(Vol. xxvii, No. 5)


Present: J. Allison, C. Eberly, G. Foster, N. Furumo, R. Gholson, B. Irwin, G. Lockart, N. Marlow, H. Nordin, G. Richard, J. Schmidt, J. Simpson, J. Tidwell, L. Walker, A. Zahlan. Guests: D. Jorns, J. Nilsen, D. Poole, two representatives from Student Senate.


A motion (Furumo/Eberly) to approve the minutes of September 16, 1997.

Correction/Addition: Change Sept. 17 to Sept. 16. IV.B.1. K. Summers is an alternate to the Campus Recreation Board. Hal Nordin has become a full member of the Parking Committee and Lankford Walker is an alternate. Correct name is Council on Faculty Research not for.

Yes-Allison, Eberly, Foster, Furumo, Gholson, Irwin, Lockart, Marlow, Nordin, Richard, Schmidt, Simpson, Tidwell, Zahlan.


A. Minutes - Council on Graduate Studies - 9/2/97

B. Minutes - Council on Academic Affairs - 9/11/97

C. Minutes - College of Sciences Curriculum Committee - 9/4/97

D. Minutes - President's Council-8/21/97, 8/27/97, 9/17/97

E. Letter & Brochure - American Council on Education Fellows Program

F. Memo from L. Leal regarding resignation from the Apportionment Board because of a class conflict

G. Memo to VPAA Weidner from G. Richard regarding the Faculty Senate response to the Instructional Technology Report

H. Memo from VPAA Weidner to G. Richard recommending that a Naming Committee not be formed at this time because of the future remodeling of Booth Library and the status of the space now occupied by the BOG Room is uncertain.

I. Invitation to the 4th Annual Vendor Show on 10/7/97

J. Meeting Packet - Council on University Planning & Budget - 9/19/97


A. Article III - Faculty Senate Constitution

MOTION (Simpson/Gholson) that a representative body be gathered by the Faculty Senate to recommend to the Faculty Senate clarification of the language of Article III, Sections 1-3, of the Faculty Senate Constitution: Communication Responsibility, Major Academic or Administrative Planning. This representative body shall be composed of the chairs or chief officers of the Faculty Senate, the Staff Senate, the Student Senate, UPI-EIU contract teams, CAA, CGS, and the President's Council. This body should report its recommendations for clarification in time for the Faculty Senate to act on the recommendations before elections Spring Semester, 1998. If approved by the Senate, these recommendations for clarification will then be offered to the general faculty for approval or rejection at the general Spring election.

MOTION (Allison/Nordin) to table the Simpson motion.

Yes - Allison, Eberly, Furumo, Irwin, Lockart, Marlow, Nordin, Schmidt, Tidwell, Walker, Zahlan. Abstain - Foster, Gholson, Richard, Simpson (11-0-4)

(The motion was tabled to discuss the Employment & Recruiting Procedures for Administrative Positions in the Internal Governing Policies)

B. Internal Governing Policies--G. Richard reported that the levels outlined in the IGP are no longer used. The Assistant VP for Business Affairs position was announced in the June 26, 1997, University Newsletter. G. Richard reported that C. Nichols felt that the announcement met the procedures outlined in the IGP and that this is the procedure followed for other positions. C. Nichols felt that this would be a Level III position although those designations are no longer used. Nomenclature changes to the IGP were approved on July 16, 1997. The IGP for Level III positions state: "The appropriate Vice President or other designated line supervisor shall appoint the members of screening committees for administrative positions Level III to Level V. The same general guidelines for configuring screening committees outlined for Level I and Level II shall be followed as appropriate. Faculty, administrators, civil service staff and students shall be represented. Level I and II positions also state that "prior to finalizing the list of groups/constituencies to be represented on the screening committee, the proposed composition of the screening committee shall be circulated among campus groups for comment."


1. In the past the areas that are to be represented on the committee are published in the newsletter so people can respond.

2. The position in question is that of the Assistant Vice President for for Business Affairs which seems to be an upgraded position.

3. Why were faculty not included on the search committee as faculty have a concern for the total university, not just academic issues?

4. Shouldn't there be checks and balances in place with the Office of Civil Rights?

5. It appears that the IGP were not followed for this search.

MOTION (Tidwell/Allison) that screening committees for administrative positions at this level should have university-wide representation including faculty, administration, civil service staff and students. Yes-Allison, Eberly, Foster, Furumo, Irwin, Marlow, Nordin, Schmidt, Tidwell, Walker, Zahlan. No - Gholson, Lockart. Abstain-Richard, Simpson (11-2-2)

Other discussion - Changes to the IGP need to receive input from faculty and other constituent groups prior to the changes being made. Anyone can recommend changes to the IGP. They need to forward their comments to the monitor listed at the end of the policy. The President is the monitor for screening committees.

C. The Senate returned to discussion on Article III of the Faculty Senate Constitution.


1. Does the Assistant VPBA fall under the provisions of this bylaw?

2. If a position is in the strategic plan is there need to bring this before the Faculty Senate for consideration?

3. Senate needs to be careful that we not misuse Article III and therefore spend much of our meeting time on these kinds of issues.

