(Vol. xxviii, No. 2)

I. Call to order by James Tidwell at 2:00 p.m. (Conference Room, Booth Library)
Present: J. Allison, J. Best, J. Coons, C. Eberly, P. Fewell, G. Foster, N. Furumo, R. Gholson, B. Irwin, G. Lockart, N. Marlow, J. Tidwell, M. Toosi, L. Walker, A. Zahlan. Guests: C. Evans, R. Fisher, K. Franken, J. Kmitch, T. Sloup

II. Approval of the minutes of August 25, 1998.
Motion (Walker/Foster) to approve the minutes of August 25, 1998.
Corrections: Under V. A. third sentence: Questions were raised whether Newsbits and the Newsletter constitute official communication. It was agreed that Article III, Section 2 explains the procedure for official communication to the Senate. III.H. should read Illinois Open Meetings Act. Yes: Allison, Best, Coons, Eberly, Fewell, Foster, Furumo, Irwin, Marlow, Tidwell, Toosi, Walker, Zahlan. Abstentions: Gholson, Lockart.

III. Communications

A. E-mail from David Radavich about faculty representation during the University Convocation.

B. Letter from Rita Pearson and Pamela Hale about Community College Articulation Conference, September 17-18, 1998.

C. Letter and flyer from Jill Nilsen about visit by consultant for presidential search.

D. Minutes of Council on Graduate Studies-April 21, 1998.

E. Summary by Gail Richard of meeting of Campus Master Planning Committee-August 24,1998.

F. COTE Meeting Dates for 1998-99: August 25; September 8, 22; October 13, 27; November 10; December 8; January 12, 26; February 9, 23; March 9*, 23; April 13, 27. Meetings will be held in the Arcola/Tuscola Room of the MLK Union with the exception of *March 9, which will be held in the Schahrer Room. Meetings begin at 2 p.m.

G. Memo from Frank Hohengarten about vacancy on Enrollment Management Advisory Committee.

H. Memo from John Allison about inviting Susan Gilpin, BOT Chairperson to Faculty Senate.

IV. Old Business

A. Role of the Senate and Need for a Retreat. There were questions about the effectiveness of a retreat in light of the open meetings act. The act applies only if business is conducted. Senate members decided to see if the need for a retreat still existed later in the year. It was pointed out that there are reasons other than fixing problems for a retreat.

B. Fall Forum. All faculty are invited to send suggestions for items for Senate discussion and/or a faculty forum to James Tidwell in Journalism (e-mail):
Suggestions by Senate members of topics included the following:

* Identifying areas of particular competency
* General education. Perhaps a joint forum with CAA to see how it is working.
* Is there any compilation of what the outside evaluators said about the various areas (strategic plan)?
* Data from last year's student assessments.
* Report on summer school 1998 and effect of changes.
* Administrative Evaluations-will results be released?
* Teaching with technology
* Deficit and replacement of tenure/tenure track faculty. Effect on outside accreditation.

C. Applicability of Illinois Open Meetings Act to Campus Committees. Chair Tidwell discussed this issue with S. Denny in the Attorney General's Office and L. Huson. At this time they have formed some conclusions based on the Illinois Court of Appeal decision from ISU last year where the court interpreted what a public body was. The key to determining a public body is the organizational structure and whether a committee or board has a formal place within the University structure and has the formal recognition of the Board of Trustees. The following bodies are definitely public: Faculty Senate, Staff Senate, Student Senate, CUPB, CAA, CGS, COTE, and CFR. It could go even further down, but they are not ready to make that determination yet. The following questions were raised:

* Is there any mention of the President's Council in the internal governing document?
* What about boards and councils to which Faculty Senate makes appointments?
* Is the Faculty Senate executive committee a public body? Chair Tidwell said that the biggest impact with this court ruling is in how committees report minutes. The law requires that committees keep minutes of all meetings, with a summary of discussion on all matters proposed, deliberated, and decided and a record of votes taken.
* There are several boards listed and defined in the internal governing documents. Are they public bodies?
* How long before the minutes must be distributed? They have to be made available within 7 days of approval, but there is no stipulation of how soon they must be approved.

D. Faculty Participation in Graduation-assigned to Student-Faculty Relations Committee

E. Staff Morale-assigned to Faculty-Staff Relations Committee.

F. Committee Reports

1. Nominations. Student Tuition and Fees Review Committee needs a Faculty Senate appointment. Typically this has been a member of the Faculty Student Relations Committee. Motion (Foster) to nominate C. Eberly for this position.
Yes: Allison, Best, Coons, Fewell, Foster, Furumo, Gholson, Irwin, Lockart, Marlow, Toosi, Walker, Zahlan. Abstentions: Foster, Tidwell. The first meeting is Wednesday, September 2, 1998 at 1 p.m. in the President's office.

