Fall 2003
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  1. Assessment
  2. Collaborative activities with business/industry: a.) expansion of advisory board to include greater representation from the business community, specifically the Illinois State Police, the Illinois National Guard and the University of Illinios staff; b.) participation in numerous community college adult recruitment events; c.) developed Transfer Agreements with a fifth community college and negotiating with 3 more; and d.) participated in a HECA grant to develop an online writing intensive course designed to help adult students develop a Board of Trustees BA Portfolio to validate the college level knowledge gained through work experiences.
  3. Pass rates on any professional/ occupational licensure exams: NA
  4. Faculty Achievements: a.) Dr. Woodward presented at the 2002 CAEL International meeting on the development of the online writing course for the development of a BOT/BA Portfolio. b.) Dr. Woodward was selected to present at the 2003 CAEL International meeting on the assessment of the online portfolio course.
BOT Data Spreadsheet (Excel)
  1. Enrollment: Undergraduate:409
  2. Degrees: Undergraduate: 162
  3. Total Number of Active Students: 1401
  4. Student Major Statistics
    • Full-time students: 73
    • Part-time students: 336
    • Diversity: 76
    • ACT: 22.56
    • GPA: 3.49
  5. Freshman-Sophomore Retention Rate: NA
  6. Average Number of Transfer Credits: 82.6
  7. Average Actual Hours to Degree: 133
  8. Required Hours to Degree: 120
  9. Graduation Rate: 72.8%
  10. Assessment of Prior Learning:
    • Number of portfolios submitted: 24
    • Average number of credits awarded: 27.2
  11. Average Number of Credits from EIU: 47