(Vol. xxviii, No. 4)

The Faculty Senate agenda is posted weekly on the Web, at 2540 Buzzard, and outside the BOG room in the library.

I. Call to order by James Tidwell at 2:03 PM (BOG Room, Booth Library)

Present: J. Allison, J.Best, J. Coons, C. Eberly, P. Fewell, G. Foster, N. Furumo, B. Irwin, G. Lockart, J. Tidwell, L. Walker, A. Zahlan. Excused: R. Gholson, N. Marlow, M. Toosi. Guests: T. Abebe, J. Daugherty, K. Franken, T. Sloup.

II. Approval of the minutes of 8 September 1998

Motion (Eberly/Walker) to approve the minutes of 8 September 1998

Corrections: Under heading. Senate agenda posted at 2540 Buzzard, not 125 Buzzard. Under IV.F.2. Ali Moshtagh will be serving on UPC for the entire 1998-99 academic year.

Yes: Best, Coons, Eberly, Fewell, Foster, Irwin, Lockart, Tidwell, Walker, Zahlan. Abstain: Allison, Furumo.

III. Communications

A. Minutes of Council on Academic Affairs--3 September 1998

B. E-mail from Peter Andrews suggesting items for Fall Forum

C. Memo from Dean Elizabeth Hitch concerning COTE Replacement.

D. Minutes of Council on Graduate Studies--1 September 1998

E. Copy of e-mail from Newton Key concerning General Education Report and GA Stipends

F. E-mail from Suzann Bennett concerning Pemberton Hall

IV. Old Business

A. Fall Forum--Tuesday, 13 October 1998, 2-4 PM in Charleston-Mattoon Room of the MLK Union.

All faculty are invited to send suggestions for items for Senate discussion and/or a faculty forum to James Tidwell in Journalism (cfjat)

The Senate will finalize the agenda for the fall forum at the 22 September meeting. In addition to suggestions listed in the 1 September 1998 minutes, the following items were added for consideration:

·shared governance--what is it? do we have it? do we want it?

·technology--faculty relations with User Services

·last year's student surveys--results from Noel-Levitz and other student surveys

J. Tidwell has spoken to Bill Witsman of Information Systems, and he and the new head of User Svcs., John Henderson, are willing to come to Senate later in the Fall semester.

B. Applicability to Illinois Open Meetings Act on Campus Committees. No new information

C. Panther Card problems at other libraries. No new information.

D. Senate Meeting with BOT vice-chair. The Vice Chair of the BOT, Carl Koerner, will visit the Senate at the 6 October 1998 meeting. He will be placed near the beginning of the agenda so as to allow ample time for questions and discussion.

E. Campus Master Plan.

E-mail from Gail Richard explaining that she was asked by Tom Johnson to remain on the committee, as last year's Staff Senate chair was; Dr. Richard will continue to make reports to the Senate. Tom Johnson of the BOT gave an excellent presentation of the status of Master Planning at EIU on 10 September 1998. There are no assumptions being made or specific plans in place yet. The order in which the committee and architects will proceed: vision >> analysis >> plan >> product. Some of the issues that were presented by Trustee Johnson:

·emphasis will be on Fine Arts, Biological Sciences, and Physical Sciences buildings, as they are next in line for capital development funds

·there is a need to engage major donors for funds

·student services building needed

·some philosophical issues must be addressed

·will the university stay the same size or increase?

·will the university's mission change?

·will the university remain a primarily residential institution?

·residence halls were built by a different generation for a different generation

·parking--only half of promised spaces have been added; this promise must be kept

·signage, lighting, green space must be considered

·constructing a main entrance to campus. Senators asked if this would eliminate parking in front of Old Main and whether a formal entrance might separate us too much from the community.

·library renovation may lead to a south entrance to the building (on Garfield) and loss of parking there

·masking/disguising the power plant

·technology--a computer hook-up for every pillow in the dorm

·4th Street is actually a state highway; there has been some talk of making it 4-lane

From 19-22 October 1998, there will be a series of open meetings with the architects. There is also a web-site where the campus community can view the issues and make comments: (http://www.eiu.edu/~mstrplan). The web site is linked to the Faculty Senate page.

