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BUS3500 Group Evaluations


Group Member Evaluation
Working collaboratively requires that students develop and maintain positive and functional relationships with their group members.  Effort among members should be nearly equal.  Individuals should not be “carried” by the remaining group members.  Grading must reflect the efforts of each individual.  Although the instructor can monitor group interaction to some degree, much of the interaction takes place beyond the instructor’s ability to observe.   This allows group members to offer their input.  This will be considered when assigning grades.  Be fair and reasonable.  Evaluations will be kept strictly confidential.

Check Evaluation Submissions

1. Workload Equity

Group member completed an equal share of work and strived to maintain that equity throughout the project

Group member contributed significantly, but other members clearly contributed more

Group member contributed little toward the project

Group members contributions were insignificant or nonexistent


2. Confilct Resolution

Group member worked to minimize conflict and was effective at solving personal issues within the group

Group member was minimally involved in solving conflict within the group

Group member was the source of conflict within the group

Group members generated regular conflicts which interfered with project progress


3. Effectiveness

Work performed was very useful and contributed significantly to the final product

Participation was inefficient and thus contributions were less than expected

Work performed was inappropriate and mostly useless toward the final product

Work performed was completely ineffective and useless in the final product


4. Dependability

Group member provided contributions with 100% punctuality and member always appeared for group sessions

Group member contributions were mostly punctual and member almost always appeared for group sessions

Group member contributions were regularly late and member often missed scheduled group sessions

Group member was undependable, forcing other members to take up the slack


5. Leadership

Group member often took a leadership role organizing others and solving problems

Group member firmly supported the group and assisted in leading and directing

Group member occasionally rejected leadership without due cause and provided little leadership

Group member exhibited no leadership qualities and was an obstacle to effective leadership by others


6. Quality

Group member’s work product was of extremely high quality

Group member’s work product was sometimes unpolished and/or incomplete

Group member’s work product was frequently unpolished and/or incomplete

Group member’s work was routinely of poor quality and lacked a sense of pride


7. Ambition

Group member was extremely eager to plan and execute the project

Group member regularly exhibited a drive to complete the project

Group member often seemed disinterested or unmotivated

Group member was regularly disinterested and unmotivated


8. Attitude

Group member was very positive and pleasant to work with

Group member didn’t complain, but offered little enthusiasm

Group member sometimes complained and was somewhat of a burden

Group member often complained and generally demoralized the group


9. Relationship

This person was an excellent partner, and you would eagerly work with them again

You would work with this person again, but would consider choosing someone else if given the opportunity

You would prefer to not work in a group setting with this person again

You would never work with this person again under any circumstances



Describe the ways in which this member most helped
your group’s performance and learning.


Describe the ways in which a change in this person’s behavior could
improve your group’s performance and learning.


Additional comments concerning this member
(everything written will be considered)



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