cad labCIM Computer Lab

3135 Klehm Hall

Lab Coordinator:

Dave Melton

Computers & Equipment Available

The School of Technology Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) Lab provides students with access to software used in computer aided industrial drafting and computer controlled programming devices. Students gain knowledge in the areas of orthographic projection, development and production of working drawings and geometric dimensioning as well as planning and developing computer-aided solid models for use in design and manufacturing processes. During the Summer of 2008, the CIM Lab was updated with 24 HP Workstation 4600 and HP L2245w Widescreen Monitors. 

Software Available in this lab:

  • Solidworks 2012
  • SolidCAM 2010
  • AutoDesk 2014
  • ProModel Simulation 6.0
  • Microsoft Office

*To schedule this lab, please contact Carla Nelson 581-7679