A Journal of the English  Department
 Eastern Illinois University
 Volume 28, Number 4
 May, 2003


May, 2003


John Kilgore Editor's Column: Just Look At 'Em Now
Jeff Vande Zande Below Zero · She Chose to Wade · Toddler Classes · Alternate Weekend: Eclipse · Reasonable Men
Phil Simpson  from Psycho Paths:Tracking the Serial Killer Through Contemporary American Film and Fiction
Patrick Peters Migration· Letter to My Friend From Montana About Impending Bad Weather · Wood · Expectations· Letter to Bruce About Sleep and Water
Jennifer Moro Young No Valentine · Random Night · El Piloto
Michelle Mitchell-Foust The Marriage Bed of Chang and Eng · Called Back
Jim Harris from Bottle of Rain,a novel in progress
Jason Lee Brown Curt Jones's Father · Tavern Window· Dad's Chores · At the Stop Sign · Field Jacket · Saturday Morning Cartoons
Jay Prefontaine Closing Time
AGORA is a journal of news, opinion and creative expression written and produced by members of the English Department of Eastern Illinois University. Opinions expressed are exclusively those of the authors, and do not reflect official polices of Eastern Illinois University or the EIU English Department. Authors retain copyright in all cases. Readers are welcome to print 1-2 copies for personal use. For permission to make additional copies, contact the authors. Please do not submit manuscripts, as publication in the journal is by invitation only.

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Editors: John Guzlowski, Christopher Hanlon, John Kilgore, Martin Scott

Cover Drawing: "Stones and Trees," by Melinda McIntosh, MA '96, winner of Newton E. Tarble Memorial Best-Of-Show Award at 14th Biennial Drawing/Watercolor Show, 2003. Used by permission of Tarble Arts Center. Adapted for web by Christopher Hanlon.

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