FOR JUNE 13, 2000
(Vol. xxix, No. 29)

  1. Call to order by Bonnie Irwin at 1:35 p.m. (University Ballroom, MLK Union)
  2. Present: J. Allison, R. Benedict, J. Best, G. Canivez, J. Coons, C. Eberly, P. Fewell, B. Fischer, N. Greer, B. Irwin, N. Marlow, J. Tidwell, B. Young. Excused: G. Lockart, M. Toosi. Guests: J. Barron, R. Gardener, A. Zahlan.

  3. Approval of the minutes of April 25, 2000.
  4. Motion (Allison/Fischer) to approve the minutes of April 25, 2000.

    Yes: Allison, Benedict, Best, Canivez, Coons, Eberly, Fewell, Fischer, Greer, Irwin, Marlow, Tidwell, Young.

  5. Communications
    1. Council on Graduate Studies minutes, 18 April 2000.
    2. Courses revised: CDS 5400, Special Topics; CDS 5800, Seminar. New courses approved: BIO 4751, Advanced Molecular Cell Biology; HST 5000, Historiography. Changes approved to the Historical Administration Option of the History MA. Change in wording of the 'Repeating Courses' Section of the Graduate Catalog. Officer's for 2000-2001: Chair-Linda Simpson; Vice Chair- Newton Key.

    3. CEPS Curriculum Committee minutes, 24 April 2000.
    4. Prerequisites changed for CSD 5630 and CSD 6900. New courses: STG 5131/5132/5133 Topics in Education; EIU 41XXG Physical Activity and Mental Awareness; LST 3000G, Personal and Social Impact of Leisure. Revised courses: EIU 4002G, Controversial Issues in Health; PED 2900G, International Expression for Dance; EIU 4007G, Idea of a University: Yesterday and today; LST 1780 Introduction to Leisure Service Agencies; LST 2290 Programming for Leisure Agencies; EIU 4121G, Leisure Time: The American Perspective. Name Change: Leisure Studies to Recreation Administration. Revision of computer requirement for Recreation Administration majors.

    5. Council on Teacher Education minutes, 25 April 2000.
    6. 2000-2001 Officers: Chair–Christy Hooser; Vice Chair–Kevin Hussey.

    7. Committee for the Assessment of Student Learning, 25 April 2000.
    8. Assessment Technology Subcommittee formed. 2000-2001 Chair–Christie Roszkowski . Discussion of forming a Speech Across the Curriculum Committee.

    9. Memo from VPAA Abebe requesting a senator to serve on the Software Scheduling Task Force, 25 April 2000. The Task Force will define the scope, system, requirements, and constraints of such a system, recommend software package characteristics, assist in testing and implementation. Pat Fewell will serve.
    10. Letter from Gail Richard, Communication Disorders and Sciences, thanking the distinguished faculty award committee for the honor, 26 April 2000.
    11. Knows from chairing the committee in the past that the choice is a hard one to make, and she is honored to receive the award. She will donate the stipend to a scholarship fund of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association Foundation.

    12. Council on Academic Affairs minutes, 27 April 2000.
    13. Revision of health Studies major. 2000-2001 Officers: Chair--Ron Wohlstein; Vice Chair-Doug Bock.

    14. Faculty Senate account statement for April, 30 April 2000. Balance: $559.

I. Letter from Lewis Coon, Mathematics, emeritus, concerning retirement benefits, 1 May 2000. Faculty should be eligible for Social Security as well as other retirement benefits.

    1. Council on Academic Affairs minutes, 25 May 2000. Revisions to FCS Dietetics curriculum approved.
    2. Faculty Senate account statement for May, 31 May 2000. Balance: -$11.17.
    3. Letter from Senator Coons, Biological Sciences, announcing her 2000-2001 leave of absence, 7 June 2000.
    4. Senator Coons has accepted a Visiting Association Professor position in the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences at UIUC and thus must resign from senate for the 2000-2001 academic year.

    5. E-mail from Joyce Easter, Chemistry, regarding need to replace her on university committees, 12 June 2000.
    6. Dr. Easter has accepted a position at Virginia Wesleyan, and thus must be replaced on the Library Advisory Board and the Intercollegiate Athletic Board.

    7. Minutes of Board of Trustees meeting, 17 April 2000.
    8. Minutes of Executive Committee of BOT, 10 May 2000.
    9. Senate Chairs report to the Board 12 June, 2000.
  1. New Business

Discussion with Joseph Barron, University Counsel.

