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Data Standards Team

The purpose of the Data Standards Team is to produce and maintain a Data Standards Document for the University. The document will be approved by the EISE Steering and Executive Committees and have long term affects on the EISE project and other University information technology applications.

See general responsibilities of this and other Special Teams and Groups for further information.

Team Personnel:

Linda Coffey   Chair
Libby Coffey    
Amy Edwards    
Sue Harvey    
Jerilyn Hutson    

Nina Milliner

Jone Zieren    



This group will meet as often as they deem necessary to carry out their charge.

The members of this team will be determined by the EISE Project Manager and the Steering Committee.

The data standards document provides

  • Clear guidelines (rules and policies) for all data within the Banner, DARWin and certain other related systems
  • General and specific guidelines for data being passed between Banner and other systems
  • Guidelines and measures for the entry, protection, access, use and dissemination of this data

The standards primarily govern three characteristics of specific data items

  • Definition (name, purpose and description) of the data item
  • Format in which the data item is to be entered
  • Department/area responsible for updating, maintaining, and ensuring adherence to the data standards

Colleges and departments may have individual guidelines that supplement, but do not replace or supersede these guidelines.

The document will also stipulate who is responsible for the following long term tasks.

  • Interpreting the document policies
  • Confirming compliance with the standards
  • Reconciling related issues

The purpose of these guidelines is to ensure that the integrity of the University's databases is maintained at all times.

Data standards ensure correct, accurate, and consistent data, standardized for use throughout the University.

Within an integrated database various modules share data items, thus it is critical that data items are entered and used in a definitive and consistent manner throughout all systems by all University personnel.

Additions and modifications to data items affect reporting and/or processing for functional areas outside the department that enters the data. It is crucial that data shared among the different University departments is consistent. Good data provides easier search capabilities and will assist with decision-making.


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