4. Faculty Senate needs to watch that they not spend too much time revising the constitution/bylaws and therefore avoid discussions on other substantive issues.

5. Senate needs to resolve the issue of whether Article III was violated in the case of the Assit. VPBA.

MOTION (Gholson/Zahlan) that the Senate set aside the Bylaws to provide for the opportunity to take a straw poll on this issue. Yes-Gholson, Lockart. No-Allison, Eberly, Foster, Furumo, Irwin, Marlow, Nordin, Schmidt, Simpson, Tidwell, Walker, Zahlan. Abstain - Richard

MOTION (Tidwell/Nordin) that Faculty Senate go on record that they do not believe that Article III was violated in the decision to create the position of Assistant VPBA. Yes-Eberly, Foster, Furumo, Gholson, Lockart, Marlow, Schmidt, Simpson, Tidwell. No-Allison, Nordin, Walker, Zahlan*, Abstain-Richard. *Right of explanation - Zahlan felt the spirit of Article III was violated.

The Executive Committee will review the Constitution/Bylaws. This is something the Executive Committee does annually. This has not been done yet.

D. Committee Reports

1. Nominations Committee & Liaison Coordinator - Still seeking nominations for the vacancy in the Council on University Research from Physical Science. There is an alternate for the Apportionment Board so A. Zahlan will contact the alternate.

2. Elections Committee - No report

3. Student-Faculty Relations - A representative from Faculty Senate will attend Student Senate meetings when possible. J. Simpson will attend the meeting on 9/24/97.

4. Faculty-Staff Relations - no report

5. IBHE Faculty Advisory Committee - N. Marlow suggested that an alternate be appointed in the event that she is unable to attend the meeting. Faculty Senate will provide an alternate, as needed, for the remainder of this year until an alternate can be elected in the Spring elections.

6. J. Simpson has been appointed by B. Anderson to the Ad Hoc Tuition and Fees Committee.

MOTION (Lockart/Eberly) to approve John Simpson as an appointment to the Ad Hoc Tuition and Fees Committee. Yes-Allison, Eberly, Foster, Furumo, Gholson, Lockart, Marlow, Nordin,Schmidt, Simpson, Tidwell, Walker, Zahlan. Abstain - Richard.

7. Student Senate has requested input from the Faculty Senate regarding Career Services requirement. Faculty Senate took no formal action but collectively opposed requiring students to attend a Career Services Seminar and felt any proposal by the students to require one day within a Senior Seminar or Freshman Seminar to be utilized for Career Services would interfere with academic freedom. John Simpson will attend the Student Senate Meeting on 9/24/97 where this will be discussed.

8. Search Committee for the VPAA - Ron Gholson reported that the committee met 9/19/97 and that nominations will be solicited for the position. Faculty involvement in nominating qualified candidates is encouraged.

9. Executive Committee

a. Mail service - G. Richard talked with H. Rose and that changes in the mail service were made as a result of changes in procedures at the local post office resulting in one pick-up at the post office at 10:00 a.m. rather than the five pick-ups in the past. A caller service fee is being assessed by the local post office and Eastern has been unable to get this waived. Individuals receiving express mail, certified mail and next day delivery mail are called so that they can pick up the mail themselves. Mail picked up on campus goes out the same day by 5:00 p.m. Departments wishing to receive mail picked up from the post office at 10:00 a.m. may pick the mail up at the mail room after 2:30 p.m.

b. The mail service problems within the School of Business is an internal problem and needs to be addressed at that site.

c. There is no formal title for anyone who was a president and leaves office other than "past president". These presidents could be emeritus faculty within their department of tenure.

d. University assistance with international faculty There has been no major change in university assistance with international faculty. In January 1996, International Programs assumed the role rather than Office of Faculty Development. Dr. Bolter presently coordinates the assistance. Legal assistance has never been provided in the past. Often problems occur when a faculty member does not follow designated procedures. The University does not assist in legal representation for IRS; neither does it for INS. The VPAA is discussing a process with payroll for employee authorization documentation would be reviewed by the International Programs Office. Dean Bolter would be the contact person for other issues involving international faculty.

e. Bill Schnackel is looking at options to accommodate ESL students when the university is on break.

f. Administrative Evaluation Procedures--Bob Wayland chaired the committee. The model was taken to groups directly impacted last year for feedback and input. The committee is currently being reconvened to incorporate changes based on the feedback. Those changes will be part of the model which is sent back to the groups affected. Faculty Senate will be included in the process.

g. Web Masters - The committee had no opposition to having a faculty member represented on the committee. J. Nilsen extended an invitation to J. Tidwell to join this ad hoc committee.


A. Strategic Positioning - Faculty are requested to review the Strategic Positioning material distributed by G. Richard prior to the meeting and to provide input to her ASAP so that she can compile those comments for the 9/30/97 Faculty Senate Meeting.

B. Faculty Senate Forum Topic Review - September 30, 1997

VI. ADJOURN AT 4:05 P.M. (Walker)

Respectfully submitted,

Joan K. Schmidt, Recorder

*************************************************************************** REMINDER OF A CALL FOR DISCUSSION ITEMS FOR THE FACULTY FORUM IN OCTOBER.