FOR APRIL 25, 2000
(Vol. xxix, No. 28)

  1. Call to order by Bonnie Irwin at 2:04 p.m. (2504 Buzzard Building)
  2. Present: J. Allison, R. Benedict, J. Best, G. Canivez, J. Coons, C. Eberly, P. Fewell, B. Fischer, N. Greer, B. Irwin, G. Lockart, N. Marlow, J. Tidwell, B. Young, G. Kelly. Excused: M. Toosi. Guests: T. Abebe, M. Beurskens, M. Davenport, J. Heumann.

  3. Approval of the minutes of April 18, 2000
  4. Motion (Canivez/Lockart) to approve the minutes of April 18, 2000.

    Corrections: Under section IV.C. (discussion of Versity.com) the 15th bullet, the word "by" should be "but."

    Yes: Allison, Benedict, Best, Canivez, Coons, Eberly, Fischer, Greer, Irwin, Lockart, Marlow, Tidwell, Young. Abstain: Fewell.

  5. Communications
    1. President’s Council minutes, March 29, 2000. Art and Technology course charge requests. FY00 equipment replacement reserves transferred to Academic Affairs. New IGP regarding Self-Injurious Students (63.1) approved. When the University becomes aware of any student receiving medical attention to assess or treat intentionally self-injurious acts, the students must attend a meeting with the Director of Judicial Affairs (or his/her designee) and the Director of the Counseling Center (or his/her designee). Student Employment IGP (71) revised. Broadens opportunity for graduate students to obtain other employment on campus. Economic Interests IGP (9) revised. Department of Human Resources has the responsibility of notifying employees who need to file this information.
    2. President’s Council minutes, April 12, 2000. Student Employment Regulations pamphlet discussed, revised, and approved. Visual identity survey discussed. University Service Fee IGP (f119) revised. Reduces assessed fee to .75% of total revenue or one-half current charge.
    3. President’s Council minutes, April 19, 2000. Update of FY 2000 budget and FY 2001 and 2002 budgets discussed. Old Main centennial exhibit to be displayed in Old Main during the 2000-01 academic year. Administrative Service Fee for University Gift and Endowment Accounts IGP (117) deleted. Background investigations for Positions of Trust IGP (3) revised. Investigations to be completed before hiring. Medical Clearance after Absence Due to Illness or Injury for Civil Service Employees IGP (37) revised. Written statement from treating physician rather than University Health Service required. University allowed to seek second opinion. Travel IGP (111) revised. Outlines which employees may file an annual application for travel or provide certification of driver’s license and minimum insurance coverage. Draft agenda for June BOT meeting distributed.
    4. Council on Academic Affairs agenda, April 28, 2000. A number of issues added to the agenda. No action items.
    5. Intercollegiate Athletics Board minutes, April 13, 2000. Discussion of faculty members not sensitive to student athlete responsibilities. FY2001 budget discussed and approved. By-laws revised.
    6. Comments from President Surles regarding April 11 Faculty Senate minutes, April 18, 2000. President will, of course, attend CUPB, even if she does not chair. Administration will address concerns about the by-laws. More information about roundtables will be provided soon. Is Senate interested in planning some professional development activities in conjunction with a welcoming meeting for faculty in the fall?
    7. E-mail from Joe Heumann, WEIU-FM, regarding status of FM station, April 23, 2000. WEIU-FM programming will not change. Dr. Heumann will resume full-time teaching in Speech Communication, and Ms. Fine will begin her graduate assistantship in Music. Heumann believes underlying issues still have not bee addressed. Heumann was present at the meeting and added the following: The underlying issues revolve around the Back to Basics Plan. The reason for the resignations has not been addressed. This revolves around the chapel services. That specific issue has not been addressed by Nilsen to either Heumann or Fine. Clearly a public radio station should not be in a position of doing religious services. He found it intriguing that the television station had not been asked to do the same services. Elsewhere in the plan the radio and television stations were doing the same programming. It was asked if Heumann and Fine had been given the opportunity to withdraw their resignations. Heumann responded that no opportunity was afforded to him.
    8. Minutes from CASL, April 18, 2000. Discussion of software for the electronic portfolio and assessment plan for the primary trait for speech.
    9. E-mail from Bill Wittsman, April 25, 2000, addressing security issues regarding students’ grades on the web. The printout will come out without student’s name or social security number. There is also a time-out facility.
  1. Old Business

