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Running Degree Audits - Student Guide

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Running the Degree Audit

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Access the printer friendly PDF version here.

1. Once you are in PAWS, select the "Student and Financial Aid" tab from the Main Menu." (If you do not know how to access PAWS, review "Accessing the Degree Audit.")

screen shot
2. Now select "Student Records."

screen image

3. Select "Degree Audit Reporting System."

screen image

4. Select "Submit an Audit" to create a new degree audit. You also can view recently submitted audits by clicking "View Submitted Audits."

screen image

5. To run an audit for your declared major, select one of the options from the drop down menu below and then select "Run Audit."

Note: You have the option of running an audit that lists all requirements, only incomplete requirements, or only completed requirements.  Normally, you would select “List All Requirements.”

screen image

6. Now select either “View Submitted Audits” or, if you are running several audits, “Submit Another Report.” 

Note: Occasionally, an error message will appear, advising you that you should contact the Webmaster for more information.  These messages usually indicate that you have selected an inappropriate combination of majors and minors, and your best recourse is to run the audit without the minor.  If you do need assistance, however, please contact your advisor or college degree certification officer for assistance.

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7. If you elect to view your audit, you will find it on the “List of Available Audits.” Single-click its name and the audit will open.

screen image

8. Review the Audit!

screen image

Note: The audit that opens is an “enhanced audit.”  The enhanced audit actually is two audits: A summary of requirements and a more detailed list of requirements.  Clicking on the colored arrow to the left of a summary requirement will take you to the more detailed version of that same requirement.


screen zoom

Detailed Version:

screen zoom


The enhanced audits can be quite long.  You also may find the colors and graphics distracting.  For these reasons, you may prefer reviewing the “Printer Friendly Report,” which you can access from the link at the top of the enhanced audit.

screen zoom

If you need help understanding your degree audit, see the Annotated Degree Audit.

NOTE: To run an audit for a major other than the one the student currently has declared, see Running a What-If Audit.

NOTE: To run an audit of current and planned transfer coursework, see Running a Reference Articulation Audit.