(Vol.xxvii, No. 22)

I. CALL TO ORDER BY GAIL RICHARD AT 2:00 p.m. (Conference Room, Booth Library)
Present: J. Allison, C. Eberly, G. Foster, N. Furumo, R. Gholson, B. Irwin, N. Marlow, H. Nordin, G. Richard, J. Schmidt, J. Simpson, J. Tidwell, L. Walker, A. Zahlan. Excused - G. Lockart. Guest: R. Hilligoss

A motion (Foster/Gholson) to approve the minutes of February 24, 1998, with the following corrections: IV. C.5 - Correct to indicate that the vice presidential area subcommittees had no report rather than have not met . . . Correct IV.C.7.c-Evaluations of candidates were due on Wednesday not Friday. Yes - Allison, Eberly, Foster, Furumo, Gholson, Irwin, Marlow, Richard, Schmidt, Simpson, Walker, Zahlan. Abstain - Tidwell


A. Minutes - Council on Academic Affairs - 2/19/98

B. Minutes - Council on Graduate Studies - 2/17/98

C. Minutes - Staff Senate - 2/11/98

D. Minutes - COEPS Curriculum Committee Minutes - 2/23/98

E. Minutes - President's Council - 9/24/97, 10/8/97, 10/22/97, 11/12/97, 12/3/97,1/7/98, 1/28/98, 2/4/98, 2/18/98

F. Memo to M. Beasley & the Faculty Senate Resolution for the Sweatshop Action Coalition

G. Memo to S. Rich from G. Richard thanking him for his presentation at the 2/24/98 Faculty Senate regarding the campus licensing program

H. E-mail regarding the Focus Group Meetings by the General Education Assessment Committee

I. Minutes - Library Advisory Board - 2/18/98

J. Flyer for the State of the University Address

K. Voice mail message to J. Allison from J. Nilsen reporting on the legal opinion from L. Huson to allow discussion of the Grenzebach, Glier & Associates, Inc. report.

L. E-mail to N. Furumo from R. Bergmann requesting Faculty Senate to look into the amount of class time being asked of students to complete surveys for Student Affairs. Copy of R. Bergmann's e-mail to J. Nilsen also included.

M. Request from R. Chestnut to N. Furumo about using class time to complete the Student Satisfaction Survey


A. Presidential Search Process Nomination Procedure--MOTION (Allison/Zahlan) to adopt Option A of the Selection Process for the Presidential Search Committee. (Option A is an open call for interested faculty members and will be done through the Faculty Senate Minutes. Faculty Senate will vote by secret ballot for six individuals.) There was some interest expressed for Option B which allowed for each college to submit three names. Those supporting Option A felt it was most inclusive. Members of the presidential search committee should represent the interests of the university as a whole and not a specific college. Yes - Allison, Eberly, Foster, Furumo, Irwin, Marlow, Nordin, Schmidt, Simpson, Tidwell, Walker, Zahlan. No - Gholson. Abstain - Richard.

B. Committee Reports

1. Nominations Committee & Liaison Coordinator - A. Zahlan will present the the list of committees needing representatives at the March 24, 1998, Faculty Senate meeting. Committee appointments will be presented at the last regular Faculty Senate meeting in April.

2. Elections Committee - J. Tidwell reported that 6 open positions have no candidates and 9 open positions have 1 candidate. There are 23 positions available and only 7 of the positions are contested. The bylaws/operating procedures of each of the committees/councils indicate the process to follow when a vacancy occurs. In some cases the dean appoints and in other cases a fall election may have to be held. There was discussion about extending the deadline for submitting petitions but the consensus was that this would not be fair to those who submitted petitions by the deadline. All positions will be listed on the ballot and Roberts Rules of Order will be followed in respect to write in candidates. MOTION (Tidwell/Gholson) to accept the slate of candidates for the March 25 and 26 Faculty Senate elections. Yes - Allison, Eberly, Foster, Furumo, Gholson, Irwin, Marlow, Schmidt, Simpson, Tidwell, Walker, Zahlan. No - Nordin. Abstain - Richard

FACULTY SENATE ELECTIONS WILL BE HELD ON MARCH 25 AND MARCH 26 BY THE UNIVERSITY UNION BOOKSTORE. Link to list of candidates and their response to questions

3. Faculty-Student Relations Committee - no report

4. Faculty-Staff Relations Committee - T. Sims invited members of the Faculty Senate to attend the 3/11/98 Staff Senate meeting at 1:15 p.m. in the Conference Room - Booth Library. M. Finley will present information and take questions about the mail service.

5. Executive Committee - G. Richard provided a summary of the issues discussed with President Jorns and Vice President Weidner at the 2/26/98 meeting.

·Charge Backs - This issue will be addressed by the CUPB and will be an agenda item at the March CUPB meeting.

·Response by D. Jorns regarding questions asked by J. Allison and L. Walker about the April 1997 Grenzebach, Glier & Associates, Inc. report regarding Eastern's fund raising activities. The consultant's fee was $10,000 and was paid for by the Foundation. The President has undertaken the roles specified in the consultant's report. Many of the recommendations of the BOT Task Force have been implemented and the Development Group will further define the plan with implementation by the year 2001. An attempt has been made to comply with as many of the recommendations as possible. When the plan is finalized by the Development Group it will be put on the Web.

·T. Weidner reported that the payouts for retirements continue to be a significant problem. Academic Affairs has budgeted $700,000 but it is expected that the cost will be about $1 million. This money will have to come from the internal budget of the university.

·K. Sanders (IBHE) is looking for ways to streamline the program approval process. IBHE reports will be on the Web shortly.

·Food Service is not looking to contract out the services. The supervisory structure is being reviewed. There is a clause in the union contract which allows the university to outsource the food services so this may be causing anxiety.

·Illinois State University eliminated protection for sexual orientation. D. Jorns indicated that Eastern has no plans to change its policy. (C. Eberly reported that ISU has reinstated the sexual orientation policy.)

6. Faculty Senate "Committee on Committees"--N. Furumo reported that the USA committee had curricular and academic issues and therefore, C. Evans felt it was appropriate for CAA to appoint. C. Nichols reported via e-mail that the Cultural Diversity Advisory Committee was an ad hoc committee formed in the 1980s so there are no bylaws. N. Furumo was directed to get additional information about the committee since there seems to be mixed signals with this committee. There is nothing in the records of Faculty Senate to indicate that this committee is ad hoc.

7. VPAA Search Committee - R. Gholson reported that one candidate has taken a position at another university. The number of evaluation responses ranged from 47 - 61 for each candidate. The committee developed a list of strengths and weaknesses for each candidate and has sent that to President Jorns. The committee was commended by the Senate for the pool of good candidates.

C. Other Old Business

1. Retirement Reception - The reception will be held on April 21 from 4:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. in the 1895 Room. The menu will include punch, coffee, wine, cheese, crackers and fruit.

2. State of the University Address - March 9, 1998, in Buzzard Auditorium.

3. CAA Forum on Grading - March 12, 1998, 2:30 p.m. Arcola/Tuscola Room


A. Agenda Items

1. State of the University Address - Monday, March 9, 1998, 4:00 p.m. in Buzzard Auditorium

2. Retirement Reception - Tuesday, April 21, 1998, 4:00 - 6:00 p.m. in the1895 Room, University Union

3. Student assessments during class time

4. Student assessments - utilization of outside consultants when there is expertise on campus

VI. ADJOURN AT 3:58 p.m. (Walker)

Respectfully submitted,

Joan K. Schmidt, Recorder