FOR OCTOBER 20, 1998
(Vol. xxviii, No. 7)

The 1998-99 Faculty Senate minutes and other information are available on the Web at http://www.eiu.edu/~FacSen

The Faculty Senate agenda is posted weekly on the Web, at 2540 Buzzard, outside the Conference Room in the Library.

I. Call to order by James Tidwell at 2:02 p.m. (Conference Room, Booth Library)

Present: j. Allison, J. Best, J. Coons, C. Eberly, G. Foster, N. Furumo, B. Irwin, G. Lockart, N. Marlow, J. Tidwell, L. Walker, A. Zahlan. Guests: T. Abebe, J. Daugherty, K. Franken, D. Ochmann, A. Thon.

II. Approval of the minutes of October 6, 1998.

Motion (Allison/Irwin) to approve the minutes of October 6, 1998.

Corrections: Under Section IV.A, add that a letter requesting faculty representation on the BOT was presented to Koerner.

Yes: Allison, Best, Coons, Eberly, Foster, Furumo, Irwin, Lockart, Tidwell, Zahlan. Abstentions: Marlow, Walker.

III. Communications

A. Minutes of the Council on Academic Affairs-October 1, 1998

B. Minutes of the Council on Teacher Education-September 22, 1998

C. Memo from VPSA Lou Hencken concerning future dates for Homecoming and Family Weekend. Discussion of this item included the concern that Homecoming not be scheduled during Midterms. The Executive Committee will check on this.

D. Account Statement for Faculty Senate

E. Minutes of Intercollegiate Athletics Board-October 8, 1998

F. Memo from Acting VPER Nilsen concerning Noel Levitz Student Satisfaction Survey

G. Minutes of the BOT-July 20, 1998, September 16, 1998 and Executive Committee-August 6, 1998

H. Minutes of the Presidential Search Committee-August 6, 1998 and September 22, 1998

I. Agenda for the BOT-October 19, 1998

J. Report to the Board of Trustees-October 19, 1998

K. Minutes of the Council on Graduate Studies-October 6, 1998

L. Minutes of CUPB-May 8, 1998

M. Agenda for CUPB-October 16, 1998

N. Members of CUPB for 1998-99

O. Proposed Changes to CUPB Bylaws, October 16, 1998

P. FY 1998 EIU Planning Expenditures

Q. Summary of Planned Expenditures for FY 1999 Appropriation Increase

R. FY 1999 EIU Appropriated and Income Funds Budgets

S. FY 1999 EIU Revenue Bond Budgets

T. Report presented to CUPB, October 16, 1998: Facilities Planning and Management Internal Policy for Maintenance and Renovations and Alterations Projects.

IV. Old Business

A. Fall Forum Evaluation.

About 50 persons attended the Fall Forum on October 13. Senate members agreed that the forum was very successful and worth doing. The discussion was open, and there has been positive feedback. Diverse viewpoints were expressed without blame or anger. At least 15 of those attending were administrators; their presence was a positive statement. Gratitude was expressed to Anne Zahlan and David Raybin for getting the discussion started with their prepared statements.

At next week's meeting the Senate will formulate 3 or 4 points of interest and approve the minutes from the Forum. A copy of the minutes is attached; anyone in attendance is encouraged to forward corrections to Nancy Marlow, School of Business (cfndm).

Chair Tidwell distributed statistics from Planning and Institutional Studies on the numbers of tenure/tenure track and non-tenure track faculty from 1992 through 1997. Their website has a lot of interesting statistics: http://www.eiu.edu/~planning/

EIU's UPI chapter presented a resolution this weekend to UPI that there be appropriate ratios for tenure/track faculty at each campus. This is an AFT initiative, endorsed by UPI. The resolution was accepted unanimously.

Several would have liked more time to discuss the threats to quality. There were items that we did not have time to discuss. Perhaps this discussion could be continued during the next forum or as a Senate.

There was a discussion of the effect of such things as departmental mergers on faculty satisfaction and faculty resignations. Exit interviews and/or faculty satisfaction surveys might yield helpful information. Although people leave institutions for a number of reasons, it is important to make sure that our practices do not cause people to leave. This is a faculty morale and retention issue.

B. The Campus Master Plan Visual Planning Exercise has been moved to Thursday, October 22, 1998, at 1:00 p.m. in the Facilities Management Conference Room.

C. BOT Meeting. Chair Tidwell reported that the main items of business were the tuition and fees increases. He gave a short report in which he noted the appearances of two trustees, faculty forum, summer school discussion, lobbying and fund raising, and development. The Senate discussed the issue of faculty representation on the BOT; key points include:

UPI is pursuing this, but that representative may not be faculty. Faculty Senate should also pursue it.

Koerner acknowledged the need for communication with faculty.

January might be a better time to bring this up as an issue.

It would be helpful to have a liaison on the BOT; it would be better than what we have now. At least the faculty would know we have input to the BOT.

The liaison would be valuable and essential. Participation at the level it is offered now is not true participation. It is a one-way street and not productive.

If we request a liaison, we must specify a role for that person.

There are not many faculty at the BOT meetings. If we are presenting this, we should start setting a trend of attending these meetings. Having the meetings in a facility the size of the ballroom serves as a gesture that the BOT wants campus attendance.

As a Faculty Senate, our conversations with EIU administrators are more valuable. They are the ones who are running the University.