Barron commented that it has been interesting and very busy since he arrived at Eastern. While he was at the University of Florida there was a note-taking system that would have registered students in a class reproduce and sell notes prior to exams. They started receiving complaints about the notes–primarily quality and accuracy. One of the big concerns one faculty member had was that he was using things from a book that he was writing. An outside law firm was engaged and a suit was filed. About 20 courses were used as a basis for the suit. The suit went to federal court. The end result was that they lost. However, the reason for the loss was that the jury said the University did not show that it was a violation of copyright law. It did force the note takers to back off a little in the way they were handling it. It begged the question of who owned the notes and there was no answer. There are ways to solve these problems without taking everything apart. Senators were given an opportunity to ask questions and to discuss the issue:

  1. Old Business
    1. Committee Reports
        1. Executive Committee
      1. CUPB Report. The budget presented at CUPB is slightly different but there is nothing substantive. They made changes in the bylaws, and they listened to our advice. The budget is organized different than in the past. This is in response to the IBHE six goals. There was a discussion of distance learning. An agenda was proposed for next fall. Having money for technology is one part; training faculty is another. We cannot use technology effectively if there is no time for us to put this together. A discussion followed:
      1. Fall Faculty Luncheon/Program. The President has offered us an opportunity to provide programming in conjunction with her welcome-back luncheon for the entire faculty. We are looking at Thursday, August 17. That is the day of Convocation and new faculty orientation. In terms of programming, we are thinking of having choices that people can make–a balance between the practical (SURS or portfolios, for example) and the more philosophical (you’ve just received tenure, now what–the post-tenure blues). Sessions would be oriented to the different stages in faculty careers. Chair Irwin asked senators to respond to her about things they would like to see discussed and sessions senators would like to lead. The desire is to keep this a casual, community event.
      2. Distinguished Faculty Award. Once someone wins this award are they a distinguished faculty person for the rest of their careers. The Senate may want to make a recommendation about this listing being placed in the University Catalog. Chair Irwin will make that request to the President.
      3. Grading Deadlines. Two things are going to happen. The Records Office will be open late on the Friday night of finals week (until 10 p.m.) and they will be open from noon until 3 p.m. on Sunday. It was commented that since Records is now posting students grades on the Web, perhaps the time will come when faculty will be able to post their grades in a similar manner.
      4. Student Affairs Search Committee. They did not have time to get people on the search committees this summer. They have not had faculty members on these committees in the past, but if the Senate feels there should be faculty representation, it can be done VPSA Hencken was very open to that. Searches for these positions are often held during the summer months.
      1. Elections. Vice Chair Best reported that Andy McNitt won the coin toss for COTE. Martha Jane Harris, who was elected to Faculty Senate, has resigned. David Carpenter (alternate) will fill her position. In addition, Janice Coons needs a one-year replacement; Carpenter was also the alternate that year. A special election may have to be scheduled.
      2. Nominations. The Nominations Committee recommended John Ryan for the Parking Appeals Committee.
      3. Motion (Tidwell/Canivez) to approve John Ryan for the Parking Appeals Committee.

        Yes: Allison, Benedict, Best, Canivez, Coons, Eberly, Fewell, Fischer, Greer, Irwin, Marlow, Tidwell, Young.

        Tidwell, Chair of Nominations Subcommittee, reported that he had received one petition for the Social Sciences Sport on CFR, but that individual was a first-year faculty member. The by-laws require that the person be in his/her fourth semester; therefore, the position is still open.

      4. Faculty-Student Relations. Coons, Chair of Faculty-Student Relations Subcommittee, recognized the three students who worked with Faculty Senate during the 1999-00 academic year. She also noted that Gary Kelly was especially helpful in this role.
      5. Faculty-Staff Relations. Some staff as well as faculty have expressed some wonderment about a message they have seen on computer screens when their computers are being shut down. "If you shut down your computer now, the other party viewing your screen will be unable to do so." It has rattled some folks in this context.
      6. Search Committees. There were two finalists for the VPIA position on campus last week. There was a pretty good turnout for the interview sessions. The committee has met and recommendations will be presented to the President. Chair Irwin has agreed to chair the VPAA Search Committee. She will be meeting with the President later this month to talk about the committee representation. The President has said that she wants it to be faculty-driven. The timetable has not been established. The Committee will not be put together until fall. It was suggested that there may need to be some oversight committee if no one will be appointed to an acting position.
      7. Enrollment Management Advisory Committee. This is not in Academic Affairs. It was suggested that Senate talk about this issue in the fall. It was also noted that there has been a drop in enrollment for the fall. It was also noted that the Council of Chairs has made some specific recommendations about textbook rental. Those recommendations pretty much paralleled those made by Senate.
    1. Senate Vice Chair Best presented a thank-you card and gift from Faculty Senate to retiring Chair Irwin. Chair Irwin also thanked retiring senators Allison, Coons, Lockart, and Marlow for their service. The gavel was transferred to incoming Senate Chair Tidwell.