2. Elections. There will have to be a special election this semester for a one-semester replacement from Arts and Humanities to the Enrollment Management Committee. In addition Library/Media Services needs a two-year replacement on CUPB. Please note petition for nomination attached to these minutes. The Elections Subcommittee is considering handling this election by mail since only two areas are involved. In addition, the Subcommittee will be contacting groups that do not have replacement procedures. There are a number of other vacancies, but there are procedures for handling these in their bylaws, without holding a special election. The Subcommittee is also considering changing the Faculty Senate bylaws to allow Senate to make an interim appointment to these positions until the next election. It was also requested that the Subcommittee look into the International Programs Advisory Board's inclusion in the spring elections.

3. Student-Faculty Relations. Chair Eberly will contact the executive leadership of the Student Senate to set up a meeting.

G. Other Committee Reports

* Presidential Search Committee. Dr. Janet Greenwood of Heidrick & Struggles will be in the 1895 Room to receive input from the campus community regarding the skills, expertise, and qualities important for Eastern's next president on Wednesday, September 9. Faculty sessions are scheduled for 12:30 and 4:00 with an open session at 4:45. Although the agenda for the last committee meeting was posted, there was still some confusion about the meeting place. Also it was noted that an open meeting means people can come and observe-not that they could necessarily make comments.

* Associate VPAA Search Committee. They met Friday, August 28, at 8:00 and broke down into subgroups to develop phone interview questions, campus interview schedules, and campus interview evaluation form. They will meet again on Thursday, September 3 to consider those drafts. They hope to have up to 5 candidates and at least 4 identified and identified before the end of September. The position was advertised in the Chronicle and in the Newsletter.

H. Other Old Business. Doug Bower was appointed the Associate Dean of the College of Education and Professional Studies. Debbie Hopgood is acting Director of Testing Services. Carolyn Cooper is the Acting Associate Dean of the Graduate School.

V. New Business

A. Circulation of Senate Minutes. Two issues were discussed: whether to wait until the minutes have been approved to distribute them and the method of distribution. It was decided to continue with the present practice. The method of distribution is a cost issue. Faculty Senate goes over budget every year because of this. Some weeks' minutes may cost close to $150 to distribute. During discussion the following points were made.

* Many faculty rely on a hard copy of the minutes.
* Some faculty do not have access to the Internet nor to e-mail.
* Very often visitors at the meetings have very important things to say. These comments, as well as the faculty interaction, deserve wide dissemination.
* Subscriptions sent individually to those who would need hard copies would probably be more labor-intensive.
* With other councils coming into compliance with the Open Meetings Act and needing detailed minutes, this could become more of an issue. However the University should not have to decide between saving money and being sure the faculty are as informed as possible.
* There are departments where faculty share offices with only one computer per office; this makes e-mail distribution difficult.

B. Report on University Master Plan. An open "Town Meeting" will be held on Thursday, September 10, at 4:00 in Coleman Auditorium to explain the process of campus master planning, the schedule, participation of various constituencies, address questions, and distribute questionnaires for input from priority nine departments.

C. Status of University Fund-Raising and Lobbying Efforts-Jill Nilsen will meet with the Senate on September 22, 1998.

D. EIU Foundation-Jon Laible will meet with the Senate September 29, 1998. Laible has temporarily filled the position vacated by Bobbie Hilke who has moved to Campus Security. Nilsen and Laible may come the same day.

E. Faculty Representation/Liaison with BOT. To improve communication with the Board of Trustees, Faculty Senate should ask to have a Faculty Liaison to the Board. The Executive Committee will look into this possibility. Although the preference would be to have a voting member, this would require legislation action. The Board of Trustees could approve a nonvoting member informally. It was pointed out that the chairs of Faculty Senate, Student Senate, and Staff Senate do have time at each meeting to make presentations. This was discussed at the time of the change from Board of Governors to Board of Trustees. The faculty position was that if there was a student nonvoting member, there should be a faculty nonvoting member. If there was a student voting member, there should be a faculty voting member. This is another good reason to invite the Board of Trustees to a Senate meeting. This will be pursued. In the Constitution there is a list of the kinds of individuals who should be invited to Senate meetings. Members of the Board of Trustees are listed.

F. Other New Business.

* Parking. This issue will be brought up at the Town Meeting on September 10 and pursued in that way.
* Panther Card. Several have reported problems using the card at other University libraries, particularly at the University of Illinois. Old ID cards can still be used, or library personnel can enter the numbers themselves. However, library personnel are not eager to hand-enter the numbers.
* Environmental Health and Safety Committee has not had input into the master plan.
* Should we ask the Provost if he would like to tell us more about his ideas for the Forum (identifying areas of competency?
* We should consider others we would like to invite to Senate for informal reports/presentations.
* Summer school
* Tuition charges by credit hour.

VI. Adjourn at 3:59 p.m. (Walker)

Respectfully submitted,

Nancy D. Marlow, Recorder

Reminder: All faculty are invited to send suggestions for items for Senate discussion and/or a faculty forum to James Tidwell in Journalism (e-mail):