Faculty Senate Meeting on 4/28/98

S. Letter to the University Community from D. Jorns

T. E-mail from J. Allison to Faculty Senate

U. E-mail response to J. Allison questions from D. Jorns

V. E-mail notification from W. Weber re: Faculty Retreat

W. Memo to Faculty Senate from G. Richard re: June 2 Retreat cancellation

X. Minutes - Library Advisory Board - 3/25/98, 4/22/98

Y. Task Force Report on Administrative Structure of the Graduate School

Z. Memo from D. Jorns re: BOT Regulations Proposed Change to II.B.6.c

AA. Memo re: Exchange Program with University of Cologne

BB. Letter to University Community from D. Jorns re: Panther Card

CC. Annual Report to Faculty Senate - Intercollegiate Athletic Board

DD. E-mail from J. Cooley re: interviews for Assist. Director Information Systems

EE. Summary Report - Faculty Senate


A. Comments from Dr. Abebe, Provost

*The number one goal is to educate our students. This is done by providing programming that provides opportunities to change.

*Dr. Abebe brings an attitude that is cooperative and collaborative.

*Dr. Abebe wants to be joyful in the work that he does.

Questions asked of Dr. Abebe:

Are you an advocate for the faculty? (Zahlan)--Response by Dr. Abebe about institutions of higher education in general - The general public is requesting more accountability. Boards are more intrusive in the work of the institution. We must get control of institutions. The public has lost confidence in the institution because we are not responsive to the public. We undermine the work that we do. The budget situation needs more attention as departments are competing for resources. There is new leadership in the academy. Today's presidents have come from other areas such as politics or the corporate world and have not moved up in the system. Faculty must be aware of the expectations and accept as challenges. Eastern cannot continue to rely on state monies. Eastern must spend more time and resources to find other funding sources. Dr. Abebe was asked what his role would be in lobbying and fundraising. (Walker). He felt that it was important to bring forward ideas that might generate money.

Dr. Abebe was asked how he would handle the tension that exists in dept. when trying to address the needs of the General Education requirements and the academic programs. (Allison) Dr. Abebe felt the students should have a broad range of experiences and therefore it was necessary to provide general education courses.

Dr. Abebe was asked what his position is on accreditation such as NCATE. He felt accreditations were beneficial to the institution and to the academic program. This assists in aiming for a standard of quality.

Dr. Abebe was asked what improvements he would make in the University. He felt that Eastern is a very good university with good faculty. He thoughta lack of space was a problem.

Dr. Abebe was asked what his position was on Research and Teaching. He said he was supportive of research but knew that teaching was a primary function of the faculty at this institution.

He was asked about his position on technology. He indicated that anything that reduces program quality should be addressed.

B. Response from C. Evans regarding the money for General Education--C. Evans said that the financial implications of the general education requirement has been reviewed. At the present time there is a backlog of 4500 students not being served. It would take $3.7 million to eliminate the backlog. The university is aware of the problem and is addressing as best as they can. In 1996-97 $120,000 was added to the general education budget. In 1997-98 $142,000 was added to the budgets of the deans to provide additional seats. An additional $150,000 in new monies was provided by the CUPB for additional seats and sections. C. Evans stressed that this was not just a general education problem but was a problem with all areas of the curricula. We must look at our enrollment and curricular offerings. We have more curriculum than resources available.

C. Committee Reports

1. Nominations Committee & Liaison Coordinator - no report

2. Elections Committee - No report

3 Faculty-Student Relations Committee - No report

4. Faculty-Staff Relations Committee - No report

5. Executive Committee

a. Response to Parking Committee report--G. Richard met with M. Olsen and he reported the following to her: 500 parking spaces have been added over the last 5 years which is an average of 100 per year. The 9th and Hayes lot added 68 spaces and there is an additional 32 behind Buzzard. The spaces in front of Buzzard will not be lost as they will be moved from the front of Buzzard to the 9th Street side of Buzzard. Since it was more cost effective to move all lots at the same time, the President's Council decided to do that. The University has utilized the expertise of several engineering and design firms to evaluate campus and to make recommendations. The consultants look at the aesthetics as well as the auto vs walking situation. H. Nordin reported that he did not agree with the information that was presented and he was encouraged to talk with M. Olsen about the discrepancies. H. Nordin noted that the student fee referendum agreement was for 250 spaces to be added by the Spring 1998 and that only 100 spaces have been added. The additional 150 spaces may be added west of Coleman near the existing lots. M. Olsen addressed the question as to how decisions are made. In most instances a consulting firm does an assessment and generates a design. Facilities Planning and Management makes recommendations to VP Olsen and then it goes to the President's Council and then to the BOT if the project is a large project.

The Plaza will be built in the area presently being torn up for the chilled water loop. The upfront costs are being absorbed by the President's budget. The fundraising effort for this project should, over time, bring more in than what it cost to construct the plaza. The Master Planning Committee is on hold. There is currently $38 million of capital projects being done on campus. There is not the staff to manage this many projects. The university has identified a firm to review the campus and has negotiated fees and scope of the project. There is hope that the BOT will approve hiring the firm. The firm will gather data about campus. The Master Planning Committee will convene in the fall. The goal is to develop a campus physical development policy standards.

b. Response to questions about the University of Cologne Exchange-- B. Augustine reported that the exchange has not been canceled but has been curtailed. The decision to curtail was based on the lack of equality of the exchange. During the past 8 years the Univ. of Cologne has sent 27 students to EIU while only 3 EIU students have been willing to go to U of C.

c. Acting Vice President appointment - D. Jorns asked G. Richard to announce to the Faculty Senate that Jill Nilsen has been appointed the Acting Vice President for External Relations. The new president will evaluate the position when he/she is hired and determine what direction to go. If the position is retained, then a nationwide search will be conducted.

6. Other Committee Reports

a. Parking Committee - H. Nordin reported that the Parking Committee unanimously opposed the elimination of 17 spaces near Buzzard Bldg. MOTION (Nordin/Walker) to oppose the closing of Garfield and the elimination of 17 spaces in front of Buzzard. Yes - Allison, Foster, Marlow, Nordin, Schmidt, Tidwell, Walker. No - Eberly, Furumo, Irwin, Richard, Zahlan.

b. IBHE - N. Marlow provided a written summary of the IBHE Faculty Advisory Committee Meeting on June 26, 1998. Marlow noted the FAC position paper on the evaluation of academic administrators had been approved and can be reviewed - www.iit.edu/~fac

D. Other Old Business

1. Tidwell moved to reappoint C. Eberly to the Enrollment Management Committee. Approved by consensus.

2. A Summary Report for Faculty Senate is attached to the minutes.


A. Agenda Items

1. Faculty Senate Summary Report. It was suggested that the Botany/Zoology consolidation appear in II of the summary.

2. Acknowledgement of Faculty Senate Members - G. Richard thanked members of the Faculty Senate for their work on the Senate the past year. Members completing their terms or not returning to the Senate next year are: G. Richard, J. Schmidt, J. Simpson.

B. Other - Items to discuss next year

1. General Education Funding

2 Graduate School Status

3. Administrator Evaluations

4. Graduation Ceremonies - ways to change/improve

5. Staff Treatment

6. Add on Costs

VI. ADJOURN AT 2:15 p.m. (Walker)

Respectfully submitted,

Joan K. Schmidt, Recorder

This is the last Faculty Senate meeting for the 1997-98 AY.