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The Office of Civil Rights and Diversity (OCR)/Title IX Coordinator resolves to deliver exemplary services for the university. The OCR endeavors to implement national "best practices" in the areas of civil rights protection, affirmative action, and diversity.

In fulfilling its oversight responsibilities, the OCR takes steps to insure that hiring agents will make employment decisions in a fair and equitable fashion, and that they will aggressively recruit qualified applicants, including members of minority groups, women, persons with disabilities, and veterans.

The OCR delivers regular training and programming on preventing discrimination and sexual harassment; Eastern’s policies and procedures; Eastern’s expectations for behaviors in building a welcoming campus; faculty and A&P recruiting; and "best" employment practices for faculty, administrators, and other staff.

While investing in proactive measures intended to prevent discrimination and harassment on campus is essential, the Office of Civil Rights and Diversity/Title IX Coordinator considers its responsibility as the internal investigatory unit for all civil rights complaints to be of significant importance to students and employees. Thorough investigations of allegations of discrimination and sexual harassment are required by law and contribute to the recruitment and retention of Eastern’s students and employees.

The Office of Civil Rights and Diversity/Title IX Coordinator conducts ongoing assessments of potential climate and discrimination issues which inform recruiting and employment practices, program design, intervention efforts, and long-term planning. The OCR regularly collects data related to the provision of equal opportunities in athletics and other programs at the university for the members of the underrepresented sex, as prescribed by Title IX.

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