Other discussion centered on Eastern's comparison to other schools in the state in regard to funding. For EIU to get as high as the next lowest university would require a $12 million increase. To get to the Illinois average would require $19 million and $45 million to reach the highest funded university.

D. IBHE Meeting. N. Marlow reported on the October 6, 1998 IBHE meeting. During the morning session, members of the IBHE FAC observed the IBHE meeting. During the afternoon IBHE FAC had a question/answer session with members of IBHE.

E. CUPB Meeting. J. Tidwell reported that the executive committee for CUPB includes Shelton, Ivarie, Kaufman, Weidner, and Shnakel. He presented the FY 1999 planning budgets and the planned expenditures for FY 1999 appropriation increase. CUPB is proposing some changes to their bylaws:

The University President would no longer serve as chair of CUPB; the chair of the executive committee would serve as chair.

An additional vice presidential area (external relations) would be added.

Meetings would be held at least twice each semester (instead of once a month).

Motion (Allison/Eberly) that Faculty Senate urges CUPB to table these proposed bylaw changes until a new president is on campus.

Yes: Allison, Coons, Eberly, Foster, Furumo, Irwin, Lockart, Marlow, Walker, Zahlan. No: Best. Abstentions: Tidwell

Discussion points included:

The VPEA position is an acting position. It makes no sense to give it an appearance of permanency. The incoming president should decide that.

Why are these changes being proposed now when we have a new president coming in. This defies logic.

A new president might find it appropriate to continue as chair of CUPB. This allows members to get information directly from the president for planning.

Reducing the number of meetings reduces the number of occasions information can flow.

The president adds prestige to this committee. Removing him as a member appears to reduce the strength of CUPB.

A new president might have a different take on his or her desired participation in this group.

When the CUPB reconstituted a few years ago, the mission was also changed. The words "academic planning" were added to the charge.

The very important functions of CUPB require time; once a month is necessary for this group to be a truly informed well-functioning committee.

The Internal Policy on Maintenance Facilities Planning and Management Renovations and Alterations will be discussed next week.

F. Committee Reports

1. Executive Committee met Monday, October 12 with the President and the Provost.

The concerns about search committees following internal governing policies were expressed. The President agreed that there were missed steps. He suggested a memo to the Provost so that the issue could be raised with the President's Council. There was also a suggestion that the Senate compile a file of people interested in serving on search committees and their areas of interest.

The proliferation of consultants was also questioned. Consultants give an unbiased opinion based on a breadth of experience and knowledge. In addition that can analyze a lot of data.

Nine places have been identified where pieces of the library can be relocated. Faculty Senate needs to invite the Dean of the Library again next semester. This will have a major impact on the campus for the next 2-3 years.

Chair Tidwell talked with VPSA Hencken about the textbook rental situation. All classes will have books. This was a warning to get departments to get their orders. Senate members questioned whether that was a responsible way to do things. It may have caused inferior textbooks to be selected. The textbook rental committee meets the week of the 28th. Eberly will take questions to that meeting. The new procurement law requires that orders to have to wait for two weeks. The textbook issue will probably come up in veto session as they fine-tune the law. A discussion of the textbook rental system followed:

- Is TRS funded at a viable level? If not what steps need to be taken.

- TRS wanted a greater fee increase. It was decided to take them in smaller increments.

- TRS saves money by holding editions as long as they can. In some areas this cannot be done very long. In other areas, a book can be purchased in 1940 and kept until it is worn out. This causes a situation in which students in a single class may have different editions of a book with different pagination. It is difficult to discuss a particular passage by referring to its page number.

- There are hidden costs to TRS.

- There are decent arguments for eliminating TRS; however the Noel Levitz survey indicates that this was the single highest rated item for student satisfaction.

- If a university cannot instill a love of books, what are we doing? TRS is a sacred animal on campus. The fee for textbook rental should be a healthy, realistic amount--$150-$200.

- There is less interest among students to keep books than there is among faculty.

2. Nominations. Walker reported that he had not been notified up the most recent Parking Committee meeting even though he is a member of that group. He had not been notified all of last year in spite of his frequent calls.

3. Elections. There were 18 ballots sent out to library faculty to vote on their representative to CUPB and 13 were returned. William Gibbs won the election.

Motion (Irwin/Foster) to approve the election of Gibbs.

Yes: Allison, Coons, Eberly, Foster, Furumo, Irwin, Marlow, Tidwell, Walker, Zahlan

4. Student-Faculty Relations. The Noel Levitz survey was essentially positive. It gives us very solid benchmarking data. Information from this can be used to identify the kind of things people identify on this campus that promote the interest in scholarship and learning.

5. Faculty-Staff Relations. The Staff Senate has appointed three members to their counterpart to this subcommittee.

6. Presidential Search Committee. The committee examined 43 applicants. Off-site interviews will be held next month. The consulting firm continues to research and follow up on. All of the candidates have earned doctorates, classroom experience, and administrative experience. The words "shared governance" showed up often.

V. Adjourn at 4:15 (Walker)

Future Agenda Items

User Services Update-Bill Witsman and John Henderson

Pemberton Hall as Honors Residence Hall-Herbert Lasky will visit Senate November 10, 1998.

Respectfully submitted,

Nancy D. Marlow, Recorder