2014 Summer Institute


The EIWP Summer Institute

The 2015 Summer Institute will take place from June 16-July 9. The teachers will meet from 10 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday in Coleman Hall on the campus of Eastern Illinois University in Charleston. Apply Now!

Each Invitational Summer Institute kicks off with 15-16 dedicated teachers coming together to learn, teach, and celebrate writing. The Summer Institute provides opportunities for these teachers to celebrate writing and reading across the curriculum at all grade levels, while helping teaching build a community of peers, design and develop writing and reading programs to meet their and their colleagues’ needs.

Activities include formal and informal writing workshops, teaching demonstrations, reading and research, small and large group discussions, coaching sessions with directors and teaching consultants, and celebrating reading and writing for all of the power and potential they possess.

Educators from all disciplines in grades K-16 are invited to attend our EIWP Summer Institute. If you would enjoy participating in our Summer Institute, complete the application by clicking the link below and contact Robin Murray (rlmurray@eiu.edu). Please provide her with your name, teaching position and e-mail address.

For more information about our Invitational Summer Institute, please see the latest EIWP Summer Institute Pamphlet. The Resources for Teachers page provides links to anthologies, teaching demonstrations and writing assignments presented during previous EIWP Summer Institutes.

What is it like to attend the Summer Institute? View the photo slideshow of the 2014 Summer Institute activities to find out!

Apply to the Summer Institute here!

Benefits for Teachers

  • Six hours of graduate tuition waived (fees not included).

  • $500 stipend for SI and continued growth as a teacher leader.

  • Becoming part of a professional community of teachers. 

Daily/Weekly Activities

  • Participating in writing activities for personal and professional growth.

  • Sharing teaching ideas.

  • Diving into reading and research.

  • Joining small and large group discussions.

  • Participating Coaching sessions with directors and teaching consultants.

  • Collaborating on a group proposal.

  • Building a community of learners and professionals.

  • Having fun!

The Summer Institute provides opportunities for teachers to celebrate writing and reading across the curriculum!

Meeting Place: Third Floor, Coleman Hall, EIU

The post-institute day will be during our Back-to-School Conference for a fun celebration and get-together! For more information contact: Robin L. Murray, 217-549-0199, rlmurray@eiu.edu.