FOR JANUARY 11, 2000
(Vol. xxix, No. 15)

The Faculty Senate agenda is posted weekly on the Web, at 2504 Buzzard, and at 315K Coleman.

  1. Call to order by Bonnie Irwin at 2:06 p.m. (2504 Buzzard Building)
  2. Present: J. Allison, R. Benedict, J. Best, G. Canivez, J. Coons, C. Eberly, P. Fewell, B. Fischer, G. Foster, B. Irwin, G. Lockart, N. Marlow, J. Tidwell, M. Toosi, B. Young, G. Kelly. Guests: T. Abebe, B. Delk, D. Grooms, S. Gustafson.

  3. Approval of the minutes of December 7, 1999
  4. Motion (Tidwell/Coons) to approve the minutes of December 7, 1999.

    Corrections: An additional bulleted item should be added to V.A.1.c. (after the second bullet): Not all faculty members had the opportunity to participate in the planning process at the departmental level.

    Yes: Allison, Benedict, Best, Canivez, Coons, Eberly, Fewell, Fischer, Foster, Irwin, Lockart, Marlow, Tidwell, Toosi, Young.

  5. Communications
    1. Council on Academic Affairs minutes, 2 December 1999. General Education Subcommittee will include Bock, Brinkmeyer, Methven, Owen, Wohlstein. New courses approved: FLE 3050, Culture and Language in the French-Speaking World; FLE 3061, German Literature in Translation; FLE 3220, French for Business; FLE 3000, Media and Global Communication.
    2. Thank-you note from Eulalee Anderson for International Student event, 3 December 1999.
    3. E-mail from Kathy Ford to Bailey Young regarding senate discussion of International Student Fees, 6 December 1999. Ms. Ford addresses many of the same points that Dean Augustine did–IPAC approved the fee structure; Dr. Augustine met with AIS early in the fall semester; monies not being used for recruitment but for other international student needs.
    4. Committee on the Assessment of Student Learning minutes, 7 December 1999. New course proposal format for general education courses was discussed.
    5. Committee for the Assessment of Student Learning minutes, 14 December 1999. Discussion of whether to block student registration for those who do not submit papers for portfolio; faculty have expressed concern that this is moving too fast; economic issues are still a concern.
    6. Student Senate minutes, 8 December 1999. Melissa Riley appointed new Vice President for Public Affairs. Senator Ruppel was elected speaker.
    7. Intercollegiate Athletic Board minutes, 9 December 1999. All fall sports were below 15% in missed class time. New volleyball coach is Brenda Winkler. Middle Tennessee will leave the OVC after spring 2000. Rachel Wright (Women’s Tennis) was chosen as an OVC Scholar-Athlete.
    8. Letter from Nikolina Pacic, student, regarding scheduling of graduation, 13 December 1999. Holding Commencement ceremony before finals is a disadvantage to students whose parents come from a long distance. Students cannot spend time with family if they have to study for exams.
    9. Faculty Senate account statement, 30 November 1999
    10. Faculty Senate account statement, 31 December 1999. Balance available: $2280.
    11. E-mail from Waldo Born, faculty, regarding TRS, classroom hours, graduation, grading deadlines, etc., 7 January 2000. Textbook rental sends message that books are not important. Not enough contact hours in the semester, especially for MWF courses. Some instructors are giving exams before finals week, meaning they are not using all the class hours that they do have. Commencement before finals is ludicrous. Early grade deadlines discourage essay exams and thus limits student writing experiences.
    12. Memo from VPAA Abebe with Academic Affairs FY2002 Planning Focus Statement, 5 January 2000. Plan outlines four major foci: 1) Improve education program quality and accountability; 2) Enhance access to high-quality educational programs and services; 3) Build a stable resource base requisite for quality educational programs, services, activities, equipment, and facilities while continuing to fulfill mandated annual-leave, sick-leave, and early-retirement plans; 4) Facilitate an environment of free enquiry and exchange that enhances the academic community.
    13. E-mail from Eric Davidson, 16 December 1999. He has been developing a foundation for a campus-based alcohol coalition and would like to come to Faculty Senate to give a presentation.
  1. Old Business
    1. Committee Reports
      1. Executive Committee. Although the Executive Committee has not met since the last Faculty Senate meeting, there are some scheduling issues to present. TRS will be on the agenda–perhaps next week–for discussion. Nilsen and Abell may be coming to Senate next week. Foundation representatives will be here February 8. Eric Davidson would like to be scheduled in late January or early February. There was also an offer from Ron Phillips for a demonstration of the LanDesk software. Faculty will have the option to be a part of this. We can learn from the demonstration and determine how best to disseminate what we have learned to the rest of the faculty. There also have been several calendar issues raised; the Calendar Committee will be approached about coming to Senate
      2. Faculty-Student Relations. The Committee met together last semester and discussed several items. They will brainstorm on how to get faculty and student together for the purpose of discussing some joint issues.
      3. Search Committees. The VPIA Search Committee met to consider bids of two search firms. One was selected. A representative from that firm will be on campus January 25. The first candidate for University Counsel will be on campus Thursday. The plan is to have five candidates on campus for interviews. This raised a general question about interviews: why are there typically 4-5 candidates for these types of positions but a limitation of 3 candidates is imposed for faculty campus interviews? Norm Bedford from Ohio State was hired as Assistant Director of Financial Aid. We will be on campus in mid-January. Five candidates were identified for the Rec Center Director; one has dropped out. The first interview will be Thursday. The other three will be next week on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Another general interview question was raised: now that most faculty have computers, do we need paper copies of the interview schedules?
    2. Textbook Rental Service. A discussion of this will be deferred until next week. Senators asked to read the materials that have been distributed.
    3. Fall Forum. Discussion of the reports from subcommittees began with the Faculty subcommittee:

Chair Irwin suggested that the three subcommittees meet again during the next two weeks to determine that "who" and "how" of their suggestions. It was suggested that each subcommittee use a common format–item, rationale, and action. In addition, costs can be considered–whether high, moderate, low or no cost.

  1. New Business
  2. Next week’s discussion will center primarily on planning. Chair Irwin will contact the Senators by e-mail to let them know whether Nilsen and Abell can definitely come to the meeting. If they are able to come, Senators need to bring all the planning documents that have been distributed.

  3. Adjourn at 3:45 p.m. (Benedict)

Respectfully submitted,

Nancy D. Marlow, Recorder