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Steering Committee
The EISE Steering Committee serves as the institutional champion for the EISE project and makes policy decisions on project issues. This committee will provide a high-level review of planning, development, and implementation activities of the cross-functionality of the EISE Systems. This Steering Committee will also advise and prioritize personnel resources that may be needed during the various project phases.
  • Communicate across the university and within vertical units to convey "ownership", goals and objectives of the project
  • Help define and control project scope
  • Ensure that institutional project objectives and goals are achieved
  • Ensure that critical business needs will be supported by EISE
  • Identify and define institution-wide project issues and policy recommendations
    • Interpret these within the guidelines of EIU IGP
    • Define and approve business process changes as needed
    • As needed make recommendations to the EISE Executive Committee and/or President's Council for changes to EIU IGP
  • Assist in expeditious decision making
  • Oversee the implementation of EISE Executive Committee directives
  • Assist in maintaining the high-level project plan
    • Oversee the timely implementation of all systems by monitoring project plan milestones and benchmarks
  • Prioritize major change requests for the EISE Process Teams
  • Set priorities for the allocation of resources
  • Seek additional resources when needed
  • Approve the EISE committee and team structures then oversee with the Project Director the placement of a chairperson for each
  • Review and make recommendations on EISE Project Director project budget reports
  • Ensure vendor contract compliance and EIU adherence to contract provisions within their area of administration
  • Ensure proper communication among and between supporting teams to foster congruency within the EISE project
  • Manage the resolution of conflicts and unresolved work team problems
  • Committee to meet at least monthly and more frequently as needed. As the project progresses more meetings may be necessary.
  • Members typically spend four to ten hours a month for committee meeting, outbound communication and interaction with their units about the project.
  • During the implementation of the system that directly affects their unit, members will spend more time.
  • Chairperson will spend more time than most.
Bill Witsman   Chair
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Julia Abell    
Larry Cannon    
Jeff Cross    
Sue Harvey    
Brenda Major    
Linda Moore    
Chuck Phillips    
Jone Zieren    

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