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A Journal of the English Department
Eastern Illinois University

Volume XXVII, Number 4
May, 2002

A Lot of Help From Our Friends

Editor's Column
John Kilgore
Flagstaff Short Story
Lewis Shiner
from The Town of No
            and Fire: Poems
Wesley McNair
The Body of Fatherhood Book Excerpt
David Lee Miller
Some Things Never Leave a Person Art Exhibition
Suk-Ja Kang Engles
from Brave Disguises Poems Gray Jacobik
from Night Driving Poems Mike Rychlewski
News And Views

Agora is a journal of news, opinion and creative expression written and produced by members of the English Department of Eastern Illinois University. Opinions expressed are exclusively those of the authors, and do not reflect official polices of Eastern Illinois University or the EIU English Department. Authors retain copyright in all cases. Readers are welcome to print 1-2 copies for personal use. For permission to make additional copies, contact the authors. Please do not submit manuscripts, as publication in the journal is by invitation only.

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Editors: John Kilgore, John Guzlowski, David Carpenter


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