F. Committee Reports

1. Executive Committee.

·The President was asked about external qualitative reports that have been conducted. He said that most departments have been receiving good or better than good reports. Quantitative indicators show that most departments are underfunded. Many departments have not yet had an external review team in.

J. Best reported that the Psychology report was thought provoking and worthwhile. He suggested that departments choose their reviewers carefully. G. Foster reported that Sociology is still studying their report; it is a point of departure for self-assessment. N. Furumo reported that Chemistry thought the review was worthwhile and that the department was reviewing the recommendations and prioritizing them. A. Zahlan reported that the English report was positive and that the reviewers were impressed that the department already had a self-assessment in progress. C. Eberly reported that Counseling/Community counseling still has a review in progress, but that a positive bit of data was the 12% of graduates from various minority groups. Concerns were expressed in various reports regarding lack of technology, replacing tenure track retirees with part-time faculty, limited resources to cover major and service responsibilities.

·The Provost reported to the executive committee that remedial education is under review. Discussion of a policy statement was tabled in the Deans Council until campus constituencies (Senate, CAA, Chairs) can be consulted. J. Tidwell suggested that this topic might be added to the forum agenda. Provost Abebe answered questions from senators at this point. He agreed that the IBHE has recommended against 4-year institutions offering remedial education, but pointed out that even Harvard does it. The Provost said that such decisions cannot be made solely on the basis of cost. To be effective educators we must have students with 1) a base of knowledge; 2) the ability to adjust learning styles; 3) a personal connection with course content. He shared senators' concerns over funding and suggested that students who need such services might have to pay for them. Financial aid adjustments could be made to assist in this. Remedial education currently is used by 400-500 students, especially in Mathematics. Senators expressed concerns that we not use a large portion of our limited resources to fund such programs but that we do not want to become an elitist institution. We must consider diversity issues but we should not have to offer several levels courses in any one field.

·Executive committee asked about the "crisis" in the teacher education program. The president and provost expressed support for Dean Hitch's efforts to fix the problems, especially considering the funding and staffing limitations in the college. There are currently 600 students who need to be placed (up from an average of 300). Benefits from the change in admission requirements are not yet apparent because there are 2-3 years worth of students who were accepted before the raise in standards passed last year.

·J. Tidwell reported that the 1998-99 Senate budget is $3500, most of which goes to printing costs.

·T. Abebe reported that faculty would also be hearing about a policy statement concerning general education funding. This draft document is meant only to raise discussion. No decisions have been made. J. Tidwell will request a copy for the Senate. As in the case of remedial education, campus constituencies will be consulted in the coming weeks.

The agenda was suspended at this point to invite Wilburn Hutson to talk to the Senate about developments at the Print Center

V. New Business

Mr. Wilburn announced the acquisition of new technology that allows faculty to send documents electronically to the Print Center for duplication. Faculty can call the Print Center and request a print driver be installed in their computer. The procedure takes 5-10 minutes. One then can choose that driver and print out directly to the Print Center machine. An e-mail verification will be sent to confirm receipt. Faculty will be issued 8-digit user identification numbers for security. Work can be charged to individual faculty, departments, or billed to the students in the case of course material. Print Center costs are less than department rates (department 2.8¢ per side; print center 2.5¢). Turn around time usually 1-2 days, but can be rushed to 1-2 hours. Color is available, but the electronic delivery is different. Sending a document from off-campus can be done, but is more complicated. Students may also make orders at the Print Center. Print Center is less costly than off-campus copy centers. Mr. Wilburn is intending to work with the U of I copyright division to check copyrights. Faculty must still pick up jobs in person unless document is intended for campus distribution. The Print Center is scheduled to move to the Physical Plant in December 1999. When the move takes place, a delivery service will be instituted. For further information, call the Print Center, e-mail, or visit the web site (

The agenda was resumed after Mr. Wilburn took questions from the Senate.

