Fall 2004


Major Assessment Profiles

Eastern Illinois University














  1. Assessment: Current practices included tracking honors hours and gpa of students for compliance with The Honors College requirements.

  2. Faculty/Staff Achievements: The unit became an Honors College in April of 2003; Dr. Herbert Lasky was named Dean. Presentations at National Collegiate Honors Council by Dr. Margaret Messer in Chicago fall 2003; Dr. Lasky, Ms. Judy Sunderman and Dr. Messer served on NCHC committees; The Honors College hosted the Director's Meeting on Honors Council Illinois Region fall 2002.
  3. Student Achievements:
    • Four recipients of the Livingston C. Lord Scholarship for spring 03 were in University Honors: Ms. Audrey Cler, Ms. Rebecaa Leslie, Mr. Robert Lincoln, and Ms. Sarah Elizabeth Sellers.
    • Ms. Andrea Fritz, the winner of the 2003 Miss Illinois pageant is a student in good standing in the EIU Honors College.
    • Twenty tuition waivers will be awarded to freshmen through the Honors College for fall 2004. Mentoring for National Scholarships will begin.
    • More than eighty continuing student scholarships were awarded to students enrolled in the Honors Programs. Seventy incoming freshmen were recipients of Honors scholarship awards.


  1. Enrollment:
    • Full-time students: 612
    • Part-time students: 10
    • University Honors: 559
    • Departmental Honors: 63
    • Total Honors Students: 622
    • Number of students certified graduating with Honors from both University and Departmental Honors
      • Fall 2002 17 UH 6 DH
      • Sp 2003 58 UH 27 DH
      • Su 2003 2 UH 1 DH
    • Total Honors Graduates 110
  2. ACT: 27.87
  3. GPA: 3.64
  4. Freshman-Sophomore Retention Rate: 77.45
  5. Staff Statistics: Total staff headcount 3 Professor/Dean; Assistant to the Dean; Academic Advisor
  6. Staff Diversity: 2 females, 1 male.