Linda Coleman

I've joined the Funk/Day/McMahan team on the fourth edition of The Simon and Shuster Short Prose Reader. The book just arrived and is the result of yet another terrific collaborative writing experience. I've also been collaborating with Donna Binns and Robin Murray on our upcoming CCCC session in San Francisco. My paper is titled "A Professional and Civic Toolbox: Discourse Community Analysis in Advanced Composition Classes." My other upcoming collaboration will be in Sonoma County right before CCCC and has to do with grapes and the aging process.

Jerie Weasmer

My news? Hmmmm.
  • The recent death of Heather Tanner's significant other, for whom she has been primarily responsible throughout her degree work in our department and on into her current teaching position. He was afflicted with Hodgkin's disease and had been on a progressive decline.
  • My husband's relocation to Mt. Pleasant, Iowa, where he serves as plant manager for Hearth and Home, an 800-worker plant producing fireplaces. Is the weekend commute ever over for professionals in education?
  • My daughter Amanda (21) at SIU changed majors again--from theater to interior design to art history??? Now she wants to be a university professor. I suggested finishing one undergradutate semester with this major before deciding. :)
  • We have a delightful AFS daughter, Annika Leonhard, from Germany with us for this full year, and have learned much about her culture--and ours--as a result of her joining our family. Her father is a civil engineering professor in Frankfort.

John Kilgore

An essay, "Frisking the Governor's Daughter: On Puns" appeared in the January issue of The Vocabula Review. And now it seems that plans are in the works to bring out a parallel, print version of that online monthly, where I have a semi-regular column. . . My granddaughter Norah celebrated her six-month birthday on the 17th. Though otherwise happy as a baby can be, she has been fighting colds all winter. The most recent one took her to the emergency room on Sunday the 20th, but she is doing much better as I type this. She turned out to have a nasty case of RSV, of which brother Ethan is also a veteran. Anyone who has been dying to see pictures of these two should report to Christy's website for prompt alleviation of symptoms. Well . . . I guess I can't resist including just one:

Elsewhere in the news, I have been happy to hear from Erin Barber, one of our 2002 graduates, who writes as follows:

. . . I received my English Dept. newsletter from EIU the other day and thought of you. I finished my Master's Degree over the summer. Writing a thesis was quite an experience! I ended up writing on the fiction writer Jhumpa Lahiri's collection of short stories, The Interpreter of Maladies, focusing on issues of gender as they intersect with questions of transnationalism. And while I certainly learned a great deal. . . I'm glad it is finished! I'm staying on at SIUE as a lecturer, teaching English 101 and 102. I also picked up a developmental writing course in the fall. I love working in the university setting, but as you know, it can be difficult to make ends meet on the adjuct salary. So this semester I'm working on becoming certified to teach high school english as well. I have not ruled out a PhD program, though I've been slightly hesitant about jumping into another few years of full time schooling. But I love my classes so much, and I love having the opportunity to discuss literature with my students, which is a big incentive to keep going in that direction.

I'm sure Erin would appreciate hearing from former teachers. You can email her here.
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