A Journal of the English Department
Eastern Illinois University

December, 2002

Meeting The New Kids
     •  •  •     John Guzlowski            

Getting Engaged: Reflections on Professor Camp      •  •  •     Bonnie Irwin                   

The Unbearable Strangeness of Acronyms: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Electronic Writing Portfolio      •  •  •     James Ray Watkins, Jr.             

A Few Thoughts With Respect to Our Curriculum     •  •  •    David Raybin
The Best That Has Been Western, White, and Male
     •  •  •     Tim Engles
Toward the University of McGregor
     •  •  •     Francine McGregor
Student Choice
     •  •  •     John Kilgore
English Studies at EIU; Or, Can a Literature Program Thrive Without Providing a Strong Background in Rhetoric and Cultural Studies?
     •  •  •     Robin Murray

Poetry Page      •  •  •     Elise Hempel and Martin Scott 

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Editors: John Kilgore, John Guzlowski, Martin Scott

Cover: "The Pharmakon (Remedy and Poison)" by Suk-Ja Kang Engles, 1999, photographed in the office of Dr. Tim Engles.

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