Fall 2003




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  1. Assessment
    • Departmental Assessment Plan
    • IBHE Program Review outcome: 2003 review completed successfully. Next review scheduled for 2011.
    • IBHE Alumni Survey results
    • Undergraduate Student Survey Results: NA
    • Accreditation reports/results: English Language Arts Combined 6-12 Program, National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) / National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE), January 30, 2002
  2. Active student learning opportunities Faculty-student collaborations:
    • EIU Undergraduate Research Awards (2 students and faculty sponsors/advisers)
    • Graduate Assistant Mentoring Program in Teaching (10 students)
    • Graduate Assistant appointment to Writing Center (11 students) Internships (include student teaching)
    • numerous student teachers, as part of teacher certification process
    • student internships in professional writing in business, public relations, education (8 students) Practica
    • Graduate Practicum in the Teaching of Writing (15 students) Other
    • Undergraduate student representatives on major departmental committees (2 students)
  3. Strategies to improve P-16 teaching and learning Professional development for practicing educators
    • English/EIU annual Literature Conference for Secondary-School Teachers (40 in attendance)
    • twice-yearly English and English Education Student Conference (85 students) Formalized partnerships with P-12 schools/districts
    • partnership with three local high schools in which teacher certification students collaborate with high school teachers to design assignments for and respond to essays written by high school students (40 students) Other
    • English and Sigma Tau Delta English Honorary High School Writing Contest, involving several local area high schools
  4. Pass rates on any professional/ occupational licensure exams: Illinois Certification Testing System: EIU English pass rate = 100%; State average pass rate = 85-89%.
  5. Faculty Achievements
    • EIU Distinguished Faculty Award; EIU Faculty Laureate; Illinois Arts Council Awards (2); EIU Achievement and Contribution Awards in Balanced Category (2); EIU Faculty Development Grants (4); Graduate Program Initiative Award;


    • Illinois Humanities Council; National Endowment for the Humanities Summer Seminar; Redden Grant; EIU CFR Summer Research Grants; Illinois PT3 Education Grant; EIU Technology-Enhanced and -Delivered Education Grants (4);


    • Editor, Chaucer Review; Articles Editor, Thomas Wolfe Review; President of International Lawrence Durrell Society; President and Secretary, UPI/EIU; Phi Beta Kappa; numerous offices held in national and international professional societies and organizations;


    • 1 book; 1 book translation; 1 early American literature anthology/book; 3 articles/chapters in scholarly book-collections; 20 articles in scholarly journals; 35 creative pieces (poetry, fiction, essay, and drama); 18 book reviews


    • numerous (too numerous to list here) scholarly presentations and creative-writing readings at numerous local, regional, national, and international conventions and venues

Community Service Projects

    • numerous instances of active community service to civic, educational, and religious organizations and institutions
  1. Student Achievements Awards:
    • Sigma Tau Delta Midwestern Regional Award; EIU Williams Graduate Travel Awards (2); EIU Undergraduate Research Awards (2); Livingston Lord Scholarships (2); Attainment Fund Scholarships (2); Martin Luther King Scholarship; Hobart F. Heller Awards (2); Eunice Dougherty Awards (2); Warner Presidential Awards in English (3); Isabel McKinney Scholarships (9); Howard Deforest Widger Scholarship; English Alumni Scholarship; Betty J. Hawkins English Scholarship; Robert V. Wharton Scholarship; Genelle Voight Jackson English Scholarships (4); Distinguished Graduate Student Award; Literary Essay Awards (8); Winnie Davis Neely Award;

Graduate School Acceptances:

    • 8 students, at such schools as Purdue; Univ. of Illinois; Univ. of Wisconsin, Madison; Indiana Univ.; St. John's College; Oklahoma State Univ.


    • numerous jobs teaching at secondary- and middle-level schools in Illinois; assistant editorships in publishing; technical writing; public relations; business, corporate, and public service (NGO) positions

ENG Data Spreadsheet (Excel)

  1. Enrollment: Undergraduate: 302; Graduate: 39
  2. Degrees: Undergraduate: 72; Graduate: 10
  3. Student Major Statistics
    • Full-time students: Undergraduate: 290 Graduate: 18
    • Part-time students: Undergraduate: 12 Graduate: 21
    • Diversity: Undergraduate: 37 Graduate: 1
    • ACT: Undergraduate: 23.09
    • GPA: Undergraduate: 2.94 Graduate: 3.43
  4. Faculty Statistics
    • Total faculty headcount: 72
    • Total FTE faculty: 70.13
    • Full-time faculty: 68
    • Part-time faculty: 4
    • # faculty on leave: 7
    • Total tenured/tenure track faculty: 45
    • Faculty break down by rank:
      1. Professor: 26
      2. Associate: 5
      3. Assistant: 14
    • # w/Terminal degrees: 44
    • Total annually-contracted faculty: 24
      1. # w/Terminal degrees: 3
    • Non-negotiated part-time faculty: 3
    • Gender: 34 male, 38 female
    • Diversity: 6
  5. Credit Hour Production Total: 24,158
  6. Discipline cost per credit hour by level: $262.27
  7. Direct Cost Per Credit Hour Total: $149.99
  8. Freshman-Sophomore Retention Rate: 75%
  9. Average Actual Hours to Degree: 132
  10. Required Hours to Degree:
    • English Major: 120
    • English Major with Teacher Certification: 120-122
    • Master of Arts in English: 30-32