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Major Assessment Profiles

Combining web page summaries and detailed Excel spreadsheets, Major Assessment Profiles (MAPs) consolidate department-specific information from a variety of sources, making data more accessible, simpler to use, and easier to manipulate. Intended to document accountability to internal and external stake holders, MAPs also provide information useful to decision-making in the academic area.


2012-13 Academic Program MAPs     2012-13 Administrative MAPs    
2011-12 Academic Program MAPs     2011-12 Administrative MAPs    
2010-11 Academic Program MAPs     2010-11 Administrative MAPs    
2009-10 Academic Program MAPs     2009-10 Administrative MAPs    
2008-09 Academic Program MAPs     2008-09 Administrative MAPs    
2007-08 Academic Program MAPs     2007-08 Administrative MAPs    
2006 Academic Program MAPs    2006 Administrative MAPs    

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