ATAC Committee Members

Positions Permanently Assigned to the Committee

Position Representative
Assistant Vice-President for Academic Affairs for Technology Center for Academic Technology Support (CATS) John Henderson
Assistant Vice-President for Information Technology Services (ITS)  Kathy Reed
Vice-President for Academic Affairs or Designee Blair Lord
Vice-President for Business Affairs or Designee Paul McCann

Second Year of a Two-Year Term (Ending July 2016)

Position Representative
Department Chair: College of Arts & Humanities Dana Ringuette
Faculty Representative: Council on Teacher Education Christina Edmonds-Behrend
Faculty Representative: Council on Academic Affairs Brian Mann
Department Chair: Council of Chairs: Lumpkin College of Business & Applied Sciences Austin Cheney
Student Senate TBA
Department Chair: College of Education & Professional Studies Richard Roberts
Dean from: College of Arts & Humanities OR College of Sciences Glenn Hild
Dean from: School of Continuing Education, Library Services, or The Graduate School Regis Gilman
ISS Representative Mark Johnson

First Year of a Two-Year Term (Ending July 2017)

Position Representative
Director of Center for Online Learning, CATS Julie Lockett
ISS Representative Tom Grissom
Faculty Representative: College of Arts & Humanities Rodney Marshall
Faculty Representative: Lumpkin College of Business & Applied Sciences Jaimee Hartenstein
Faculty Representative: College of Education & Professional Studies Dena Kniess
Faculty Representative: College of Sciences James Bruehler
Faculty Representative: Council on Graduate Studies David Boggs
Faculty Representative: Library Services Stacey Knight-Davis
Department Chair: College of Sciences Mark McGuire
Dean: College of Business and Applied Sciences Mahyar Izadi
Faculty Representative: Faculty Senate Rigoberto Chinchilla