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Jason Brown

In April, the Illinois Arts Council awarded me an Individual Artist Support Initiative - Professional Development grant ($750). I used the money to attend the AWP Conference in Denver, where my chapbook Blue Collar Father debuted. I signed copies at the press’s booth during the enormous book fair, and I distributed flyers to more than 200 booths/tables promoting New Stories from the Midwest (Ohio University

Press), the new anthology I finished co-editing with Jay Prefontaine in January. It will represent twenty of the best short stories written by Midwestern writers or about the Midwestern United States. I am now reading nominations for next year’s issue. My story “Big Cowboy,” the last story I worked on with Jay, is forthcoming in The Literary Review this summer. The story will contain an epigraph dedicated to Jay. I also have poems in the current issue of the American Poetry Journal and the Spoon River Poetry Review.


Julie Campbell

A mere nine years after the project was begun, I'm happy to report that my book, In Dialogue with the Other Voice in Sixteenth-Century Italy: Social and Literary Contexts for Women's Writing, co-authored and co-edited with Professor Maria Galli Stampino of the University of Miami, has been completed and accepted for publication in The Other Voice series for the Centre for Reformation and Renaissance Studies at the University of Toronto.
Another interesting professional development is that I've been elected to the Executive Board of the Society for the Study of Early Modern Women Writers (SSEMW). This is a three-year position, and I am looking forward to having the opportunity to meet and work with many other scholars in my field.


Daiva Markelis

Iím eagerly awaiting the publication of my first book, White Field, Black Sheep: A Lithuanian-American Life, coming out this fall by the University of Chicago Press. I have readings lined up in Seattle, Atlanta, Chicago, and Charleston. Last month, the American Literary Review published a chapter from the book, The Lithuanian Dictionary of Depression.

Iíve recently returned from Seattle, where I presented a paper titled The Social Importance of Immigrant Newspapers: 100 Years of Draugas at the Association for the Advancement of Baltic Studies conference.


Robin Murray

Joe Heumann and I have had a book accepted by The University of Nebraska Press: That's All Folks?: Ecocritical Readings of American Environmental Features.


Jeff VandeZande '96

My new book, Threatened Species and Other Stories , has just appeared from Whistling Shade Press. Here's the publisher's description:

Two weeks--that's all the time Ed Winters has with his son Danny before Ed's ex-wife and her new husband move with the boy to Paris. Those days, filled with fly fishing, camping, and an unplanned cross-country road trip, grow ever more desperate as Ed struggles to face the reality of losing the boy, and Danny of losing his home. Set amid the streams and back roads of Michigan and Montana, Threatened Species is a harsh but beautiful ode to fathers and sons.

The novella is collected here with five other Michigan stories by Jeff VandeZande.