2. Nominations Committee

L. Walker reported vacancies on the Apportionment Board, Parking Advisory Committee, Parking Appeals Committee, Publications Board, University Union Advisory Board, and Council on Faculty Research (in Allied Health). Deadline for nominations is 11 AM on Tuesday 29 September 1998. For further information, Contact Lankford Walker (cfclw; 6009)

3. Elections Committee

B. Irwin reported that Dean Hitch nominated Deborah Wolf to replace Sandra Schroeder as the at-large member of COTE. Motion (Irwin/Eberly) to approve Professor Wolf's appointment to COTE. Yes: Allison, Best, Coons, Eberly, Foster, Furumo, Irwin, Lockart, Tidwell, Walker, Zahlan. Because no petitions have been received for openings on CUPB (Library), Enrollment Management Advisory Committee (Arts & Humanities), and Admissions Appeal Review Committee (Arts & Humanities), deadlines were extended to 11 AM on Tuesday 29 September 1998. See the 1 September and 8 September minutes for petitions or contact Bonnie Irwin (cfbdi; 6304).

4. Student/Faculty Committee.

No formal report. A communication was received expressing concern to turn Pemberton Hall into a co-ed honors residence. It was agreed that it was in part an academic issue and funding issue, but that the Senate needed more information. The Student/Faculty committee will look into the matter. It was additionally agreed that Dr. Lasky will be invited to the Senate to discuss the Honors program in general and perhaps the Pemberton Hall situation in particular at a future date.

5. Faculty/Staff Committee

J. Allison has e-mailed Staff Senate chair Teresa Sims to obtain names of members of Staff Senate Staff/Faculty Relations Committee. Meetings will be arranged between the two subcommittees to discuss mutual concerns.

6. Presidential Search Committee

Faculty attendance at the meetings with Janet Greenwood was poor, but important points were raised. Fund raising and lobbying were identified as important, and there was discussion whether a current president would be a better candidate than a dean from a large institution or a provost. Dr. Greenwood listened attentively and took copious notes. The BOT will discuss the presidential search in a 16 September 1998 conference call.

7. Associate VPAA Search Committee

After a week of phone interviews, the committee has invited 3 candidates to campus. Interview schedules will be distributed this week through campus mail. Faculty interview times will be 11:00 AM-12:00 PM and 1:30-2:30 PM. The three invited candidates are:

Lloyd Hammonds, former VPAA at Ranken Technical College Monday 21 September 1998

Jeffrey Cross, Senior Asst. VPAA at Ferris State Tuesday 22 September 1998

Rochelle Kelz, Dean of Liberal Arts and Sciences at Mott College Friday 25 September 1998

Senators expressed concern that one of the Tuesday meeting times overlaps with a Senate meeting. Also of concern is that this is the third administrative search without a student member on the committee, which is required by the Internal Governing Policies. The Executive Committee will take this up with the Office of Civil Rights, which approves all search committees.

8. Other Committee Reports

a. Tuition and Fee Review Board. C. Eberly distributed a list of fee increase recommendations and their rationale. Included were increases of $6 for Athletics, $3 for Computer Technology, $8.75 for Grant-in-Aid, $3.70 for Health Service, $3 for Pharmacy, $3 for Textbook Rental. The students and BOT have not yet approved these.

G. Other Old Business

J. Tidwell distributed more specific statistics on 1998 Summer School. It was agreed to take time to review these figures and discuss them at a later meeting.

Future Agenda Items

N. Marlow will have an IBHE report at the 22 September 1998 meeting.

Solicitation of credit cards on campus

General education policy statement draft

Future Meetings

Acting VPEA Nilsen will visit the Senate to discuss fund raising and lobbying on 22 September 1998.

EIU Foundation officer Jon Laible will visit the Senate on 29 September 1998.

Trustee Carl Koerner will visit the Senate on 6 October 1998.

Respecfully submitted,

Bonnie D. Irwin