Fall 2004


Major Assessment Profiles

Eastern Illinois University














  1. Assessment
  2. Collaborative activities with business/industry: a.) active advisory board which includes strong representation from the business community; b.) participation in trade shows, national conventions and job fair recruitment events by hosting an information booth about the School of Continuing Education and the Board of Trustees Degree Program, specifically at ICCHE, the American Corrections Association National Congress, the Quebecor Job Fair, the Mature Lifestyles Show, the Biennial Conference for Women and the Illinois State Police Training Center; c.) participation in numerous community college degree completion fairs; d.) developed a transfer agreement with a professional culinary/hospitality institution in Florence, Italy; e.) increased the number of completed 2+2 transfer agreements to seven, which includes 10 institutions in Illinois, one international agreement with Apicius in Florence, Italy and one in process in Luzerne, Pennsylvania; f.) implemented an online writing intensive course to assist students who are at a distance from campus to develop a prior learning portfolio; g.) networked with representatives from the Disney organization, the Enterprise University (a corporate university) and the Southern California Water Company Corporate University to establish working relationships and potential partnerships; h.) changed the name of the degree/program to the Board of Trustees BA in General Studies Degree Program; i.) established an academic prefix for courses offered through the program.
  3. Pass rates on any professional/ occupational licensure exams: NA
  4. Faculty Achievements: a.) Dr. Woodward, director, was invited to present a concurrent session on the Role of PLA in the Public University at the 2004 annual Commission on Higher Learning North Central meeting; b.) Dr. Woodward was co-author of Effects of Portfolio Prior Learning Assessment on Time-to-Degree, The Journal of Continuing Higher Education; c.) Audrey Bachelder, academic advisor, provided leadership in planning a conference for non-traditional students and in planning the events celebrating Non-Traditional Student Week; d.) Kim Burnett Black, academic advisor, implemented EDF 3986 BOT/BA Prior Learning Portfolio, an online course developed as part of a HECA Grant; e.) both advisors and the director have conducted numerous presentations promoting the program to professional groups and at community events.

BOT Data Spreadsheet (Excel) 

  1. Enrollment: Undergraduate: 352
  2. Degrees: Undergraduate: 163
  3. Total Number of Active Students: 1501
  4. Student Major Statistics
    • Full-time students: 56
    • Part-time students: 296
    • Diversity: 67
    • ACT: 20.82
    • GPA: 3.41
  5. Freshman-Sophomore Retention Rate: NA
  6. Average Number of Transfer Credits: 80.7
  7. Average Actual Hours to Degree: 131
  8. Required Hours to Degree: 120
  9. Graduation Rate: 73%
  10. Assessment of Prior Learning:
    • Number of portfolios submitted: 18
    • Average number of credits awarded: 15.3
  11. Average Number of Credits from EIU: 48.3