Carol Stevens

Just after spring break I presented a paper,"Deconstructing the House of Straw: David Wiesner's Postmodern Retelling of The Three Pigs" at the International Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts, in Fort Lauderdale. And did I mention that David and I went to Maui in November?


John Kilgore

I became a grandfather on March 26 with the birth of Ethan Kilgore Hadley, whose handsome mug you see here. Ethan arrived with great aplomb, so alert at age 2 hours that he already seemed to be checking out the nurses, including his Grandma Dollie. After that came a scary setback: respiratory syncitial virus, apparently contracted right there in the delivery room, had him back in the hospital from days 7-10, with his anxious parents sleeping right there at his bedside and helping with his breathing treatments. Since then he has been doing fine, and as he approaches the one month milestone is gaining weight at a pace that would make him a 90-pounder by his first birthday; but I suspect he’ll slow down a bit before then. Dad Brent Hadley and Mom Christy have been fabulous,showing real grace under pressureduring their very arduous initiation into parenthood.
All of us intend to head to Alaska in June, to spend the longest day of the year within shouting distance of the Artic circle, so Ethan will have an early introduction to world travel. Through the wonderful generosity of our old friends Casey and Amy Troy, we'll have free lodging and expert local guides. Maybe the 23-hour day will help ease Ethan out of the night-feeding phase.


Bonnie Irwin

I've been working on teaching this semester: UPI workshop on whole brain learning, conference in disciplinary styles in the scholarship of teaching and learning, TEDE-supported class on instructional design.  All have served to show me what I don't know but thought I did!  I'm going to spend the summer overhauling my courses and thinking about how better to integrate my three jobs into one of manageable size.


John Guzlowski

I don't know about anybody else but I think I'm ready to close up shop for the semester and begin mowing. Before I do, let me just say that I was happy to see my personal, non-fiction essay "My Life in Postmodernism" placed on line at  And I've got two poetry readings lined up: one at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs (where Language of Mules is being taught in a course on the Literature of  Oppression) and one at Western Kentucky University.


Bruce Guernsey

I’m pleased to report the appearance of three nonfiction pieces this April: “The Poetry of Abraham Lincoln” in The Virginia Quarterly Review; “Busing to Byzantium” in Chronicles; “The Verdict,” a piece on deer hunting, in Sport Literate. Also, my narrative poem “Soldier’s Home” finally came out in The Larcom Review.