FOR OCTOBER 19, 1999
(Vol. xxix, No. 9)

The Faculty Senate agenda is posted weekly on the Web, at 2504 Buzzard, and at 315K Coleman.

The following is the question for candidates for the special election for Senate: Comment on the discussions and actions of this year’s Faculty Senate. Mention where you agree and where you disagree. What are the issues that you feel the Senate should discuss next year?

Return responses to John Best (Psychology) by November 1.

I. Call to order by Vice Chair John Best 2:02 p.m. (2504 Buzzard Building)

Present: J. Allison, R. Benedict, J. Best, J. Coons, C. Eberly, P. Fewell, G. Foster, G. Lockart, N. Marlow, J. Tidwell, M. Toosi, B. Young, K. Bielenberg, G. Kelly, B. Mazurski. Excused: B. Fischer, B. Irwin. Guests: J. Aarnio (Visiting professor from Finland, T. Abebe, K. Franken, J. Maholy

II. Approval of the minutes of October 12, 1999

Motion (Foster/Allison) to approve the minutes of October 12, 1999.

Corrections: Under guests "Laiette" should be "Layette." Under the President’s remarks, the statement regarding faculty salaries (fifth line from bottom, first page) does not accurately reflect what she said. A question regarding equipment purchases was omitted; it was asked how these could be made earlier in the academic year. On the second page, fifth bullet, add: The President recognizes that the Faculty Senate naturally can provide advise about any matters reflecting the welfare of the University. On the second page, fifth bullet from the bottom, the last phrase should read, "graduate students benefit from liberal arts, too." At the end of the bulleted items the following should be added as an additional bullet: A senator recognized a student member of the audience who asked the president about FOIA appeals he had made. After the President answered his question, the Senate chair deemed further questions in this direction inappropriate to the matters under discussion.

Yes: Allison, Benedict, Best, Coons, Eberly, Fewell, Foster, Lockart, Tidwell, Toosi, Young.

III. Communications

    1. CAA minutes from October 7, 1999. The Mathematics and Physical and Life Sciences segments of general education were discussed.
    2. Phone message from William Brooks, Student Senate, regarding community task force. Some representatives of student senate will be getting together with community members on a task force to discuss the bar hours initiative and other issues. They’d like a faculty member to join them (Thursday, 7:30 PM, Charleston-Mattoon Room).
    3. Minutes of BOT meeting, July 12, 1999.
    4. EIU Report to Board of Trustees, October 18, 1999.
    5. E-mail from Jackie Clapp. She can serve as a contact person for those who wish to contribute to the Foundation in Lankford Walker’s memory. Additionally, people can make donations to the Coles County Animal Shelter.
    6. The Senate complimented John Allison and David Carpenter for the very nice memorial service they planned for Dr. Walker.
  1. Old Business
    1. Committee Reports
      1. The Executive Committee met on October 14 with the President and the Provost. There was agreement that the President’s visit with the Senate had gone well. The President commented that faculty development has come up in virtually every departmental meeting she has attended. We need to communicate to outside constituencies the importance of faculty development. She also discussed the issue of upward mobility (movement into administration) for faculty. There is a need to develop a pool of talent; there is a danger in corporatizing the University. She agreed that the Library was a good place for the plaque. Since that meeting, a temporary site has been found in the Provost’s complex. Later it could be moved to the Library or perhaps the new arts center, somewhere with high visibility. She expressed a lot of sensitivity of charging into others’ space; the Union is the students’ space and may not be appropriate. The President clarified her notion of liberal arts–not as a discipline but in its broadest sense. One of the main issues was budgetary policy and financial analysis. There is recognition that for many faculty the entire budgetary apparatus and the political process may be unknown. She gave the committee a very good lesson about the legal matters of what can and cannot be done. There was a feeling that there needs to be better communication about budgetary planning. Faculty cannot play the role the need to play until they get more knowledge about the general process. The committee also discussed the need for faculty to play future roles that go beyond scholarship. The report was followed by questions and discussion:
      1. Elections. Petitions are due Friday, October 22. Vice Chair Best recommended that each Senator encourage a person to run for Senate. The question for Senate candidates is printed at the beginning of today’s minutes. Candidates have until November 1 to respond to the question. The election will be held the following week–November 10 and 11. There was some discussion of alternates for Senate.
      2. Faculty Student Relations. The Committee presented a draft of a letter they had prepared about the Student Conduct Code. The Committee recommends the following: (1) Incorporate the importance of community throughout; (2) Consider greater penalties, i.e. greater fines, notification of parents, placement of actions in permanent record in certain situations; (3) Address technology concerns; (4) Determine whether the phrase "not regarded as contractual covenants" releases students from responsibility; (5) Clarify the hierarchy of judicial boards and their membership composition. The Committee also recommends that additional open discussions be held for members of the campus community since the first rounds were not well attended.

Motion (Coons/Allison) that the letter be sent to Keith Kohanzo.

Discussion of the motion included:

Yes: Allison, Benedict, Best, Coons, Eberly, Fewell, Foster, Lockart, Marlow, Tidwell, Toosi, Young.

The Faculty Student Relations Committee will meet tonight at 6:30.

      1. Search Committees. The deadline for applications for Graduate Dean is October 15. The Committee will meet on Tuesday, October 26 to decide on a short list for phone work. They hope to bring three highly qualified candidates on campus this semester.
      2. Ad Hoc Drafting Committee. The Committee presented its draft for the Fall Forum. The Committee recommends a flier advertising the forum focusing on the four areas with a handout with a more detailed delineation of the topics. The four topics are (1) faculty development as a means to recruit and retain quality faculty; (2) the benefits of improved faculty development for students; (3) the benefits of improved faculty development for the community; and (4) assessment as a means of demonstrating benefits of faculty development. The plan is for the forum to begin with an introduction by the Senate Chair followed by separate breakout sections for each of the above. Faculty will choose the breakout session in which they wish to participate. Discussion included the following points:

The Senate will return to the draft document briefly next week.

      1. IBHE Faculty Advisory Committee. The FAC met on October 5; during the morning the FAC members were a part of the audience for the IBHE meeting. Universities have submitted their results reports. Provost Abebe noted that Eastern came out very well; EIU’s best practice was the integration of learning and leadership. Six Universities were selected to present a part of their reports; each one represented a best practice for one of the IBHE goals. The statewide analysis of the results reports will be presented at the December meeting. During the afternoon session the FAC met with two IBHE members to discuss faculty issues.
    1. Activity for International Students. Senators Bailey and Marlow met to discuss some possibilities. They recommend an event to be held in Tarble in conjunction with the Old Main exhibit. A tentative date and time is Tuesday, November 30, from 3:30-5:00. The subcommittee will meet with international student representatives and Gary Kelly (student senate representative to faculty senate) to finalize this.
    2. Community Task Force. Reed Benedict will attend this meeting (Communications item B). The Student Senate plans to change its Bylaws to form a permanent committee that will meet once a month.
  1. Adjourn at 3:55 (Allison)

Respectfully submitted,

Nancy D. Marlow, Recorder