EIU Criminal Justice Club

cjs_clubTo promote a positive academic attitude and provide an atmosphere conducive to learning and growth by emphasizing the critical importance of scholarship and good study habits to new members. To establish good citizenship, and bonds between other students looking toward the main goal of protecting the citizens on campus and once graduate provide protection to all citizenships. To establish a network between students to improve academic success, and help when one is in need. And overall help prepare for students to find a future in the Criminal Justices fields available to them.

The fundamental mission of the Criminal Justices Club is to
enable students to belong to an organization which will stimulate high academic expectation, personal achievement and thoughtful engagement on the campus and in the community.

To encourage the intellectual, personal and social development of the membership.

To create an environment of diversity in which different world views are respected and peoples from various backgrounds and experiences are invited to participate.

Every second meeting throughout the semester shall sufficiently provide for open discussion in order to assess the needs and concerns of club members.

To actively work toward program solutions in conjunction with students, faculty and other concerned individuals or organizations on our campus an in the greater community.

To work closely with elected and appointed officials of the appropriate level for the successful implementation of program goals.

The CJS club is open to anyone on campus and major

To summarize the goals, it is here to provide a network between the students and also between the faculty