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#160 - Skateboards, Skates, and Bicycles on Campus

Approved: March 28, 2007

Monitor: Vice President for Student Affairs

Skateboards, skates, and bicycles may be used on sidewalks for safe transportation purposes only.  They may not be used within buildings.

Excessive speed, stunt riding, or any other use of skateboards, skates, or bicycles that may cause property damage and/or endanger self or others is prohibited.  Users may not ride on stairways, handrails, patios, dock areas, benches, picnic tables, or other irregular surfaces.

Students, faculty, or staff violators are subject to institutional disciplinary proceedings.  Non-university persons can be required to leave the campus immediately and may be subject to restrictions on subsequent access.  Violators whose abuse of this policy results in damage to state property may be assessed costs to restore the property to its original condition.