A. Committee Reports

      1. Executive Committee
        1. The summer meeting is scheduled for June 13. It will be a luncheon meeting. The newly elected senators will be asked to attend as well.
        2. The Retirement Reception is scheduled for today at 4:00 in the University Ballroom.
        3. CUPB met for two hours on Friday talking about the by-laws. In Article 3, the executive committee will have 6 members, including at least one faculty, one student and one staff member. The article of most concern was Article 4. The third bullet was struck. The paragraph following will remain in the by-laws. There was widespread support for this. Both Abebe and Cross talked about how well that subcommittee worked. There was a change in language in Article 4.B.: "reviewing" rather than "approving" budget transfers. Changes in Article 6 will go into effect. The Council as a whole will elect the Chair of the Executive Committee. CUPB also discussed the rankings; they came out in the same order.
      2. Elections. The coin toss was held for the Academic Program Elimination Review Committee. William Smith will serve on that committee. For COTE there were originally ten people tied. That number has been gradually worked down to four–and then three. One of those three has expressed an interest in serving. Best has not heard from the other two yet.
      3. Nominations. The committee met yesterday; the proposal fills all but two spots.

      Faculty interested in serving on the Parking Appeals Committee and social sciences faculty interested in serving on the Council for Faculty Research should contact James Tidwell (cfjat), Journalism

      Motion (Tidwell/Canivez) that we approve these appointments.

      Yes: Allison, Benedict, Best, Canivez, Coons, Eberly, Fewell, Fischer, Irwin, Lockart, Marlow, Tidwell, Young.

      [Appointments are attached to the minutes.]

    1. Faculty-Student Relations. The committee met with Augustine and Barharlou. Since the December Faculty Senate meeting, they have made plans for next year’s staffing. The positions will increase from one to four people. The increase is in part due to money from the Provost’s office. There has been some faculty support and they are trying to get more faculty involvement. They have been using the international fees in ways suggested by the international students: hiring drivers, orientation programs with follow-up sessions, field trips (activities over breaks), working on international links to television, some special placement services, international student awards and activities. They are hoping to do more in the future–more study abroad and more faculty involvement. They also talked about the student fees. Student Senate is pursuing the possibility a $3 across-the-board fee for all students. The final issue was how Faculty Senate could help to support the international programs. The biggest thing brought up in the discussion was faculty participation in international events. They are going to try to get out an agenda of international activities earlier in the year so that faculty can more easily plan their participation. It was also suggested that as DACs are rewritten, they can allow more credit for international activities.
    2. Faculty-Staff Relations. Senator Allison received a memo from President Surles thanking him and Kilgore for forwarding the petition. She indicated that she will ask the President’s Council to discuss the freedom of speech issue. The staff forums with the President were also noted; faculty are welcome to attend as well.
    3. Distinguished Faculty Award. Thirteen candidates were nominated; the name that came to the forefront was Gail Richard. She has authored three books that focus on the assessment and treatment of autism and related syndromes. She has co-authored assessment tools that are nationally recognized and she has authored or co-authored remediation programs that are national utilized. Dr. Richard teaches graduate and undergraduate courses. She developed the first University courses in the areas of language processing disorders, autism, and professional ethics. She has directed nine thesis projects, all of which have been accepted for presentation at state or national levels. During the past three years she has given seventy-six presentations ranging from regional school district in-service presentations to national and international presentations. The College of Science with a 2000 Teacher-Scholar Award has recognized her. 1997 she was the recipient of a Distinguished Alumnus Award in Speech-Language Pathology from Southern Illinois University in recognition of teaching excellence. Dr. Richard has served as past president of the Illinois Speech-Language-Hearing Association. She has served as chair of Faculty Senate. She has served as Chair of the University personnel Committee. She is currently serving as EIU's NCAA Faculty Athletics Representative.

Motion (Tidwell/Canivez) that Senate accept the committee’s recommendation of Gail Richard as the recipient of the Distinguished Faculty Award.

Yes: Allison, Benedict, Best, Canivez, Coons, Eberly, Fewell, Fischer, Irwin, Lockart, Marlow, Tidwell, Young.

