About BSU

The Black Student Union allows students of all races to rejoice in African American culture, lifestyle, history, and activities. A few activities that the BSU has brought to Eastern Illinois University are the Annual Miss Black EIU Pageant where women accept the challenge of competing for a crown and honor of representing Eastern's black population, the Annual Spring Fashion Show where both male and female students show off today's latest fashions, Union Parties that happen throughout the year allow students a clean environment to dance and socialize, and the BSU's Forum where students speak on everyday situations and circumstances.

The BSU has and will continue to make a profound impact on Eastern Illinois University and looks forward to having you join in our our mission. We thank you for your interest and hope your experience at Eastern Illinois University is encouraging, significant, and enjoyable.

BSU Mission Statement

The Black Student Union will serve as an organization that fosters student development through diversity, academics, and social services. We will commit to establishing partnerships with other Eastern Illinois University organizations with enthusiasm. Take a proactive role in the development of strong student leadership.


BSU History

The Black Student Union, founded in 1967, was established as a direct result of increasing minority enrollment; develop a spirit of unity, and consciousness on Eastern's campus. Black Student Union strives to promote multicultural awareness. The purpose of BSU is to govern matters pertaining to the student life at Eastern Illinois University, promote the spirit of unity, and to maintain high social and educational standards while establishing partnerships with other organizations here at Eastern Illinois University.

BSU aims at promoting multiculturalism in education and social matters among students, faculty, and staff members here at Eastern through programs such as African American Heritage Month and Latin Heritage Month along with a variety of other programs. Through programming, BSU strives to provide opportunities for social interaction among minority student, faculty, and staff. BSU provides educational programs that are relevant to the minority community to enhance the knowledge of cultural values and ethnic beliefs here at Eastern. By providing opportunities for leadership development, BSU strives to provides its members with opportunities aimed toward student leadership development.

The Black Student Union meetings will be held this year every Monday starting at 6:00 p.m. in the MLK Jr. University Union. All students are encouraged to become an active member. BSU membership this year is $15.00 for the whole academic year. All members will receive a BSU T-shirt, copy of constitution, membership certificate/card, and discounts to specific BSU events.

BSU is governed by 7 executive officers which include: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and two Administrative Assistants. There are also 6 Cabinet Director positions which include: Social Affairs, Service Affairs, Financial Affairs, Internal Affairs, Public Relations, and Academic Affairs. All students are encouraged to apply for any open position.

This upcoming school semester, BSU along with other Recognize Student Organizations plan to host numerous of programs aimed at promoting multicultural awareness and the spirit of unity. There is a host of festivities planned for everyone to enjoy.