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Reporting Standards Team

The purpose of the Reporting Standards Team is to produce and maintain a Reporting Standards Document for the University. The document will be approved by the EISE Steering and Executive Committees and have long term affects on the EISE project and other University information technology applications.

See general responsibilities of this and other Special Teams and Groups for further information.

Team Personnel:

Julia Abell   as available
Martha Brown    
Amy Edwards   as available
Ken Gerhardt    
Dave Horsman    
Jerilyn Hutson    
Dave Pollard    
Karla Sanders    
Thom Strohecker    
Jone Zieren    

This group will meet as often as they deem necessary to carry out their charge.

The members of this team will be determined by the EISE Project Manager and the Steering Committee.

For the purpose of this document

•  “Information distribution vehicle” shall include printed reports, computer screens that are printed and electronic files containing data and information.

•  “EISE information distribution vehicle” shall include printed reports, computer screens that are printed and electronic files containing data and information from Banner, DARWin and certain other related systems. Excluded from this group are interface files that have been formally setup during the initial EISE project for the purpose of passing data between established information systems.

•  “Data” shall include raw data, information derived from data existing in various formats including textual, numeric and graphical.


The Reporting Standards document shall provide

•  Clear guidelines (rules and policies) for the creation, distribution and use of EISE information distribution vehicles produced for use by the University or any external entity.

•  General and specific guidelines for the headers, footers and body of all EISE information distribution vehicles

•  Guidelines that cover situations when data from Banner, DARWin and certain other related systems is combined with data from other sources

•  Guidelines that clearly describe the difference between official and unofficial University reports and data (information distribution vehicle).

•  Strategy for the training and ongoing support of University employees in the use of tools used to produce or use EISE information distribution vehicles

•  Recommendations for the acquisition of above mentioned tools via EISE project and via departmental funds


The document will also stipulate who is responsible for the following long term tasks.

•  Interpreting the document policies

•  Confirming compliance with the standards

•  Reconciling related issues


Colleges and departments may have individual guidelines that supplement, but do not replace or supersede these guidelines. These standards will also be synchronized with the University Internal Governing Policies.



Reasons for needing these standards


A primary purpose of these guidelines is to ensure that the integrity of the University's data and information is maintained at all times.


Reporting Standards ensure the correct and accurate dissemination of data and information throughout the University and to external entities.


Within an integrated database various modules share data items, thus it is critical that data items are analyzed and reported upon in a consistent manner throughout all systems by all University personnel.


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