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Requests for keys to academic or administrative areas, desks and cabinets are processed through the Keys Department. Keys can be issued from or returned to Central Stores (the East building of the Facilities Planning & Management complex) during normal office hours, Monday through Friday.

Keys issued to an individual are their responsibility. A Key Request Form must be completed to obtain keys. Click here to see a sample Key Request Form and instructions on how to complete it. A department head or responsible person must sign all requests. Key Request Forms can be obtained from Central Stores, extension 2899. Student room keys are processed by the Housing Office.

Keys are University property and are issued for the purpose of conducting University business. Keys shall be issued only to persons who have the authorization of the appropriate supervisor, in accordance with established procedures.

Types of Keys:

  • Controlled Keys are keys which open buildings, offices and controlled security areas.
  • Departmental Keys are duplicate keys necessary for the administration of departmental business and are controlled by the department.
  • Non-Controlled Keys are keys to file cabinets, desks, display cabinets, etc.
  • Operating Keys operate one door (office, lab or other work space).
  • Master Keys Grand master keys operate locks in several buildings; building master keys operate locks in one building; submaster keys operate a group of locks in one building (i.e., one department's locks).

Authorization for Issuance of Keys:

Authorization is required for issuance of keys, as follows, except for special areas as noted below:

  • Grand Master Vice President for Business Affairs or Associate Vice President of Facilities Planning and Management
  • Building Master Academic Dean or Administrative Director
  • All Other Keys Department Head

Issuance of Keys:

Keys shall be issued in person only, and must be signed for by the person to whom they are assigned. Individuals who duplicate keys or lend keys to others may be subject to disciplinary action. Central Stores will conduct a periodic physical audit of keys assigned to individual employees.

Controlled keys must be obtained directly from Facilities Planning and Management's Central Stores Office and are authorized via completed Key Request Form. Click here to see a sample Key Request Form and instructions on how to complete it.

When keys are being issued, a Key Request Form must be used. These forms replace the use of green cards and requesting memos/notes. Keys will not be issued without a completed and signed Key Request Form. The key holder should not sign this form until the keys are in his/her possession at Central Stores. The key holder's signature on this form signifies his/her receipt of the keys. From that point, keys are the responsibility of the key holder

Transfer of Keys:

The transfer of controlled keys between employees or between departments is not permitted. All movement of controlled keys must be handled through Central Stores.

Lost Keys:

The loss or theft of any key should be reported immediately to the key holder's supervisor, Facilities Planning and Management and the University Police Department. Replacement of lost, misplaced or stolen keys will be made in accordance with procedures for original issue. Individuals may be assessed replacement charges for lost controlled keys.

Return of Keys:

All keys must be accounted for either by returning the issued key(s) or by paying a lost key charge. It is the responsibility of the key holder and the administrator who authorized issuance of the key(s) to see that all controlled keys are returned to Central Stores upon the key holder's transfer to another department, termination of employment, change of assignment which makes it unnecessary for the key holder to have certain keys, or upon request of the area Vice President, Dean, Department Head, or University Police.

When keys are returned to Central Stores a Key Return Receipt will be completed. Click here to view a sample Key Return Receipt and instructions for its completion. A copy of this form (completed and signed by Central Stores staff) will be given to the key holder It verifies that keys have been returned.

When a clearance sheet is presented to Central Stores for verification that all keys have been returned, a key check will be made. Before the clearance sheet will be signed, all keys must be returned. Keys may not be returned via mail.

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