N. Brodsky

Eastern Illinois University

Internet Assignment for Spring 2017

Using the netbrowser of your choice (ie. Firefox, Opera, Safari, Edge or Internet Explorer) go to the Homepage of Noel Brodsky.

Follow the link to Resources for Economists on the Internet.

Follow the one of the links that you find there.

For Principles Macroeconomics (2801) students, Data - U.S. Macro and Regional Data might be of interest.

Please note that your only restriction is that you find something related to Macroeconomics.

For all students:

Once you find something of interest, note the address of the link (http://*****.*****.***) and write a short description of what you found.

Email me back on your student account (or an account with your name clearly identified on it), and tell me the site's address in the http:// form, and your brief description of the site. To get credit, the site reference must be an active link that I can access with a simple mouse click, and the assignment must be sent from your account. Do not use attachments - you must write the entire assignment within an email. No Word or other document formats. Send the email to my Eastern account, not my D2L account. My email account is at the top of my homepage; don't forget to remove the "nospam."

This assignment is due: April 21, 2017.