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Paul D. Brown, MBA
4503 Lumpkin Hall
Office: (217) 581-6058
Fax: (217) 581-7244

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Office Hours
Available Within D2L


Class Evaluation


Class Evaluation

I appreciate your thoroughness in completing the following questions.  Doing so will provide me with criticism and feedback to further develop this class in the future and provide a better learning opportunity for future students.  Please be both honest and critical.  This evaluation will NOT be taken into account (positive or negative) for grading purposes.  THANK YOU.

Course / Section:

Question 1
What did you like and dislike about the class?

Question 2
What did I do well as an instructor and in what areas do I need to improve?

Question 3
Did I provide you with adequate assistance when/if you needed help?  Please explain.

Question 4
Was there anything that worked especially well or did not work especially well in the class?

Question 5
Additional Comments
(Please tell me anything – complaints, concerns, criticisms)


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