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Message from the President

The Biological Sciences Graduate Student Association is an organization run by and for the graduate students of the Department of Biological Sciences at Eastern Illinois University. The purpose of the BSGSA is to improve the educational experience for all graduate students in the biological sciences program at Eastern Illinois University through research and service opportunities.

Our two primary contributions each semester are the Seminar Series which is fully funded and organized by BSGSA and the selling of Lab Manuals for the majority of the classes offered by the Bio Dept.

Executive Board

At the end of every academic year, the members of BSGSA executive board for the next academic year are elected by graduate students of the Department of Biological Sciences.

BSGSA Executive Board 2013-2014

President Vice-President Secretary
Treasurer Historian
alberts tuegel thomas heffron
Jennifer Alberts
Erin Tuegel
Meagan Thomas
Kyle Heffron
Eric Hendricks
jjalberts@eiu.edu ertuegel@eiu.edu mathomas@eiu.edu ktheffron@eiu.edu ewhendricks@eiu.edu

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