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FCS/Child Care Professional ABC 
(Alternative Bachelor's in Childcare)

BA in General Studies

Option in Child Care Education

BA in General Studies (Formerly the Board of Trustees BA)

The School of Continuing Education bachelor of Arts in General Studies Degree Program is an individualized, non-traditioanal program designed for working adults age 25 or older. The program combines sound academic principles with advances in technology to facilitate degree completion. After admission to the program, knowledge and skills acquired by non-academic means may be evaluated for academic credit.

Core Requirements

  • 120 semester hours total
  • 40 semester hours at the junior-senior level
  • 20 semester hours taken from EIU
  • 12 semester hours in Humanitite/Fine Arts
  • 12 semester hours in Social/Behavioral Sciences
  • 12 semester hours in Scientific Awareness/Mathematics
  • 6 semester hours in Communication/English
  • 1 course in Cultural Diversity
  • 1 Senior Seminar

In Addition Students Must:

  • Complete BGS 2985 Adults in Transition and BGS 4001 Self-Directed Leadership
  • Demonstrate writing competency
  • Maintain a minimum 2.00 cumulative grade-point average


  1. A student must be admitted to this program by the Director of the Bachelor of Arts in General Studies Degree Program.
  2. After the student is admitted to the program, only grades of "C" and above will be counted toward meeting graduation requirements. Grades of "D" and "F" earned after admission to the program will be included in the cumulitive EIU grade point average, consistent with current EIU grade policy.

Resources for financial assistance    Students will be encouraged and assisted in applying for financial aid. One resource which is the Gateway Scholarship Program Early Childhood Illinois Project Office. Students receiving assistance from the Gateway Scholarship Program to pursue a Bachelor's degree are eligible for a maximum support of 15 credit hours for 3 semesters. Through the Gateway Scholarship Program, beginning students may receive a maximum support of 6 credit hours and continuing students may receive a maximum support of 9 credit hours. If students are awarded a Gateway Scholarship Program scholarship, a significant portion of their tuition expenses will be paid.


BA in General Studies, Option in Child Care Education    

The Option in Child Care Education (known for publicity purposes as the ABC/Alternative Bachelor's in Child Care) is a cooperative effort of the School of Family and Consumer Sciences, the School of Continuing Education, and selected community colleges. Designed for non-traditional students who require flexible access to courses, it includes 60 hours of coursework offered primarily on weekends.

At the conclusion of their course of study, graduates are prepared to qualify for the Early Childhood Professional Level IV, as identified by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) and the Illinois Director Credential, as identified by the Illinois Network of Child Care Resource and Referral Agencies. The Option in Child Care Education meets the qualifications of the Illinois Director's Credential as an entitled program.

Criteria for Admission to the Option
  1. Admission to Eastern Illinois University
  2. Admission to the BA in General Studies Program.
  3. Completion of an associate's degree with a focus on Child Development/Education or a closely related field. Students completing associate degrees that do not meet the general education requirements of the BGS program may be required to complete additional coursework.
  4. Documented employment of at least 30 hours per week in the child care field.
Option Requirements

The option comprises a minimumof 60 hours of coursework, to include:

  • BGS 2985 Adults in Transition - Credits: 2
  • BGS 4001 Self-Directed Leadership - Credits: 3
  • FCS 1121 Food Service Sanitation - Credits: 1
  • FCS 3300 Consumer Education - Credits: 3
  • FCS 3800 Family Life and Sex Education - Credits: 3
  • FCS 3810 Child Care Issues - Credits: 1
  • FCS 3812 Nutrition Topics for Child Care Professionals - Credits: 1
  • FCS 4240 Child Advocacy - Credits: 1
  • FCS 4242 Computer Use for Child Care Administration - Credits: 2
  • FCS 4244 Working with Families of Children Identified as Exceptional - Credits: 3
  • FCS 4246 Curriculum for Homes and Centers - Credits: 3
  • FCS 4250 Designing and Managing Learning Environments in Early Childhood Programs - Credits: 2
  • FCS 4256 Working with School-Age Care Programs - Credits: 3
  • FCS 4262 Discipline and Guidance of Young Children - Credits: 2
  • FCS 4264 Child Care Programs: Development and Grant Writing - Credits: 3
  • FCS 4275 Internship - Credits: 3 to 6
  • FCS 4680 Family Systems and their Impact on Child Care - Credits: 3
  • FCS 4685 Developing Cultural Awareness in Young Children - Credits: 3
  • FCS 4686 Activity Planning to Facilitte Brain Development and Concept Formation in Infants and Young Children - Credits: 3
  • FCS 4845 The Family in Crisis - Credits: 3
  • FCS 4854 Parent-Child Study and Community Involvement - Credits: 3
  • FCS 4859 Administration of Child Care Program - Credits: 3
  • FCS 4860 Addictions and the Family - Credits: 3
  • Senior Seminar - Credits: 3
  • Other courses needed to satisfy the core requirements of the BA in General Studies not met by the associate's degree.

NOTE: A grade of "C" or better is required in these courses.