IV. Adjourn at 3:30 (unanimous motion by Senate)

Respectfully submitted,

Nancy D. Marlow, Recorder

Annual Report of the Faculty Senate


I. Campus-wide Activities Sponsored by Faculty Senate

    1. Faculty Survey
    2. Fall 1999 Faculty Appointments to Committees and Councils
    3. Fall 1999 Special Election, 10-11 November 1999: 3 candidates ran for a single opening on faculty senate; 181 valid ballots were counted.
    4. Fall Faculty Forum, "Supporting and Retaining Quality Faculty and Eastern’s Commitment to Excellence," (1. Faculty Development as Means to Recruit and Retain Quality Faculty; 2. Benefits of Improved Faculty Development for Students; 3. Benefits of Improved Faculty Development for the Community; 4. Assessment as a Means of Demonstrating Benefits of Faculty Development), 9 November 1999.
    5. Tea for International Students, 30 November 1999.
    6. Spring Faculty Appointments to Committees and Councils: 36 faculty were appointed to committees and councils.
    7. Spring Faculty Elections to Committees and Councils, 22-23 March 2000: 30 candidates ran for 28 openings, 7 openings had no candidates. 248 valid ballots counted; 56 write-in candidates. Voter turnout by college: Arts and Humanities–46.7%, Business and Applied Sciences–60-6%, Education and Professional Studies–67-9%, Library–70.6%, Sciences–53.4%.
    8. President’s State of the University Address, 28 March 2000.
    9. Reception for Retiring Faculty, 25 April 2000.
    10. Distinguished Faculty Award

II. Reports

    1. "Improving Faculty Research, Creative Activity and Development," approved March 2000.

III. Formal Written Positions by Faculty Senate

    1. Resolution recommending re-appointment of Trustees Anderson, Johnson, and Koerner and commending the work of former trustee Gilpin, 7 September 1999.
    2. Resolution honoring the work of the late Lankford Walker, School of Business and Faculty Senate, 5 October 1999.
    3. Resolution expressing gratitude for the Coles-Ballenger Development Grants, 26 October 1999.

IV. Invited Speakers

    1. Dr. Herbert Lasky presented information on the Honors Program, 31 August 1999.
    2. VPAA Teshome Abebe presented information on the EIU-Lakeland College Accord, 31 August 1999..
    3. Mr. Keith Kohanzo discussed review of the Student Conduct Code with the Senate, 28 September 1999.
    4. President Carol Surles and the senate discussed her six goals, the university’s mission, planning and budget, 12 October 1999.
    5. VPER Jill Nilsen and Ms. Julia Abell, Planning and Institutional Studies, discussed the university planning process with the Senate, 11 January 2000.
    6. VPAA Teshome Abebe discussed the FY2002 Academic Affair Focus Statement with the Senate and accepted recommendations, 11 January 2000.
    7. Director Lynette Drake and Assistant Director Eric Davidson, University Health Service, discussed the Campus Alcohol Coalition with the Senate, 1 February 2000.
    8. Dr. Jon Laible, Executive Director, EIU Foundation, and Mr. Richard Cain, President, EIU Foundation Board, reported on the mission and operations of the EIU Foundation, 7 February 2000.
    9. Mr. Ron Phillips and Ms. Cheryl Crowdson demonstrated the LANDesk software, 22 February 2000.
    10. Acting VPER Jill Nilsen presented information on "Promoting Eastern," 7 March 2000.
    11. VPSA Lou Hencken and Dean Frank Hohengarten presented information on student recruitment and discussed the academic calendar and grading deadines with the Senate, 21 March 2000.
    12. Dr. Joe Heumann, Speech Communication, presented information and concerns regarding possible format changes at WEIU-FM, 28 March 2000.
    13. Mr. Keith Kohanzo, Judicial Affairs Officer, and Ms. Ann Brownson, Student Conduct Code Review Committee, presented the draft revisions to the Student Conduct Code, 4 April 2000.
    14. VPAA Teshome Abebe reported to the senate on a new agreement between EIU and the Lakeview College of Nursing and reported on the progress of the EIU-Lakeland College Accord Working Teams, 11 April 2000.
    15. Mr. Tom Leonard, building Service, and Ms. Sheila Simons, Health Studies, made a presentation on the needs of Native Americans on campus, 11 April 2000.

Other Senate Actions, 31 August 1999.

    1. Three ex-officio student members were seated on the Faculty Senate, as per Article V, Section 5 of the Faculty Senate Constitution, 5 October 1999.
    2. Suggested Revisions to the Student Conduct Code, 19 October 1999.
    3. Motion approved to ask President to consider planning model open for revisions until senate has been given opportunity for discussion and consultation, 30 November 1999.
    4. Provided forum for discussion of International Student Fees, 7 December 1999.
    5. Motion approved commending UPI Negotiating Team, 15 February 2000.
    6. Provided forum for discussion of Graduate Student Textbook Rental , 15 February 2000.
    7. Motion approved recommending a Task Force to explore the feasibility of textbook purchase and resale, 29 February 2000.
    8. Achievement certificate awarded to Senator Foster for his 11 years of service on Faculty Senate, 29 February 2000.
    9. Motion approved to allow public access to voting records during faculty elections, 7 March 2000.
    10. Discussion and Recommendations on "Workplace Violence" policy draft, 4 April 2000.
    11. Motion approved expressing opposition to CUPB by-laws changes, 18 April 2000.
    12. Participated in Visual Identity Focus Group, 20 April 2000.
    13. Made appointments to search committees for graduate dean, assistant director of financial aid, vice president for business affairs, vice president for institutional advancement.

Senate representation on committees and councils

Senators have represented the senate and the faculty on the following committees,

councils, and task forces: