booth computer lab

Booth Computer Lab

4435/4439 Booth Library

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Lab Coordinator:

Stacey Knight-Davis

Computers & Equipment Available

The Booth Library ATAC open lab has 61 iMac dual boot computers and is located on the 4000 level, south addition, of the library. Additional computers for searching library databases are located on the 3000 level. Both color and black and white laser printing is available in the ATAC open lab.  

ADA & Scanning Multimedia Stations:

Three of the iMacs on the 4000 level are ADA machines for students with sight and hearing impairments. These workstations utilize specialized software such as Universal Reader, e-text Reader, and Dragon Naturally Speaking. Students using this multi-media area also have access to Epson scanners and full printing options.

Software Available in this lab:

For software available in the Booth Library labs click here.