Fall 2002
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  1. Assessment
    • Departmental Assessment Plan
    • IBHE Program Review outcome: Next review scheduled for 2008.
    • IBHE Alumni Survey results
    • Undergraduate Student Survey Results: NA
    • Accreditation reports/results: Continuing accreditation of both the Professional Program and the option in Therapeutic Recreation was granted in 1998 by NRPA/AALR until 2003.
  2. Active student learning opportunities
    • Faculty-student collaborations: EIU homecoming race, Clean up Lake Charleston
    • 33 internships were completed during the year
    • Practica: 45 fieldwork experiences were completed
    • Other: 50 students per year work with Charleston Park and Recreation Department to provide after school programming, 50 students per year provide evening recreation program for individuals with MR/DD, 65 students per year provide programming for Special Olympics track and field event.
  3. Strategies to improve P-16 teaching and learning: None reported.
  4. Collaborative activities with business/industry
    • Formal training programs:Workshop for Therapeutic Recreation Professionals,33 attended, Internship /Job fair for Therapeutic recreation professionals, 26 attended
    • The department has an active Recreation Administration Advisory Council that meets twice per year on campus includes representatives from Park districts, special recreation districts, state parks and hospital settings
    • Other: Partnership with Camp New Hope to provide weekend camping experiences for individuals with MR/DD, 45 individuals per year served.
  5. Pass rates on any professional/ occupational licensure exams: According to the most recent NCTRC report EIU's mean performance score was equal to the mean national performance score.
  6. Faculty Achievements: Grant awarded for Village of Savoy Park master plan, National Society of Park Resources Board NRPA, National Certification Board NRPA, Champaign County Forest Preserve Foundation Board, Chair of Charleston Park and Recreation Foundation, Member, Area 9 Special Olympics Games Committee, Member, Illinois Recreation and Park Association, Member, IAPD Research Advisory Committee, Member, IPRA College and University Relations Committee, Member, Internship and Fieldwork Committee, National Therapeutic Recreation Society , Speaker, Midwest Symposium for Therapeutic Recreation, Springfield, IL, Author of funded grant, Camp New Hope, Camping for Individuals with Disabilities, Attended Mid-year conference in Washington, D.C, Co-author of: Bridging TR-Based Internships with National Certification -Based Assignments, Eastern Educational Journal, NRPA/AALR academic accreditation visitor to Marshall University, 2 presentations in Champaign IL, President, ILRTA, Great Lakes Director NTRS, Conducted Shelbyville Park Plan survey, National Outdoor Recreation Consortium award for 20 years of service, Presentation at Lilly Conference on Teaching, Oxford, OH, Miami University.
  7. Student Achievements: 3 students were accepted to graduate schools at U of I, IU, and WIU.
REC Data Spreadsheet (Excel)
  1. Enrollment: Undergraduate: 99
  2. Degrees: Undergraduate: 35
  3. Student Major Statistics
    • Full-time students: 88
    • Part-time students: 11
    • Diversity: 5
    • ACT: 20.47
    • GPA: 2.67
  4. Faculty Statistics
    • Total faculty headcount: 5
    • Total FTE faculty: 5
    • Full-time faculty:
    • 5
    • Part-time faculty:
    • 0
    • # faculty on leave:
    • 0
    • Total tenured/tenure track faculty: 4
    • Faculty break down by rank:
      1. Professor:
      2. 1
      3. Associate:
      4. 3
      5. Assistant:
      6. Instructor:
      7. 1
    • # w/Terminal degrees: 3
    • Total annually-contracted faculty: 1
      1. # w/Terminal degrees: 0
    • Non-negotiated part-time faculty: 0
    • Gender: 1 female, 4 males
    • Diversity: 0
  5. Credit Hour Production Total: 2,199
  6. Discipline cost per credit hour by level: $256.65
  7. Direct Cost Per Credit Hour Total: $130.74
  8. Freshman-Sophomore Retention Rate: 0
  9. Average Actual Hours to Degree: 134
  10. Required Hours to Degree: 121-126