    1. WEIU-FM. The discussion of WEIU-FM included the following:
      • We have a legitimate interest in the relationship of the radio station to the pedagogical goals of the University. Regardless of the personnel issue, Heumann and Fine have done a fine job of programming.
      • We can tell from the number of articles and letters in the Daily Eastern News and the petition that this is a very important issue. Can we be helpful here and bring about some closure in regards to everyone having the same understanding? I would like for us to meet for an hour next week with this as our sole topic and Dr. Nilsen present. Now the matter is in suspension. I wonder what the purpose is of having another consulting group. Will there be some changes to the TV station? There was already $25,000 spent on a consultant’s report. Now we will evidently have the Dennison group come on campus. The whole budget of the radio station is about $37,000. We seem to be spending that much to have people come and study and write reports.
      • Chair Irwin said that she had met with Nilsen last wee. She received verification that the programming would not change but that the resignations would stand. She understood that the consultant group was coming in to address concerns of that unit, to help people within the unit work better together.
      • This is going to go on much longer than just next week. Nothing will be settled this week, next week, or next year. The application for license has to be in in May. This is a long-term issue, and let’s face it, broadcasting is obsolete when we all get our television by cable.
      • One thing that is of concern to the Senate is that the Advisory Board had not been called in. It was made clear that this should change. The by-laws say that they should meet twice a year.
      • The religious service issue is one thing that was brought out when Heumann spoke to us. If there were a possibility of some resolution of that issue, we need to address it.
      • Could this be done by e-mail with Nilsen? The issue is whether the Senate needs to discuss this in a public forum.
      • The e-mail approach may be more convenient but it will not be reported in the minutes.

    It was decided that senators should make 2:45 p.m. on Tuesday, May 2, available for a meeting. Chair Irwin will talk with Nilsen and Beabout to see if they can join us. If not, it could be a topic for the summer meeting. Other possibilities for the summer meeting include inviting Shelly Flock to discuss ways of publicizing faculty achievements and accomplishments and a discussion with the University Counsel.

      1. Senate Officer Elections. The floor was opened for nominations.
      1. Remarks from the Chair: It has been an honor and a privilege to serve as Chair of Senate during the past year. This has been a productive and collegial group. Thank you all the way around. It has been a good year. The Senate expressed their thanks to Irwin for serving as Chair; it has been a pleasure and honor to work with her. They also expressed their unanimous accord for the good work of the Executive Committee.
    1. Adjourn at 3:30 p.m. (Coons)

    Respectfully submitted,

    Nancy D. Marlow, Recorder

    Spring 2000 Faculty Senate Appointments

    • Apportionment Board

    Jane Wayland--Business

    Joe Manfredo–Music

    William Joyce–Business

    Sam Fagaly–Music: Alternate

    • Campus Recreation Board

    Brian Poulter–Journalism

    Patricia Poulter–Music

    Howard Price–Journalism

    Bud Fischer–Biological Sciences–Alternate

    • Council for Faculty Research (2)

    Lynne Curry–History--Humanities

    Vacant–Social Sciences

    • Enrollment Management Adv. Comm.

    Wafeek Wahby--Technology

    • Environmental Health & Safety Comm.

    Dan Sheeran--Chemistry

    • Financial Aid/Grants Committee

    Assege Hailemariam--Psychology

    • Health Services Advisory Board

    Mukti Upadhyay--Economics

    • IBHE Faculty Advisory Comm.

    Bonnie Irwin--Alternate

    • Intercollegiate Athletic Board

    Scott Crawford–PE

    Nancy Marlow–Business

    • Judicial Board

    Kip McGilliard–Biological Sciences

    Frank McCormick–English

    Gail Mason–Speech Communication

    Martin Hardeman--History

    Stephen Mullin–Biological Sciences

    Ryan Hendrickson–Political Science

    • Library Advisory Bd.

    Richard Jacques–CDS–Sciences

    Melanie Burns–FCS–Bus/App Sciences

    Peter Loewen–Music–Arts/Humanities

    Mahmood Butt–Sec. Ed.–Ed/Prof. Studies

    • Parking Advisory Committee

    Joe Williams–Psychology

    Cheryl Hawker–Math

    • Parking Appeals Committee


    • Publications Board

    Veronica Stephen–ECE&MLE-Alt.

    • Radio-Television Center Board

    David Carpenter–English

    John Allison–English: Alternate

    • Textbook Rental Advisory Comm.

    William Slough–Math

    • University Union Advisory Board

    Andrew White–Math

    Kathryn Bulver–For. Lang.

    Karl Konrad–For. Lang.

    James McGaughey–Biological Sciences: Alternate